Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 26, No 10

VICTORY AND AFTER by II.M. Kino George VI. In the Royal Gallery of the House of Lords on 17 th May the Kin gin his reply to the loyal addresses from both Houses o f Par­liament on the victorious conclusion of the war in Europe said :—My Lords and Mem­bers of the House of Commons. I am glad to meet you here and rejoice that the Dominions India and the Colonies are also repre­sented here. I thank you for your loyal addresses o f congratula­tion on the complete vic­tory which has been gained in Europe over the ene­mies which sought to en­slave it. It is a victory which has been won by the efforts o fall m y peo­ples and the power o fall our Allies. First let us pay tribute to the men and women of our armed forces. outWith­ the skill o f the com­manders and the courage and endurance o f those whom they led. this victory would never have been won. Despite all that a ruthless foe could do in attacks by sea and air the Royal Navy aided by the Royal Air Force and the maritime forces o f the Dominions, India and the Allies have kept the seas open. They have convoyed our armies to every theatre o f war and carried them to the assault against shores which the enemy had thought to make impregnable. The Merchant Navy by their courage and sacrifice, have moved men and weapons to all parts o f the world and with the fishing fleet depleted by the needs of war have brought to us a steady flow of food and supplies which has never failed. The gallantry o f the Army which fought in Europe against overwhelming odds in 1940 and the miraculous rescue from Dunkirk will ever be remembered. In the years that followed the Army with the Home Guard, stood ready to defend out homes against invasion. All this lime the powerful instrument was being forged which with the Forces o f the Empire and Common­wealth at first alone and later with our Allies drove the enemy from Africa and then landing on the shores ot Sicily and Italy and later on the Normandy beaches, swept victoriously aco ss Europe. We are grateful to the Royal Air Force and the Dominions and Allied Air Forces. The Royal Air Force fought and won the Rattle of Britain. They share with the Royal Navv and our armies the im­perishable glory o f their victories. For more than five years hand in hand with the ever-growing magnificent air power o f the United State? they carried the war into the heart o f Germany and. by their massive onslaughts on the enemys sources of supply paved the way for victory in Europe. M y armed forces still have heavy tacks bciorc them in the Far East where numbers o f my people are instill the power ol the enemy. Already they have achieved great successes in the defence of India and the liberation o f Burma. I am confident that they will carry on the war against Japan with in­domitable courage and constancy and help to bring it to a victorious conclusion in true com­radeship with the superb forces o f the United States and other Allies. At home my people have unflinchingly borne the burdens and dangers of war. The thanks and admira­tion o fall are due to tens of millions o f men and women who toiled all at their allotted tasks to relieve the suffering and repair the devastation caused bv enemy attack. Danger could not deter my people from carrying out their daily tasks that the life o four nation inierht goon. Infield factory mine office workshop and on the lines of transport my people have toiled day and night in a productive effort to equip and maintain the armed forces. Moreover from the earliest days of the war. they have shouldered the burden o f heavy taxation and have willingly contributed their savings to the country’s need. Our gratitude outgoes to all and ii would be unfitting to single out one type o f service when all have played their part. But I must specially mention the women of this country who by their ready response to the calls of industry and the fighting services have added so greatly to the weight of our impact on the enemy. Let us remember too the housewives o f this country so many o f whom took into their homes mothers and children from the bombed cities and workers uprooted by the war. I have done my best to discharge my duty as the\ Q 21 BIG HKN FLOODLIT FOR VICTORY
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