Memorial Register, Germany 1, War Graves of The British Commonwealth 1939-1945

EEICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY GER .1. HINDLEY Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) james 1277651. R.A.F. (V.R.). 106 Sqdn. 15th June 1943. Age 32. Son of Ernest and Violet Hindley of Oldham, Lancashire husband of Edith Hindley of Water- head Oldham. Coll. grave 5. H. 3-4. HINDMARSH L. Cpl. robert 14348420. Royal Corps of Signals 53rd Div. Sigs. 14th August 1945. Age 31. Husband of Anna Ellen Hindmarsh of Westminster London. 59. G. 11. HINDS Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) john Fred erick, 1029913. R.A.F. (V.R.). 158 Sqdn. 23rd May 1943. Age 22. Son of John and Phoebe Hinds, of Tondu Glamorgan. 23. A. 17. HINES Wt. Offr. (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Char les ROBERT 747867. R.A.F. (V.R.). 150 Sqdn. 31st December 1944. Age 26. Son of George Arthur and Eliza Ann Hines of Great Stambridge, Essex. Coll. grave 22. E. 1-4. HINES Fus. james william 4042822. 7th Bn. The Royal Welch Fusiliers. 1st March 1945. Age 24. Son of J. and Florence Hines of Shrews­ bury Shropshire. 48. H. 19. HINGELEY Pte. Raymond 5732550. 5th Bn. The Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry. 9th April 1945. Age 22. Son of William and M. ofAcocks Hingeley Green Birmingham. 42. G. 16. HINKS Gdsmn. Sidney 11053183. 5th Bn. Coldstream Guards. 9th March 1945. Age 24. Son of Joseph William and Alice Elizabeth Hinks, of Kingstanding Birmingham. 43. F. 2. HINWOOD Fus. phillip Arthur 11051278. 6th Bn. The Royal Scots Fusiliers. 26th March 1945. Age 24.58. J. 7. HIPKISS Pte. dennis Gordon 14782894. 4th Bn. The Welch Regt. 6th March 1945. Age 20.51. J. 4. HIRSCHFIELD Sgt. (Pilot) Sidney owen, 754017. R.A.F. (V.R.). 50 Sqdn. 5th August 1941. Age 20. Son of Sidney Beckett Hirschfield and Harriet Lucy Hirschfield of Bexleyheath, Kent. 14. A. 10. HIRST Sgt. (W.Op./Air Gnr.) donald samuel, 1217352. RA .F. (V.R.). 460 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. 23rd September 1943. Age 22. Son of Thomas Victor and Eva Hirst husband of Audrey Hirst, of Leeds Yorkshire. Coll. grave 22. C. 15-17. HISCOCK Sgt. (Air Gnr.) william Char les henry 908307. R.A.F. (V.R:). 78 Sqdn. 11th September 1942. Coll. grave 11. D. 4-6. HISLOP Pilot Offr. (Pilot) edward 187942. R.A.F. (V.R.). 102 Sqdn. 24th December 1944. Age 29. Son of Edward and Jane Hislop of Wigan Lancashire husband of Ellen Hislop of Newtown Wigan. 2. E. 10. HISTED Cpl. ALFRED HER BERT 14416028. 1st Bn. The Middlesex Regt. 9th February 1945. Age 20. Son of Alfred and Julia Histed of West Croydon, Surrey. 56. E. 11. HITCHCOCK Sgt. (Air Gnr.) thomas Leonard victor 1335371. R.A.F. (V.R.). 76 Sqdn. 24th May 1943. Age 21. Son of Annie Hitchcock nephew of Mrs. S.M. Ray of Dagenham Essex. Joint grave 18. B. 17-18. HITCHCOX L. Cpl. Stephen francis 7671245. 13th/ 18th Royal Hussars R.A.C. 15th February 1945. Age 25. Son of Arthur Richard and Rose Hitchcox of Heaton Chapel Stockport Cheshire. 46. G. 18. nft t HITCHEN Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) samuel 647480. R.A.F. 617 Sqdn. 16th September 1943. Coll. grave 24. H. 7-9. HITCHIN Sgt. (Air Gnr.) maurice Walter, 1890009. R.A.F. (V.R.). 429 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. 9th October 1943. Age 31. Son of George and Alice Maud Hitchin of Tottenham Middlesex husband of Ada Hitchin of Tottenham. Coll. grave 19. D. 1-7. HIT T Dvr. Frederick T/86623. 78 Bulk Petrol Coy. R.A.S.C. 8th December 1945. Age 23. Son of Charles H.and Emily G. Hitt of St. Thomas Swansea. 59. B. 5. Reprinted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Maidenhead 1982
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