Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 26, No 7

Cases are now ready for Series I to 25 inclusive Series 1 to 12 contain 8 part: each. Series 1 3 to 22 contain 12 parts. Series 23, 24 & 25 contain 24 parts each. (Prices below SEND YOUR ORDER FOR YOUR CASES NOW and get the publishers’ contents and title pages (9d. net per volume) FREE SPECIA L BIN DIN G OFFER A magnificent standard w ork such as Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the W ar will be a possession of the greatest fascination long after the thundering guns are silent. Special binding cases have now been prepared by the publishers in order that this w ork may be preserved in a durable and permanent form and be a handsome addition to your bookshelves. Subscribers are offered the choice of different styles of binding in which the parts of Hutchinson’s Pictorial History of the W ar can be permanently bound. Series I to 25 are now complete and can be bound up into twenty-five attractive volumes. First of all select which binding you desire and then send your parts, remembering to include all supplements, pre­ sentation plates, etc., with full instructions to :— H U T C H IN S O N & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., Binding Dept., Hutchinson House, Carter Lane, E.C.4. Binding cases only BINDING CASES H U T C H IN S O N S PICTORIAL HISTORY THE WAR Attractively blocked in real gold Prices for binding {twenty-four parts) and cases (twelve including title page parts. (Postage and and contents pages. for each Volum e available as under: Prices for binding and eases (ttrentv- four parts.) Post­ age and packing l,- bcr volum. s&r i .i Binding cases only (twelve parts) in­ cluding title page and contents pages. IPostage 6d. per packing O d. per (Postage 5d. be volume extra.) ivhune extra.) ixtra.) s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Red Cloth, attractively lettered in gold foil ... per vol. 3 3 6 0 4 0 7 6 •Blue Rexine, real gold lettering, em bossed antique design 5 3 8 0 6 0 9 6 •Q uarter rich Levant Morocco-grained Basil (red or green) 8 9 12 0 9 6 13 6 •H alf rich Levant Morocco-grained Basil (red or green) ... 10 9 14 0 II 6 IS 6 •Full rich Levant Morocco-grained Basil (red or green) ... 13 9 17 6 15 0 19 6 NOTE.—Tide and Contents pages are given FR E E only to those who order the Publishers’ authorised cases, so stipulate chis when ordering. Subscribers who require the publishers to acknowledge receipt of their parts must send a stamped addressed post card with their parts.
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