Memorial Register, Belgium 168-269, The War Dead of The British Commonwealth and Empire, 1939-1945

BOOTH Pilot Oft'r. (Fit. Engr.) robert Alex­ander C/19795. Croix de Guerre avec Palme (Belgium). R.C.A.F. 405 Sqdn. 28th April 1944. Age 26. Son of Frederick R. Booth and of Emma Booth of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Grave 4. BRADLEY Fit. Sgt. (W.Op./Air Gnr.) james Sydney 1314683. R.A.F. (V.R.). 405 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. 28th April 1944. Age 21. Son of Sydney and Mary Elizabeth Bradley of Caernarvon. Grave 1. CLIFFORD Pilot Olfr. (Air Gnr.) Nicholas hugh J/87453. R.C.A.F. 405 Sqdn. 28th April 1944. Age 35. Son of Nicholas A. and Sarah J. Clifford of Hamilton Ontario Canada. Grave 3. FOSTER Pilot Offr. (Air Gnr.) les l i eArth ur, J/87480. R.C.A.F. 405 Sqdn. 28th April 1944. Age 26. Husband of Florence M. Foster of Medicine Hat Alberta Canada. Grave 2. RAMSAY Fit. Lieut. (Air Bomber) d a v id, J/12973 D.F.C. R.C.A.F. 405 Sqdn. 28th April 1944. Son of Peter F. and Isabella Ramsay ^of Alberni British Columbia Canada. Grave 6. SMITH Fit. Lieut. (Air Bomber) geo r get o h n , J/21564. R.C.A.F. 405 Sqdn. 1st May 1944. Grave 7. VVEZEMBEEK-OPPEM COMMUNAL CEMETERY Index No.Bel. 267 Wezcmbeek-Oppem is a fairly large village 6 miles (11 kilometres) east of Brussels 2 miles (34 kilometres) south of the main Brussels-Louvain road. There is a mainline railway station at Wezembeek and Brussels is the most convenient centre. The cemetery is about 400 yards east of the church, which stands in the centre of the village. The British grave which has a private memorial is in the south­western part of the cemetery. AVERILL L. Cpl. francis Joseph 551908. 12th Royal Lancers R.A.C. 11th May 1940. ZAVENTEM COMMUNAL CEMETERY Index No.Bel. 269 Zaventem is a large village nearly 6 miles (10 kilometres) from Brussels lying 1 mile north of the main Brussels- Louvain road. It has its own mainline railway station, and it is best to stay in Brussels. The cemetery is about half a mile east of the station, on the north side of the railway. Against the boundary wall in the south-eastern part of the cemetery are the graves of 3 soldiers and 2 airmen from the United Kingdom. One of the soldiers is not identified. ARCHER Flying Offr. (Pilot) Raymond Leonard ,124689. R.A.F. 305 (Polish) Sqdn. 1st May 1944. Husband of Catherine Archer. Joint gravel. DAY Pte. john francis 2045644. 2nd Bn. The Middlesex Regt. 16th May 1940. Age 21. Son of William and Chariot Grace Day of Wood­ ford Green Essex. Grave 2. McEWAN Fit. Lieut. (Nav.) Arthur ruM ray ,78083. R.A.F. (V.R.). 305 (Polish) Sqdn. 1st May 1944. Age 34. Son of Thomas McG. and Degrena J. McEwan of Edinburgh husband of Christina Dickson McEwan of Edinburgh. Joint grave 1. TYRER Gnr. alan 878684.351 Bty. 88 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 16th May 1940. Age 20. Grave 3. Printed in Great Britain under the authority of Her M ajesty's Stationery Office by M ulti Machine Plates Ltd. London. The village of Winksele is 14 miles (23kiWmetres) east of Brussels and 1J miles (2 kilomyirtfs north-west of Louvain. It lies half a mile xt5i nort the-Main Brussels- Louvain road. Louvain w i^natels jK a a/^bam line railway station is the^TJmtYC^venieuu.\jjZ/ ntre. Th$ Louvain-Malines bu^^rves \M^ iU age jty The churchyard i /'m tlipA ^ntre of W inksele jarfcl the British grave p ^ar^i^ntran j on the soi^rtl^east side of the chuj O^MONAGffAN (^s mn. J3 ^ r rick Alexander ,16097. 1st Bn. Grenajii^r Guards. 15th May, 1940. Age 19. S o iy d f John Joseph and Alice Mary OM onaghapfof Hcmel Hempstead H ert­ fordshire. WINKSELE CHURCHYARD Index No.Bel. 268 W t P .67764-2774
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