The Morning Chronicle, Thursday May 11th 1854

and to, KRon-squaiv, ^W'-astle-on-Tyne. U r .| iiu o f L A N S D O W N B , K .G .— T he M A•< » > < III ITI lutvliif etwmted a BUST In bronze ltd DoMiman, m im d Paul and Dot* Col- that IIiey have made arrangements m c ii, and subscribers' names re- rtall Kant. rtm I J The_t***t |ai% l A 1 3 H int- ii M m I 11. rail 1 *~ T * It a I.TY I ll* • If rl —1H in. by 15 in.— HOLT’S • f lin f*>rU, harbours, and public ituatlon of the parts bombarded by •ml - Published as a Supplement to M l) r U N IIM l I K ii| l.m AllUV ai ptte* Ityd. ; stamped, 2d.—William Strange, • ^ 1 . w .. l*urno^ter-row.—Order Holt’s four War 1 * * 4 4 n aJr. price ‘ 2d. a Suppl H (a 1 I NAVY DESPATCH (a 1 the news I.—Willii ¦oPOL BOMBARDED.—W IIAT THE A*g SAY ABOUT ODESSA.—See HOLT’S ARMY |il>PATCH. Price 1%c L weekly, stamped 2d., per I -Lmdou: William Strange, jun., Warwick-square, u«, A Supplement Plan of Odessa, 18 iu. by 15 In., A L PALACE, 1854.—ADVERTISE- S for INSERTION in the vanous HAND-BOOKS, f the contents of the EXHIBITION, will be received d by Messrs. Bradbury and E van.-*, printers and pub- Crystal Palace Company, at theiroffice. 11, Bouverie- i a scale of prices, and all necessary information xnay cation Is earnestly reooramended. *9 j relegranh, up to the time of publishing. The Field, >r every Gentleman's Newspaper, is the befit medium ig. First Edition, early on Friday ; Second, Saturday i time for the evening mails ; a Third Edition on Suti- £. Illustrations: View of Cronstadt—Portrait of winner of the 1,0C0 G uineas—J. Scott’s Stables at »stling—An Angling Sketch—Columbian Fowl, &c. Strand, near the AdelphlTheatre. —Price Od. EVENING JOURNA L.— An ist desire having been expressed, by a large number © 1 lent in various parts of the country, for the publlca- imal, appearing at convenient intervals, which should he political, ecclesiastical, and other matter of general e found in the cofamns of The Morning Chronicle, but m as would admit of its being supplied at a less cost newspaper, the proprietors of The Morning Chronicle »est consideration to tho wishes which had boen thus and tV.ey wcro led to believe that a papor published on iate evenings in the week, and comprising in each i more material and important contents of two lroniclos, would be acceptable to a very wide circle of icy accordingly decided on commencing the cxoerl- fublication of that description ; and the support of a ,nd increasing body of subscribers during the past & h s has amply justified their determination. ININO JOURNAL is published every Monday, Wcd- 1 Friday; and contams every article e t* general in- npertanoe printed in The Morning Chronicle of the day ation and of the day preceding. It is perhaps needless f c , among the matter thus selected for republication on ays, art the leading articles of the Morning Chro- • ’oreign, Domestic, and Coinmcrciai Intelligence, its the Parliamentary Debates and of important proceed- Deurts of Law, the Letters of its Special Correspondents, ieus communications on Church questions which form at a feature of its columns. ilng Journal also contains the latest Market and Com :elllgcnce, with Quotation* of Price* corrected to the ng to press. of The Evening Journal is tke same as that of Tho hronicle, and so likewise is the price of e a< h number, ance ; consequently, the yearly subscription is exactly lual cost of The Morning Chronicle. ling Journal is printed at inch an hour as to admit of oTwardcd by post to all parts of the country on the publication. * e received by every newsvender throughout the United or, in case of ditiiculty, may be transmitted direct to ier, at the office of The Evening Journal, 332, Strand, ling Chronicle Office, Loudon, October, 1852. T PUBLICATIONS. DESSA.—{Seo SPENCERS SEAT OF W AR.) In 1 vol., price tie. cloth, gilt, £EY, RUSSIA, BLACK SEA, and ICASSIA. By Captain SPENCER, containing many s, including views of Odessa, Sebastopol, Vania, Widdin, jur Portraits in Colours of the Sultan, tho Czar, Scbamyl, i&sian lady, with a Map of the Seat of War. n Spenccr having spent many years in these countries, ilified to give the most correct and latest information scenes which are at the present moment fraught with an interest: whoever wishes to make himself acquainted seat of war, cannot possibly do better than study lencer^s book/’ on : George Routledge and Co., Farriugdon-strect. L F. K.S.E., F. R.O.S., F.G.S., &c. A new and carefully revised edi­ tion, in which subjects not overtaken in the first edition will be supplied, and the whole work brought into accordance with the present state of information. To be completed in 12 Parts, im­ perial folio, price 21s. each. Prospectuses may be had of all book- sellers. The Fifth Volume, price 4s., of a PEOPLE’S EDITION OF A LISON’S HISTORY of EUROPE. To be completed in Twelve Volumes, at 4s. each. The First Volume, price 4s. 6d., of a New Edition of 1BN THOUSAND A-YEAR. By SAMUEL WARREN, D.C.L., F.R.S. To be completed in two volumes. A New Edition, complete in Oue Volume, m n f i DIARY of a LATE PHYSICIAN. By 1 SAMUEL WARREN, D.C.L., F.R.S. With a frontlspicco by Gilbert. Price 6s. €d. A NEW EDITION. S TABLE ECONOMY ; a Treatise on the Manage­ ment of Horses, in relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering, and Working. By JOHN STEWART, V.S. The Sixth Edition. Price Ge. 6d. Illustrated with 277 engravings on wood, price 5s., T HE COLONIST’S and EMIGRANT'S HAND­ BOOK of the MECHANICAL ARTS, Embracing House Construction—House Arrangement and Convenieucts—Carpentry —Joinery—Smith work —Brick-making — Roof-Covering—Exterior and Interior Furnishings—Plastering—Painting—Mortars—Con­ crete— Cements—Enclosing of Lands—Fences—Road-making— Well-sinking—Fann and Agricultural Buildings. By R. SCOTT BURN, Engineer. H ISTORY of EURORE, from tho FreuchRevo- lutiou in 1780 to tho Battle of Waterloo. By Sir ARCHI­ BALD ALISON, Bart. Library Edition (the Eighth), in 14 vole., demy fivo., with portraits, £10 10s, Another edition, in 20 vols., crown 8vo., £$. IVES of the QUEENS of ENGLAND and ENGLISH PRINCESSES connected with tho Regal Suc­ cession of Great Britain. By AGNES STRICKLAND. Vols. I. and IV., price 10s. 6d. each, with Portraits and Historical Vignettes. L ADY LEE’S WIDOWHOOD. By Captain E. B. HAM LEY, R.A. 2 vols., post 8vo., with Illustrations by the Author. 21s. m U E CAXTONS : JL. E. BULWER LYTTON post 8vo. 7s. 6d. M Y NOVEL. By PISISTRATUS CAXTON ; or, Varieties in English Life. By Sir E. BULWER LYTTON, Bart. A New Edition. 2 vols., post 8vo. 21a. T HE POEMS and BALLADS of SCHILLER. Translated by Sir EDWARD BULWER LY1TON, Bart. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 10s. 0d. L AYS of the SCOTTISH CAVALIERS, and other POEMS. By W. EDMONDSTOTJNE AYTOUN, Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edin­ burgh. Seventh Edition. Fop. 8vo. 7s. 6d. T OE ANGLER’S COMPANION to the RIVERS and LOCHS of SCOTLAND. By T. T. STODDART. A New and Improved Edition, prise 7s. Od. m i l E MOOR aud the LOCH; containing Minute JL Instructions in all Highland Sports. By JOHN COL- QUHOUN, Esq. Third Edition, with Fifteen Illustrations, 12s. 6d. A SCnOOL ATLAS of CLASSICAL GEO- j 3 L G R A PIIY , by ALEX. KEITH JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E., and Author of the “ Physical Atlas," constructed from the best Materials, and embodying the Results of the most Recent Inves­ tigations ; aooompani^ by a complete Index of Places. Imperial 4to., half-bound in 6vo., 12s. 6d. COMPANION TO THE CLASSICAL ATLAS. E le m e n ts of p h y s ic a l and c la s s ic a l GEOGRAPHY ; comprising the Geography of the Ancient World, In ko far as it In »ui»#crvicut to the understanding of the Classics. By Professor F1LLAN3, of the University of Edin­ burgh. Price 4«. m H K POETICAL WORKS of I). M. MOIR ¦ (Oclu), In 2 volt. kijuII 8vo., with Portrait u id Memoir, t>y THOMAS AIRD. Prloo !«*. F o r t if ic a t io n : For the u«o of oiboora in the Army, and Headers of Mililarv Hiatory. By Lieutenant H. YULE, Bengal Engineers. 8vo., with numerous illustrations, 10?. Cd. William Blackwood and Sens, Edinburgh and London. placed In the K eiit roiuf, in ti»o pHiT»h or m i. -ai».. .. Southwark, in the county of Surrey, exceedingly well adapted for the erection of a manufactory or small dwelling house, the situa­ tion thereof rendering its appropriation very advantageous lor either pun**»o, and the Bricklayers* Arms Branch of the London, Brighton, and South Coast and Dover Kailway is contiguous thereto.—Printed specillcations with plans annexed may l»e had at the Surrey Arms, Surrey-squarc - King's Arms, Kent-road ; at the Auction Mart; of J. R. Rush, Eaq., solicitor, 18, Austin-friars; and of Messrs. Driver, surveyors and land-agents, 5, Whitehall, Westminster. r A Family Picture. By Sir [, Bart. A New Edition. In 1 vol., Ground Rents, Alfred-placo and Wood’t-buildings, Kent road, in the |>arish of St. Mary’s, Newington, produc^pg about £72 per annum, well secured upon Twenty-four Dwelling Houses and other Premises, held for an unexpired term of thirty years. M ESSRS. D RIV ER are instructed to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, Mav Iti, at Twelve, in O n e Lot, gundry valuable LEASE­ HOLD GROUND and other RENTS, payable under separate leases, and producing tojrethor about £72 per annum, well secured upon numerous dwelling houses, shops, chapel, and other premises, eligibly situate in Alfred-place and WoodVbuildings, Kent road, in the parish of St. Mary, Newington, county of Surrey ; held by the vendors, free from rent, for a long term, of which thirty yoars , arc unexpircd at Michaelmas, 1354.—Printed specifications, with , plans annexed* may be had at the Surrey Anns. Surrey-*quare ; ( King’s Arms, Kent-road; at tho Auction M art; of J. R. Rush, Esq., solicitor, 18, Austin-friars ; and of Messrs. Driver, surveyors and land ajenta, 5, Whitehall, Westminster. Winchestcr-park Estate, Southwark—Ground aud other Rents, producing above £247 per annum, most amply secured upon extensive Manufacturing aud other Buildings and Promises, eligibly situate in the Grove, in the parish of St. Saviour's, borough of Southwark. M ESSRS. DRIVER are instructed to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, May 16, at Twelvo, in One Lot, sundry valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATES, nearly equal to freehold, l>eing held under lives renewable for ever, and admirably adapted for invest­ ment, comprising several ground and other rents, amply secured, and issuing out of extensive iron foundries and cngine-boiler makers' premises, flax mills and ware rooms, paper mills, dye ma­ nufactory, dwelling-honses, cottages, and other premises and buildings, most eligibly situate in the Grove, Union-street, in the parishof St. Saviour's, Southwark, very near the principal approach to Southwark-bridge, and contiguous to water carriage ou the south side of tho Thames; granted under separate leases, at mo­ derate rents, producing together Jt247 per annum ; the whole held by the vendors under a lease granted to them by the lessees of the Lord Bishop of Winchester, for a term of sixty-one years from the 6th of April, 1820, provided that three lives therein-named should so luiig live, at tho very low annual reserved rent of only £22, with a ciause for renewal for a farther term of sixty-one years, so otten as they (the lessees) renew thoir lease with the said bishop, either by adding or exchanging one or more life or lives of the present or future cestui <jui vies of such lease, upon the present vendors pay­ ing to the said lessees such proportion of tho fine and fees attend­ ing such renewal as the sum of £22 bears to the sum of £1,170.— Printed specifications, with plans annexed, may be had at the Auction Mart; o fJ. R. Rush, E*j., solicitor, 18, Austin-friars ; and of Messrs. Driver, surveyors and* land agents, 5, Whitehall, Westminster. what N ld«\ \ m lfm ) »r4, » an • . etilt*' k Ui it IU M M J Clin | | * M ' NM W«1 8 1 > 1 bn the river atr ;»l i M»dW w*y, with groat dcrptli of water along- Frindsbury, between Rochester and Chatham, hecter-bridge, and immediately opposite Chatham Dock- efotil in the occupation of Messrs. Burge and Johnson, ' fit manufacturers, but whose lease has expired, and who uantsen suirerance, aud tho purchaser thereof may |K.ssession or make terms with the present highly rt- «?oupiers, who liavo laid out a considerable sum in premises for their long-established and lucrative busi- i or Messrs. Wilkinson, Gurney, and Stevens, solicitors, tn*. Lombard-street; Charles Colycr, Esq., solicitor, 1, street, Borough ; at the Auction M art; and of Messrs. ah and Sons, 2$, Poultry. net It hi nr £ I 7U yen» , • • f n 1 1 1 * ^ * i ijj i? • N • pur<har«.i r#r Invc«l rnent or Occupation. \ FR. GEO. HAINES hae been favoured with J lTA. instructions from the Executors of Richard Spike, Esq.. deceased, to DISPOSE OF by AUCTION, at Garraway'x, on Monday, May 16, at Twelvo, iu Two Lots, TWO valuable FREE­ HOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, with Shops aud roomy Business Premises, Nos. 6 and 8, Panton-street, Hay market ; both let on leaso, at low rents of £86 per annum each, on which premiums of £230 were paid.—May be viewed by consent of tho tenants ; par­ ticular on the premises ; place of sale ; of Messrs. Bolton, solici­ tors, 4, Elm-court, Temple; of Messrs. Haines, auctioneers, Moorgatc-street, City ; and at Mr. Geo. Haines's offices, Grosve- nor-strcet West, Eaton square, and at Kensington. Dairy (*bri 1 . M on I * f Chari* tltllA t aWmt Kami count 1I*A omati ne*i 4 lU'ltt' a|>plU iiaiiU CtM| at lb r 1 1 Polaiv p f in ! ii of M Valuable Leasehold Ground and otber Rents, producing togother £250 per annum, amply secured unon 18 dwelling-houses and other premises, situate in Surrey-square, Kent-read, in the borough of Southwark. j^JE SSR S. DRIVER are instructed to offer to conipn m 'it> » at 69, aii. WmIH Butin spotial May 1 M « t i ford r»i Sonn. S 7 CII in ONE MONTH, ditto GERMAN 1 ITALIAN, by DK PORQUET’S TRESORS, for trans- ;lish into the above at sight., Ss. tid. cach ; alsj First 3rman, and Italian Reading Buokt, Parisian Grammar, w ’lionary. Louden: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Just published, New Edition, prloc Is., T HE CURABILITY of CONSUMPTION ; being a Series of Papers, presenting the most prominent and im­ portant Practical Points in the Treatment of the Diiea^e. By F. H. it A MADGE, M.D., Fellow of the College of Physicians, late Senior Physician to the Royal Infirmary for Diseases of the Chest, &c. Also, by the same Author, A Trbatisb on A s th m a and D is ra s e h of the H e a r t . London : Longman and Co. Now publishing, carefully revised, Second Edition, 5s., fTlHB STOMACH and ITS DIFFICULTIES. 1 By Sir JAM ES EYRE, M.D., Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Consulting Physician to the St. George's and St. James’s Dispensary. “ This work is replete with facts and principles of the utmost importance to the preservation of human health/'—Dr. Forbes Winslow's Journal. M A book full of good sound practical sense."—Athenaeum, March, 1862. John Churchill, Pnnccs-street, Leiccstcr-square. CTNNEIIIE8 AND MR. CHAMBERS' MOTION. This ciav, in fcp. 8vo.( T » s . 6J., cloth, K SANDS ou FOREIGN SHORES. iry Protestant parent in the kingdom ought to put this hands of his ’laughters, it Is written by a Lady, and evised by a Prelate, highly distinguished in the world of Blackader and Co., 13, Patcrnoster-row. Third Edition.—Just published, price 6s., by p*rt free, 6s. «d., O lHJN TRUE and FALSE SPERMATORRUCEA; with a View to the Correction of wide-spread Errors In relation to the Treatment and Cure of the Impui^sant and Sexual Hypochondriacs. Translated from the German of Dr. PICK FORD. To which is added an Essay on Se:aial Debilities, by the Editor. i« This volume is well calculated to put an end to the empirical system & »nore to do much London: H. BaiUifcre, 219, Re/ent-street. IS volum e In T*vil cjmuuimvwu put uciu tw m u cmjiuiuAi of treating Suermatorrnooa, and to place the treatment upon i rational and physiological basis. It is, therefore, likely uuch srood.'’—Medical Circular, June 10, 1862. PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the Auction Mart, on Tues­ day, May 16, at Twelve, in One Lot, sundry valuable LEASEHOLD GROUND and other RENTS, payable under separate leases, and producing together upwards of £226 per annum, amply secured upon IS dwelling-houses and gardens, garden g ro u n d , ^ ether premises, eligibly situate in Surrey-square, Kent-road, in the parishes of St. George’s, Southwark, and St. Mary’s, Newington, in the county of Surrey, 15 of which are granted under separate leases, at ground rents, for long terms, which will expire at Mid­ summer, 18(50, thereby giving tho purchaser two years' rack rent of these 15 houses, as the premises are held by the vendors free from rontf>ra longterm, which will not expire till Midsummer, 1862 ; held by the vendors free from rent for a long term, of which eight years are unexpire at Midsummer, 1854.—Printed specifica­ tions, with plans annexed, may be had at the Surrey Anns, Surrey- square; King's Arms, Kent-road; at the Auction Mart; of J . H. Rush, Gin., solicitor, ; and of Messrs. Driver, sur­ veyor* ami land agents, 5, Whitehall. S um y.—Valuable and important Freehold Estate of 146 acres, wit»i noble Family Mansion, Lawns, Gardens, Bailiffs House, and Agricultural Buildings. \ MESSRS. MANSELL and ELLIOTT are 1 ? f honoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, June 14, 1854 (unless previously dis­ posal of by Private Contract), the highly distinguished and valuable KKBEHOLD ESTATE known as APP'S COURT, Walton-on- Thumes, situated in the parishes of Walton and West Moulesey; comprising a handsome and noble mansion, of imposing ele vation, most substantially ercctcd, regardless of cost, seated in a bcaatllnlly timbered park, with ornamental water, well kept lawn, pleasure grounds, conservatory, productive gardens and orchard ; rich meadow, pasture, aud arable land, iu the highest state of cultivation, in all about one hundred and forty-six acres, with bailiff's house, farm buildings, gardener's cottage, and every requisite for a complete country scat; all lying in a ring fence, freehold, and exonerated from land tax. The mansion, which is approached by a broad carriage drive (with lodge entrance), through the magnificently timbered park, contains on the ground floor spacious entrance hall and vestibule ; two elegant drawing rooms, 4 < > feet long; dining room, 2d feet by 18; library, 18 feet square ; gentleman's morning room and bath room, with hot and cold water, and marble plunging hath, and approached by a noble staircase are the best i»e< l chambers and a boudoir, with secondary staircaso leading to corresponding secondary and servant*’ bed rooms. The domestic offices are perfect and ample for a largo establishment. The out-buildings consist of capital six-stalled stabling, loose box, double c«ach house, with lolt and rooms over, and detached offices and buildings of every de­ scription. Tho whole well supplied with excellent water. It is most delightfully situate within two miles of the Hampton Court and two miles and a half of the Esher and Walton Stations on the South-Western Railway, surrounded by excellent roads and good society.—Particulars, with plans and view, may be had 21 days prior, at tho Auction M art; of Messrs. Hedges and Stedman, solicitors, 0f Carey-Ktreot, LincolnVinn-fields ; and at the offices of Messrs. Mansell and Elliott, auctioneers and land agents, 13 a , Belgravo-square, aud 12, 1 3 irchin-lace, CornhilJ, where orders to view the property may be had. In W amI I M " lion M»f Al»v p u t 'Hit* t revcan• misc«, *i latlon a prWIIri, mon of Uell, Hi of Mom Moors, and <1i Shulth i«raxing Farm in Surrey, in the vicinity of Guildford, andChobhtm, comprising 133 acres ef rich Meadow, , and Arabic liand. <SRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS will ( BMIT to PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, May 19, at Twelve, by order of the Devisees of Mr. arke, a FREEHOLD ESTATE, distinguished as the HOME BUSH FARM. fably situate in the parishes of Horscll and Chobham, t miles from Guildford, seven fromChertsey, twelve from , and only two from the Woking Railway Station, iu tho murrey, comprising l*r. OF RICH MEADOW, PASTURE, AND SUPE­ RIOR ARABLE LAND, ally timbered, in the highest state of cultivation, with a hwmjIous Fann Residence and offices, two excellent homc- f.lens, orchards, and appurtenances.—May be viewed by it to Mr. Clarke, the bailiff, on the premises, o r whom . may be obtained; also at the inns at Guildford, and Chobham ; of T. Martin^Esq., solicitor, Havant; kit; aud of Messrs. SbuttleworUf and Sons, 28, Poultry. »r«t, Oxford-street.— -Important Freehold Investment, i>a an unquestionably secured Rental of upwards of £4U0 fi'silS. SHUTTLEWORTII aud SONS will *I£LL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, in the month . fovea Lots, a valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, SEVEN COMMODIOUS RESIDENCES, and premises, situate and being Nos. 54, 65,60, 67, 68, > • Poland-street, in the parish of St. James, and city of M*r, let on lease to, and in the occupation of, Messrs. luyd, Veal, Abbot, Leslie, I^ewis, and Cook, highly re- t« nants* producing a net rental of £41(5 per annum.— ttrwed by leave of the tenants, and particulars had of ker, Grant, and Co., solicitors, 13, King*s-road, Bcd- , «i the Auction Mart; and of Messrs. Shuttle worth and Poultry. tckahire, near Rugby.—The singularly desirable Advowson irpetaal Riyhtof Presentation to the Rectory of Bilton. SSKS. SHUTTLBWORTH and SONS have rr elved instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auc- • on Friday, June 2, at Twelve, the V\ M JN , PATRONAGE, AND RIGHT OF NEXT AND I I I UAL PRESENTATION TO THE RECTORY OF BILTON, Ifhttally situate, in a highly picturesque and rich agricul- 4 ri< t, within two miles of Rugby, 13 from Coventry, and trwick and lieamington, and within three miles of the non at Rugby, in the county of Warwick. A commo- aoellent RECTORY HOUSE AND OFFICES r* vcntly erected, having gardens and home paddocks of i < 1 attached. The glebe comprises upwards of [NDRBD AND FIVE ACRES OF RICH GRAZING AND PRODUCTIVE ARABLE LAND. > Imre been commuted, the land tax redeemed, and the f f . 4a. 8d. per annum, exclusive of residcnco and pre- * !% • « • t only to very moderate parochial payments. The popu- M it 700, chiefly agricultural, and the j>arlsh is within the .< the Rugby Foundation.—May be viewed, by permis- m rtf. inoumbent; and particulars obtained of Messrs. ? aid, and Lloyd, solicitors. No. 09, Lineoln’a-itui-field's ; Harris, Sons,and Hubbard, solicitors, Rugby; of Mr. rmoT, Warwick; the King’s Anns, Oxford; the Eagle i. Cambridge ; at the Auction M a n ; and of Messrs. >rth and Sons, 28, Poultry. Kensington.—Important Invc tmewt of £122 per annum for Forty- nine years. M R. GEO. HAINES has been instructed by the Executors of Richard Spike, Esq., deceased, to SELL by A JCTION, at Garraway’s, on Monday, May 16, at Twelve, a valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, with a frontage of 51 feet by 108 feet deep, on which are erected three neat dwelling-houses, wlih gardens, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Homton-street, Kensington, together with two tenements and a largo range of buildings in the rear ; on lease to a moat responsible tenant for tho whcle term, at a net rent of £135 i*cr annum, aud held for 40 years, at a small ground- rent of £16 yearly.— May be viewed : particular* on tho premises ; place of sale ; of Moasra. Holton, »olicitor*. 4, Elui-court, Temple; and at tho auctioneer's office*, Pimlico and Keiudngtou. Crown Lease, St. Albana-place. I! ay market, 1 < H at a clear Rental of £76 yearly; and a Ground Lease at Pimlico, fr mi tho Marquis of Westminster, for Thlrty-thrcc years, at £ i 6s, per annum. M R. GEO. HAINBS announces for SALE by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on Monday, May 16, at Twelve, in Two Lots, by or^er of the Executors of Itieliar 1 Splko, Esq., deceased, the BENEFICIAL LEASE of No. 3, Sr. Albans-place, Pall-mall, forming part of Lane’s Hotel ; let on leo^e for nine years, at £100 per annum, and a premium of £200 paid ; held from the Crown for 15 years, at £26 yearly ; a l)w<?l)ing»hoii»6, No. 13, Lower Bclgrave-place, Pimlico, lot at a rental of £66 per annum.—May be viewed ; particulars ou the premises ; place of sale ; of Messrs. Bolton, solicitors, 4, Elni-court, Temple; of Messrs. Haines, auctioneers, Moorgate-street, City; and i t the auctioneer's offices, Pimlico and Kensington. M J Kl Ulster Canal, Ireland. HRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS will H X OMIT to PUBLIC AUCTION, by order of the Public '?an Commissioners, as mortgagees in possession, at the Mart on Friday, June 9. at Twelve, THE ULSTER CANAL. • rt tnt and valuable undertaking is 4G miles in length, Mug at LOUGH ERNE, near Wattlebridge, whence it pro- r * i» ih the counties of FERM ANAGH, MONAGHAN, AND ARMAGH, to Charlfiuont, on the River Black water, by means of which the na\ igatl » r » la continued to Lough Neagh. The canal passes through or near, or affords, in connection with LOUUH ERNE AND LOUGH NEAGH, munleation with Enniskillen, Li*iuukea, Maguire’s M Work* Auctto ThU Iiiii commett cccdt til situate at tho corner of Dulwloh-cotnmoti, containing dining-room, two drawing-rooms, music-room, nine bedrooms, dressing-room, ladies’ boudoir, and servants' offices, capital stabling, and out­ buildings. The pleasure-grounds are extensive and beautiftilly disposed in lawn, sloping to a canal with bridge aud fountains, gra­ velled walks of nearly three-quarters of a mile, shaded by luxuriant shrubs ; suitably placed are two handsome summer-houses and a billiard-room, orchard, capital kitchen gardens, with hot and forcing houses, pinery and green-house, bath-houses, orchard, aud encloeure of meadow land, the whole comprising about EIGHT ACRES, held for an unexpired term of 16 years, at the trifling rent of SEVENTY-FITE POUNDS TER ANNUM. Immediate possession may bo had.—May be viewed by cards only, to be obtained at the offices of Messrs. Farebrothcr, Clark, and Lye. Particulars may bo had of Messrs. Few and Co., Covcnt* garden ; and at their offices, 6, Lancaster-place, Strand. i.lge, M turbet, Clones, New Bliss, Monaghan, Middlotan, Ar- igu, Caledon, Dungannon, Black water Town, the Moy, Charle- a water Brii mag . moot, Lurgan, Porradown, aud other towns and places. From CharU m nt the navigation is open to BELFAST BY T IIE RIV ER BLACKWATETL LOUGH NEAGH, AND THE LAGAN NAVIGATION ; and from t 'harlemont to No wry by the Black water, Lough Neagh, the Upper B um, and the Newry Canal. Suitable stations, officcs, dfpota, warehouses, stores. do«2ks, wharfs, quays, landing places, locks, l< • k-keejKrs* houses, flood-gates, towing-patlis, banks, bridge*, works and buildings requisite tor tho traffic and business of the navigation, have been provided, and together with all lands, tenements, or hereditaments belonging to the Ulster Canal Company will be included m tho purchase, offering to the capi­ talist and public in general an investment of the highest class.— Particulars with maps annexed are preparing, and may be ob­ tained in due time at the ollico of the Public Works Loan Commis­ sioners, South Sea-house, London ; of Messrs. Iiarne3 and Bernard, their solicitors, No. 2, Great Winchester-street, London ; of the Superintendent, at the Canal-office; at the principal hotel*in D ublin; at the Auction Mart; and of Messrs. Shuttlcworth and Sons, 28, Poultry, London. Cigar Warehouse, Grosvenor-strcet, Bond-strect, and spacious Warehouses, near Bcdford-square, well secured on Leases at £116 per annum. 1 R. GEO. IIAINES will SELL by AUCTION, by order of the Executors of Richard Spike, Esq., de­ ceased, at Garraway's, on Monday, May 16, at Twelve, in Two Lots, a most desirable CIGAR aud SNUFF WAREHOUSE and DWELLING-HOUSE many years established, No. 80, Lower Grosvcnor-street, Bond-street, on lease for 41 ^ years, at a lo w - rent of £60 per annum, on which a premium of £150 was paid - ; held for 28 years, at £60 yearly. Also, largo brick-built Workshops and a Dancing Academy, situate behind three houses, Nos. 107, 108, and 109, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury ; let on lease far the whole term, at £56 per annum, and held for 5*4 years, at la. yearly.—May be viewed ; particulars at the place of sale ; of Messrs. Bolton, solicitors, 4. Elm-court, Tcmplo; and at Mr. Haincb's offices, Pimlico and Kensington. The Tower, on Surbiton-hill. M ESSRS. QITALLETT aud LEWIS have been favoured with instructions from the proprietor to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Tuesday, June 6, at One, that charming little FREEHOLD PROPERTY, called the TOWER, on Surbiton*hill, a pretty Elizabethan Villa, erected regardless of cost, and with cousiderablo taste, possessing, like most residences of its class, many conveniences, though from Its style and con­ struction not on an extensive scale ; also Two Freehold Cottages adjoining; the whole forming a complete and compact freehold estate, enjoying one of the most healthy aud picturesque positions, standing high on Surbiton-hill, within five minutes* walk of the Kingston Station, aud within half an hour of town.—Particulars may be obtained at the principal inns at Kingston, Epsom, and Ewell; C. E. Jemuiett, Esq., solicitor, Kingston, Surrey ; at the Auction M art; aud of Messrs. Quallett and Lewis, auctioneers, &c., 10, New Bond-street. Sussex, near Horsham.—A small Freehold Residence, and Sixteen Acres of capital Land. M ESSRS. QUALLETT and LEWIS have re- ceived instnictions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Tuesday, June 6, at One, a very desirable small FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the parish of Rusper, and comprising a neat villa residence, and sixteen acres of capital land, having a fVontage on the main road to Horsham (from which it Is distant about three inilea) of a quarter of a mile in extent. The house, though small, is comfortable, and in complete ropair, and the land valua­ ble, beyond an agricultural point of view, from its subsoil of brick earth.—Cards to view, and full particulars, may shortly be had at the Mart ; of Messrs. Kiss and Son, solicitors, 2, Fcn-court, Fen church-street; and of Messrs. Quallett and Lewi3, land agents and auctioneers, 10, New Bond-strect, opposite the Clarendon. Twyford Bury.—An elegant suburban Villa and Grounds, in 8t. John's-wood-park. M )1 IESSRS. QUALLETT and LEWIS have been favoured with instructions from the Proprietor to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by Private Treaty), at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, Juns 6, at One, a hand- some VILLA RESIDENCE, seated in its own grounds, and in one of the most delightful districts near town, being within an easy walk of Hampstead and its beautifully picturesque scenery, yet within a short drive of th* palace, parks, and operas. A carriage sweep conducts through the lawn to tho resilience, Lcytonstone, High-road, about ten minutes* walk from the Eastern Counties Railway Station at Stratford.—Very desirable Villa Re­ sidences, let at rents amounting to £268 per annum. M e s s r s. f a r e b r o t iie r , c l a r k , & l y e have received instructions from the Proprietor, who is going abroad, to SELL by AUCTION, nt Garraway's, on Wednes­ day. May 17, at Twelve, in Six Lots, very eligible LEASEHOLD ESTATES. oomprUdng SIX SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCES, known as Nos. 1,2, Sf 4, 5, and 0, Crownfleld-nlace. on the Leyton- htone high mail, leading to Wanstead and Woodford, about one mile from tho forest, and within ten minutes' walk of the Eastern Court tic i Railway Station at Stratford. The houses were erected about fl*e years since, and finished, regardless of expense, by an eminent firm, of good elevation, in brickwork, with portico and plate glass windows, commanding extensive and uninterrupted views ; each contains four bed chambers, dressing-room, store­ room, dining and drawing rooms, breakfast-parlour, and servants* offices ; gardens, in front about 116 feet and at the back 160 feet in depth, planted with choice shrubs and trees; the whole enclosed by brick walls and Iron fences, with park fence in front. In the several occupations of Messrs. Gurney, Treveatheck, Baker, Catteiton, Hartley, and Wormersloy, at rents amounting to £268 per annum. Hold for au un ox pi red term of nine ty-t wo years, at trifling ground routs.—May be viewed by permission of the te­ nants; and particulars hail of John Otway, Esq., solicitor, Strat­ ford ; at Garraway's; and at iho offices of Messrs. Fare brother, Clark, aud Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand. Isle of Wight.—The late Sir Richard Bassett's Estates, situate in the parishes of Shalfleet, Mottiston, Brixton, Carisbrook, New­ port, and Whippingham, containing together about 1,184 acrcs, and producing a rental of nearly £1,200 per annum. M essrs. f a r e b r o t h e r , c la r k , & ly e are Instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Bugle Inn, Newport, on Saturday, May 20 (under an order of the H iih Court of Chancery, made in a cause of “ Ward v Bassett and others"), at 0»c for Two, in Lots, the important and highly valuable, FREEHOLD ,ESTATES of the late Sir Richard Bassett, situate in the Isle of Wight, com­ prising the several parishes of Mottiston, Shalfleet, and Brixton. HULVERSTON FARM, with good buildings, recently thoroughly repaired, and 68 acree of principally arable land, let to Mr. Booker; a COTTAGE AND GARDEN, let to John Cooke ; . LITTLE MOTTISTON FARM, with family residence, gardens, offlccs, Ac., and 24S acres of arable and pasture land, in the occupation ot Mr. Jcssett; GREAT MOTTISTON MANOR FARM, with extensive offices, and 4 * 2 4 acrcs of arable, pasture, and down land, in tho occupation of Mrs. Brown ; sundry COTTAGES AND PLOTS OF ACCOMMODATION OR BUILDING LAND, in and close to the village of Mottiston, let to Messrs, Booker, Kackctt, Waterman, Cooper, Dore. and others: a VALUABLE FARM, known as CHILTON, containing 230 acres of pasture and arable land, sovcral portions of which are eligible for the ercction of villa*, being close to the sea and the picturesque village of Brixton, lot to Mr. Walmisley; MOTTISTON MILL FARM, in the occupation of Mr. Whitewood ; a valuable ENCLOSURE OF MEADOW LAND, situate at the new village in the parish of Carisbrook, near to Newi>ort, well adapted for building purposes, let to Mr. Cole ; a DWELLING-HOUSE AND SHOP, situate 114, Pyle-strect, Newport , let to Mr. George; a compact estate known as BLACK BUSH FARM, near to Osborne, about two miles from New-port, on the road to East C*wes and Ryde, containing64 acres, extending to the Medina River, offering most eligible sites for the erection of villas, iu the parishof Whippingham, let, except the wood, to Mr. B. Hallett. The whole estate comprises an area of about ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR ACRES, and produces a yearly rental of nearly ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED POUNDS PER ANNUM. —Particulars and plans may be had at the place of sale ; at the se- veru.1 inns at East and West Cowes, Ryde, Brixton, and Fresh­ water ; of Frederick Blake, Esq., solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight ; of Messrs. Meyuell anti Copleston, solicitors, St. Martin's- place, Trafalgar-squaro; and at the otllccs of Messrs. Farebrether, Clark, and Lye, 0, Lancaater-placc, Strthid. Eligible Investment.—Gkmcester-plaee, Portman-squarc. M ESSRS. HERRING and SON aro instructed by the Executors of a gentleman deceased, te SELL by ............ % AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, May 23, at Twelve R H H IIIR IIH P w h lc ii is of (unles* previously disposed of by Private Contract), a valuable pleasing elevation, and comprises an, on the right 1 LKASEHOLDK^TATR, comprising a ^P jja l family residence, with •h is an elegant drawing-room* decorated with considerable coach-house, stalling, and offices, e lccrfally^tuate 71, Gloucestcr- of which is an elegant drawing-room, taste, and opening into a conservatory; on the left is an excel­ lent dining-room, from which steps descend to the pleasure grounds, which aro usefully as well as ornamentally disposed, and are of some considerable exteut. There is also a morning-room, and the chamber, hath, and culinary departments are arranged equally in accordance with comfort and convenience. First-rate stabling and coach-house, with inclosed yard, complete the property, which may be fairly characterised as one of the most elogant and com­ modious villas in the vicinity. It is held on lease for f)0 years, at a trifling ground rent.—Full particulars may be had of Messrs. Shaw and Tennant, solicitors, Albion-street, Leeds; ofB . llean- lauds, Esq., solicitor, 14, Cook's-court, Liucoln’s-inn; and of Messrs. Quallett and Lewis, land agents, 10, New B>nd-*trcet, opposite the Clarendon, who arc fully authorised to treat for the sale by private contract. place, held for an un expired term of nearly fifty years, at a ground rent of £36 16a. yeer annum, and let for a term to a highly respect­ able tenant, at a low and reduced rent of £120 per annum.—The residence may be viewed by permission of tho tenant; and par­ ticulars had of Mosers. Earlo and Smith, solicitor*, Andover, H ants; of Messrs. Vincent and Gabriel, solicitors, 4, Inner Teiuplo-lane, London ; also at the Auction M art; and of Messrs* Herring and Sou, 109, Fleet-street. Printed and published at the Office, No. 332, Strand, in the parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, ‘n the county of Middlesex, by D avid J oifKtf, of No. 9, Hemlr.gford Cottages, TTemiwgford-road, in the parish of St. Mary, Islington, in the county of Middlesex, printer, on Thursday, May 11,1864.
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