The Morning Chronicle, Thursday May 11th 1854

THE MORNING CHHONICLE. THURSDAY, MAY 1854. GONGS, or XLS.—H KWETT ARISTOCRATIC 4 l 4 lilj,-'* 1 «j *• « and CO., tho celebrated have just received another large lot of very 38, suitable for dinner or alarm bells, steam- > g§ry weather. Price 40h., 00s., and 80*. each, shouse, 18, Fench arch-street, City, and at A N R for STAMPING ENVELOPES th ARMS, CORONETS, or CHEST, if plain.— only hmise in London where you can purchase d household papers at manufacturer*' charges, neat in Londou of LADIES* TRAVELLING instruments, &c. ; the choicest and beat manu- ndonof dressin£-c ses, from 21s. to 100 guineas; ktcn-noxes, work-ooxes, blotting-oook a, Bible* i velvet or leather, papier-tnochl* blotters, w*rk- C desks ; Dresden card baskets, wedding sta- t elegant designs, stumped in silver or other- engraved, 2a. CtL : 100 card* printed, la. tfd., lown establishment, 68, Quadrant, Regent «street, to Swan and Edgar's. JE MADE for STAMPING PAPER LOPES with ARMS, CRESTS, or INITIALS.— >r cream-laid adhesive envelopes, 4d. per 100 ; 1 1 size, five quires forGd. ; thick ditto, five quires foolw*ap, 9s. per ream ; sennon paper, 4s. fel. ordered note, 4d. per quire, 6& . per roam ; black- s, is. per 160; oent Healing: wux, 4s, per lb. ; >nery equally cheap. Card-plate elegantly en- lperflne earns printed for 4s. tfd. Wedding ata- miwt elegant design*.—Observe, at HENRY 1 1 known establishment, 21, Piccadilly'. f W E D D IN G im d H E R A L D IC BRY.—CREST DIES ENGRAVED as Gems of MARGE, where the order amounts to 21s. II, e*t Dies pertaining to more than 10,400 families, 1G0 < '.xi Ioihjs with the desired crest. Wedding is engTaved and printed »u the perfection of .es traced, with illustrative uoliccs antiquarian il, arms found, emblazoned, and engraved for kl*, &c.—HENRY DOLBY, Heraldic Draftsman Regen t-strcet, Quadrant. C H A R S , h a v i n g c o m p l e t e d t h e a l t e r - and enlargement of his. old-established Premises, es the nobility and gentry to inspect his Now STOCK of DRESSING and WRITING CASES, Inkstands, Envelope-oases, and Workboxe*, in lountcd in unique patterns, iu the mediaeval style ; backgammon-men aud tables, with an outness do fantaisie et do luxe, suited for W elding and W. Lcuchan? has tlso a superior and mokt elegant dieu* and Gentlemen's Travelling Bags ; he being I manufacturer of these highly approved and useful any patlorn*, which are only to be seen at ' W, Piccadilly, throe door* from Sackvillc street. THE NEW STORY OF MODERN LIFE. Now ready at all the Libraries, in 1 vels., GELO: A MODERN STORY. The author has combined the most startling picture of real life with such incidents of rotnancc as were calculated to Im­ part to ber story both unity of purpose and the interest of profound personal sympathy. The plot of the story is admirably contrived for sustaining the attention of the reader, and as a romanco of contemporaneous history the work pos*essos merit of the highest order.”—John Bull. Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street. NEW NOVEL BY THE POPULAR AUTHOR OF «• ROUGHING IT IN THE BUSH.” RP. MOODIE’S NEW NOVEL, “ FLORA ----- — *• - • - A __ successors i«» II• rjf Colburn, T HOME; 31 --- LYNDSAY,” is now ready at all tho Lihraries, In 2 vols. “ Mrs. Moodie lias certainly surpassed herself In this new pro­ duction of her fertile imagination.”—John Bull. “ Mrs. Moodie’s style is particularly graphic ; she brings persons and thing* distinctly and substantially before her readers, and this faculty gives a charm to her work.”—Critic. 4 4 The certainty that most of the incidents are true will give more than usual interest to this w*rk, which will no doubt be ex­ tensively read and circulated.”—Observer. Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street. A SECOND EDITION of ATHERTON, by MARY RUSSELL MITFORD, Author . I * Onr Village,” Ac., Is now ready, in 3 vols., with Portrait of th«* k * ' r, and other Illustrations. Hurst an<: Blackett, publishers, 13, Great Marlborough'-street. SAM SLICK’S NEW WORK, In a few days, In 3 vols., pjat Pi HE AMERICANS H t or. Bye ways, Backwoods, and Pr*ir| Edited by the author of "ban* H I Hurst and Blackett, publishers, successor* l « 18, Great Marl borough-street. Now ready at all the Libraries, In 8 * u H E M I E M 1 L A Scottish Story. By the Author of “ The Klnnean * From tub Athinjrum.—“ We feel obliged to giving us such a fresh pleasant story as 4 Pheint* the homeliest of details a certain fa&dnatiou l« r». k. anres the reader's interest to the end. Tin gr-i.lal I.m if y Colburn, p L A R. • author for Out of hioh in- M r and different lo­ st and 9 have i Just ready, in 2 vols. demy 8vo., C HARLES the SECOND iu the CHANNEL ISLANDS. A Contribution to the History of the Earlier Years of his Exile. Derived ehleflv from Orignal Documents, English and French. By S. ELLIOTT HOSKINS, M .D., F.R.S. Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to bcr Majesty. Now ready. Cheaper Edition, in 2 vols. 8vo., price 16s., THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE COURT AND GOVERNMENT OF R ussia, UNDER THE EM PEROR ALEXANDER AND THE PRESENT CZAR NICHOLAS. By J. H. SCHNITZLER. 4 1 We give more credit to what this author relates rejecting the Russian empire and Its rulers than to any recent publication,”— Literary Gazette. Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her Majesty. sures the reader's interest __ perfect insight into the inner life and charactcr « < f t| dividual* of the story excite in the reader a per* »n| sympathy. 4 Pheraie Millar* is ag charming a her met with for many a day.” Hurst and Blackett, publishers, succcssorn t< > lla**? Colburn, 13, Great Marlborough-atreet I R COLONEL LANDMANN'S N SW WuUH ^ Just reaJy»in 2 vo\s.9 21s., ECOLLECTIONS ef MY M I LI I’AIO By Colonel LANDMANN, lato of o.s i s, AUthor of 1 4 Adventures and Recollc- I. * * and B'ackett, publishers, successor* i* • >ry LIFE. nf Royal Engineers Hnrst 13j Great Marlborough-street Iboro, N OTICE.—The BURNEY D I A R Y . In sequence of the very general demand for •*» aa» »r - * w n im m V Af I'U llU lIk t A It I t I C0I1- coin- S i a k V * 1,° C|,,:AP E b 1TI° N of «• MADAM I I. . h ill A VS ^ BOUr h Vo!un)(•. ^Bing the Coi.UhM.i „ „f tho Account of her Residence at the Court of Queen i published on the 16th of May, and the Tldrd Volume J one. Pubiished for Henry Colburn, by his tucccaei* Biackett, 13, Great Marlbi»rough-street. I «tv II HI be 1st of it and Periodical Sales for 1854, appointed to take place on the first Friday in eve^y month.—The 62d year of the establishment of Periodical Sales of Reversionary Interests, kc,, suggests the pro­ priety of Messrs. Shuttleworth and Sons impressing upon the public the advantages of a system originating solely with them­ selves in 1803, and which now further recommends itself by the! experience of half a century, acknowledged public convenience, and great economy to vendors. M H b IjBSSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS re­ spectfully inform the legal profession and the public in general, that the PERIODICAL SALES OF REVERSIONARY INTERESTS, Policies of Assurance, Tontines, Debentures, Bonds, Annuities, Life Interests, Advow*on*, Next Presentations, Improved Rent*, Manorial Rights, Ground Rents, Chief Rents, Rent Chances in lieu of Tithes, aud Shares iu all Public Undertakings, are arranged to take place, for the year 1854, at the Auction Mart, as follows Friday, June 2. Friday, Octobcr 0. Friday, J uly 7. Friday, November 3. Friday, August 4. Friday, December 1. Friday, September 1. Particulars may be had 10 days previous to each sale at the Royal Hotel, Manchester; the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool; Dee’s Royal Hotel, Birmingham ; the Angel, Oxford; the Ea^lo and Child, Cam -1 bridge; at the Auction; and of Messrs. ShutUeworth and Sons, 28, Poultry. Tenterdcn, Kent.—Small Freehold Estate in or near Romney M*r*h. M e s s rs . s h u t t l e w o k t h and s o n s win SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, May 12, at Twelve, a FREEHOLD ESTATE, known as the EIGHTEEN ACRE PIECE, comprising 17a. In. Stfp. of rich grazing land, in SH IRLEY MOOR, IN THE PARISH OF TENTERDEN, near Reding-street, on the road to App’ .edore and Rye, in or near ROMNEY-MARSH, in the occupation of Mr. Jam os Buckland, but possession of which may t»e had on the llt h of October, 1 8 5 4 , and of the estimated value of FIFTY POUNDS PER ANNUM. — May be viewed by application to Mr. Checksfteld, tho overleokor, Rtding-hill, who wrill show the premises ; and particulars had at the offices of Messrs. Wilkinson, Gurney, and Stevens, solicitors, 2, Nicholas- luue, I-ombard-street ; at tho Lion and Wool pack Inns, Tentcrden ; at the inssat Appledorc, Romney Lydd, and Reding ; the Saracen's Head, Abhford ; the Bull, Cranbrookc ; the Gcoige, Rye ; at the Auction Mart ; and of Messrs. Sbuttleworth aud Sons, 28, Poultry, London. Valuable Leasehold Premises, Cheapsidc. ESSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS -J hare received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, in the month of May, a valuable • LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, comprising the capital dwelling-house and extensive RANGE OF WAREHOUSES AND SHOW-ROOMS, known as No. 140, Cheapside, and 44, Gutter-lane; in the occupa* tion of Messrs. Welch and Sons, wholesale straw hat manufacturers and importers, on lease, for an unexpired termofaeventeeu years, at a net rent of <£460 per annum, and hold on lease under the Saddlers* Company for an unexpired term of thirty-one years, at a low ground rent of per annum.—Particulars are preparing, and will appear in due tune ; and any further information may be had of Messrs. Tamer and Sons, solicitors, \ Mount-place, Whltc- chapcl-road ; and of Messrs. Shuttlcwortk and Sons, 28, Poultry. County of Kent.—WhitstAble, near Herne Bay.— Eligible Freehold Investment. ESSRS. SHUTTLE WORTH and SONS are I his Now ready, in post 8vo., 10s. 6d., A u t o b io g r a p h y of an I n d ia n ARM Y SURGEON. “ These adventures, excitiug and interesting ia themselves, are yet more so from the graphic and animated language in which they arc narrated. The author is full of fun and frelic. Liko Mark Tapley, he can get up a laugh under xny circumsta* ces of depres­ sion, and he finds matter for present mirth in reviewing the mani­ fold discomforts of his paat lifo. Nothing can lie pleasanter or more exhilarating than his account of his adventures in India.”— Morning Post, Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her Majesty. T id SON’S SPRING MATTRESSES.— st durable bedding is a well-mad© Si’RlNG MAT- ins its elasticity, and will wear longer without rc- iher mattress, and with one French wool aud hair i h most luxurious bed. Heal and Son m ike them *s. For prices of tho different sixes and qualities. X and SON'S ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of Dd priced LIST of BEDDINrt. It contains designs inwards of 100 bedsteads, and prices of every de- ding, and is sent free by post.—HEAL and SON, •court-road. T U D E , E L E G A N C E , C H E A P N E S S . — FINK and COMPANY’S STOCK or FURNISHING *Y, electro-plate, cutlery, &c., is unrivalled. Cala- S9 and 90, Cheapside. 3 SELF ACTING KITCHEN RANGES a to maintain their superiority over all others, for g, steaming, and baking in the best and most coo- ir, and yield a constant supply of hot water, with a HOT PLATE over the whole extent of the range, .o six feet long. i tor the kitclicn in COPPER, IRON , and BLOCK i sale at JEREM IA H BV *N 8, SON, and CO MPA NY’S E Manufactory anti Showrooms, 33, KING W ILLI AM* iDON-BRIDGE. ANT to INVALIDS.—The highly I and restorative qualities of DR. 81 ELY’S RE­ SOLAR TINCTURE havo acquired for it a rcputa- ide. In all cases of debility and lassitude, lowness of isnesa, and iudtgcstion, it is unrivalled ; as a purifier ida powerful yet safe tonic, it lias produced the most suits, restoring the invalid to health and strength in »hort space of time. In bowel complaints, arising icric changes or other causes, it is also strongly re- Prepared and sold by J . R. Saffell, SI, Newington- uington-r ad, in bottles at iH , 7s. 6d., and lit . each ; bottles at ‘ 22s. each. Also, Dr. Sibly’s Lunar Tine- >Wiots incidental to the female sex, price 4s. (ki. and i bottle. Wholesale agents, Barclay and Sons, 96, reet, London ; and sold by all mcdichto venders to kingdom. 31 C11EAPKR ItE-1 SSL1 K, PRICE HALF-A-GU1.NEA. Next week, in 1 vol., 10*. Gd., A CHEAPER RE-ISSUE OF AJOR STRICKLAND’S TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS* In CANADA WEST. Edited by AGNES STRICKLAND, Author of 4 1 The Queens of England." Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her Majesty, NEW EDITION OF llCRKETS Pit LB A O * Now ready, in 1 vol., with 1,600 Engraving* « > f % t H E PEERAGE and HAllOM TAGE For 1854. By Sir BERNARD BURKE, Ulster King *f \ r » . New Edition, Revised and Corrected to the Present I is ( in the Personal Communications of the Nobll.' > s In this comprehensive and authentic record of t»»* • « 4*ars, the memoirs of the varioua noble and horoneticaJ f»> « •«. tr ir^d through all the vicissitudes of English history, thr * light on eur annals, and are all important to the hut • r»«d«r. Every fact Illustrative of a familv's rise, every aih ti ft. n» bed­ ding lustre on the race, every detail tending to U< i raent of the genealogical narrative arc hero cnnbie*l No de­ scendant la omitted—however remotely connect'd, Ms « « try may here be traced. In addition to these family *»'•, which form a perfect record of the nubility of Great BriUi- !»• Und, this edition has many otber interesting feature*. An»*M.ttil a \ tlie f o llo w in g 1. A Genealogical Account «»f Itoval ~J -- -tivh ---- instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, in the month of June (unless acceptable offers are previously inado by Private Contract), an eligible and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE. comprising TWO FREEHOLD DW ELLING HOUSES one a double house, adapted for two fuiuilies, uewly oulU, with slated roof*, ^ud otlKT convChiencos; the other a dc- tached cottage, containing three large rooms, brick and timlier built, with slated roof, all in thorough repair, most eligibly si­ tuated on the turnpike road from Canterbury to Whitstahle, and within four minutes’ walk of the Canterbury Railway station, ad­ joining the town of Whitstable, in the occupation of old and re- spcctablc tenants at will, at rents amounting to TWENTY-TWO POUNDS PER ANNUM. May be viewed by leave of the tenants, aud particulars had at the Auction M art; and of Messrs. Shuttleworth and Sons, 28, Poultry; Frecheld Ground Rents. ESSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH aud SONS have Finchley New-road, St. John's-wood.— Excellent Modem Household Furniture, Cottage Pianoforte, Linen, and Effect*. ESSRS. FARKBROTHER, CLARK, LYE will SELL by AUCTION, on tho Premises, tJG , Finchley Kew-rOad, St. Jolin's-wood, THIS DAY, May 11, at Twelve, the excellent modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, comprising a drawing-room suite of carved rosewood, conflating of cabriole frame chairs aud consoles, covered in blue aud nrnber satin damask, loo and other tables, winged ckofTonier, with plate glase back, a tfj-octave cottage pianoforte by Suxiart, excellent Spunihh mahogany sideboard, set of ditto dining tables, lift. bin. by&ft., set of mahogany frame dining-room chairs, covered in morocco, Turkey, patent tapestry, aud Brussels carpots and rugs, hiiites of damask and moreen curtains, chimney glasses, handsome winged and other wardrol>es, chests of drawers, four-post, Arabian, and French bedsteads and bedding, marble-top wash stand, mahogany toilet tables and glasses, kitchen requisites, plated articlea. linen, china and glass, a few volumcb of books, and various eflecte.— May be viewed. Catalogues had on the premises ; and of Messis. Fare- brother, Clark, and Lye, 0, Lancaster-place, Strand. i ' ’ • _____________ ^ i M M Freehold Farms on the verge of Homney-marsh, near tko town of Rye and Railway Station. ESSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS will M THE SECOND EDITION OF P ROFESSOR CREASY’S RISE and PRO­ GRESS of tbo ENGLISH CONSTITUTION will be pub­ lished TO-MORROW, in post 8vo., 9s. 6d. Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to lior Majesty. NEW WORKS TO BE PUBLISHED IN MAY. ]. The Third Volume of r p iI E HISTORY of EUROPE, from the Fall of J L Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon By Sir V - J ARCHIBALD ALISON, Bart. Natl! Contknts -Anla .Minor, Greece, Turkey, m 1821—The Greek Revolution, Battle of Navarlno, and l&tablishmeut of Greek Inde­ pendence—Tho War between Russia aud Turkey, 1827-1829— France to the Revolution of 1830, &c., Ac. iu wiiivii uv'iv' v•« • w « . . . ___ _____w Orders of Knighthood and Knights Bachelor*--C. A’ Table of Precedence, &c. Published for Henry Colburn, by his succx * * rv Blackett, 13, Great Marlborough-strcet. Ilorst and NEW EDITION OF LIEUTENANT ARNOLD * J A i INDIAN NOVEL. Just published, In 2 vols. post Svo., price 21* AKFIELD; or, Fellowship i n 1 n o K a n t . ^ ARNOLD, Lieutenant 68tli lirn-.i! Native Infantry. The Second Edition, revised. Londou: Longman, Brown, Green, aud L o n fM M . SUBMIT to PUBLIC SALE, at tho Auction Mart, TO­ MORROW', May 12, at Twelve, in Lots, the following FREEHOLD ESTATES, v iz .:— A very DESIRABLE FARM OF 8IXTY ACRES of superior arable land, situate in the parishes of Cuildeford and Piayden, on the verge of ROMNEY MAitSH, adjacent to the borough town of Rye and the railway station, with a neat farm-house and good homestead, garden and meadow pad­ dock. Also an equally DESIRABLE GRAZING FARM, adjoining the preceding, iri the parislioe aforesaid, compris ing SEVENTY ACRES, or thereabouts. And a small grazing Farm, of 80 acres, or there­ abouts, situate near Comber Farm, in the parish<*of W1NCHELSEA AND GUILDEFORD. The whole land-tax redeemed, and chiefly subject to a commuted modus only in lieu of tith e ; in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Elliott and Messrs. G. andT. Pankhursts, on leases for abort terms, at net rents, amounting to FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS PER ANNUM, or thereabouts, offering moat desirable opportunities for |>ermanent investments.—May be viewed with pcrtuiMion o! tho tenants, and porticutars obtained at the George Hotel, Rye; the Oastlo, Hastings ; the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton ; tko I,ord Worden, Dover; the Pavilion, Folkestone ; the Fountain, Canterbury ; of Messrs. Stilcman and Neatc, »oIicitors, i<J, Orchard-street, Portman-squarc; at the Mart ; and of Mo«sra. Shuttleworth and Sons, 28, Poultry. ---- recoived instructions from the Executors of Mrs. Rouge- mont, deceased, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auctiou Mart, on Friday, June 16, at Twelve, In Lots, several FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, amounting to £121 PER ANNUM, very amply secured upon nuEierous residences, dwelling-houses, gardens, and extensive premises, situate in Diamond-row and W ’arming-place, Southampton-street, Camberwell, and North-place, on the border of the high roxd from Camberwell-green to Pockham ; all in the porinii of Camberwell, in the county of Surrey.—Tho premises may be viewed, and particulars had ten days previous to the sale, at the Auction Mart; and of Messrs. Shuttleworth and Sons, 28, Poultry. Freehold Family Residenoe, Pleasure Grounds, and Gardens, Ken­ sington. ESSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS have M II. MUCH AVER PACHA’S TRAVELS. In Svo., price 16s. doth, N Travels i n G e r m a n y a n d k u s h i a : including# Steam Voyage by the Danube *n«l th<^ « from and PALESTINE in 1861 and 1852. By Lieutenant VAN I Viciinat«ConbUnti«oplo (in 1S3.V1839). ByCapUJn A 1 1 1 . ~ — __ v ___ | SLADE, R.N .j F.R. A.S., Admiral in tne Turkish Mr.,i (Wn Pacha). London : Longman, Brown, Green, and I/m grnv* ftl US avo DE V e l d e , late of the Dutch Royal Navy. w In 2 vols. octavo, with Map of the Author’s Route, Plan of Jeru- H 111. solem, and other Illustrations. ISTORY of tho PROPAGATION of CIIRIS- ¦ ¦ T iA N lfY among the HEATHEN since the REFORM A­ TION. By the Rev. W. BROWN, M.D., Secretary of the Scottish Missionary Society. Third Edition, brought down to the Present Time, in 3 vols. Svo. IV. The Second Volume. ISTORY of the BYZANTINE and GREEK T H I.— lty her Majesty’s Royal Letters Patent, Invented and patented application of chcmlcally pre- India Rubber in the construction of artificial teeth, i*alate*.—Mr. EPHRAIM MOSELY, Surgeon-Dentist, and patentee A new, original, and invaluable in- *»«ting in the adaptation, with the most absolute per- * access, ef CHEMICALLY PREPARED WHITE KBKR an a lining to the ordinary gold or bone frame. Unary reaults of this application maybe noted in a few .t prominent features :—All sharp edges are avoided; • irea, or fastenings are required; a greatly increased ..I _ auMMiu,! • a nn.tnral elaxticitv. hitherto EMPIRES. By GEORGE FIN LAY, Esq. ConUining from 1057 to the Storming and Sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders, in 12oi. From 1201 to the Siege and Capture of Con­ stantinople by the Turks, under Mohammed, in 1453. Now published, P ROFESSOR JOHNSTON'S CHEMISTRY of COMMON LIFE. Vol. I. Price 6s. With 67 Illustrations, engraved on wood by Branaton, Ac. To be completed in 2 vols, THE BLACK SEA. ¦ I The Fourth Edition of Mr. Oliphant’s R u s s ia n s h o r e s of tho b l a c k se a . In octavo, with 34 Engravings on wood, an enlarged Map of tho Crimea, and Map of the Author's Route. Ptice 14s. ISTORY of the FRENCH PROTESTANT REFUGEES, from the Revocation of tho Edict of Nantes. “ ~r 11,u4a,,h of T.vpAa Ilona. Now ready, In fcp. 8vo., price 3s. fid.. HE DOCTRIN E of the HOLY El 011A HIST - ¦ l. as PROPOUNDED by Archdeacon WlLl'lCicFOKcrK shown to be inconsistent alike with Reason, with Scripture, and • *h the Church; and his Unsound Views of the Holy Tnni»y #•, «*ted. By T1IEOPHILUS SECUNDUS. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Lougnm O tford: Blatter. Cambridge: Deighton. In 18mo.t price 3s. half-bound ; or sewed, Hail a Ci F T AND-ATLAS for CLASS TKA( 11ING, i 2 & ssrJ S ^ I \ M “ ^ ^ S H C ^ B W O ^ a u d ’s O N S w ill SELL by AUCI ION, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, May 12, at Twelve, a LEASEHOLD ESTATE, ccr.iprising a neat and convenient EIGHT-ROOMED DWELLING-HOUSE, situate No. 6, Ed ward-street, Black friars-rood, in the occupation of Mr. Briscoll, a very i expectable tenant-at-will, at a net rent of £32 a year, and held on lease for 31 vears unexpired at £12 per annum. May be viewed by leave of the tenant, and particulars had of Messrs. Crowder and M.-tynard, solicitors, Coleman-street; at tho Auction M art; and of Messrs. Shuttleworlh and Sons, 28, Poultry. _____ received instructions to prepare for SALE by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, on Friday, June 1 < > , at Twelve, a very com­ modious and subntaiitial FREEHOLD FAM ILY RESIDENCE, In perfect state of repair, late in the - onpat Ion of Mrs. Rouge- mont, deceased, advantageously situate contiguous to the exten­ sive Improvements in the immediate vicinity, Wright’s-lone, Ken­ sington, a short distance only from the high road to Windsor; containing six bedchambers, dressing-rooms, bath-room, water- closets and appurtenances, drawing-room, dining-room, and morn- ing-room, all of handsome dimensions; excellent kitchens, domes­ tic offices, and cellariug ; large paved court-yard, double coach­ house, stable forfonr hordes, and numerous inferior offlcoa ; a lawn and shrubbery walks dccoratcd with spleadid cedars of Lebanon, shrubs, and evergreens, a conservatory and forcing-house, fruit and vegetable gardeas abundantly stocked; the whole comprising about one acre and a half, enclosed with substantial and lofty brick walls, aud with good frontages on the public roads, adapted for building operations. Maybe viewed, with tickets, ten days pre­ vious to the sale, and particulars obtained in due time on the premises; at the Auction M art;and of Messrs. Shuttlcworth and Sons, 28, Poultry._______________________ In Cambridgeshire.—Elizabethan Mansion and richly-cultivated Farms, comprising 1,072 acres of superior Grazing and Arable Land, sulject to a small modus only in lieu of tithes. ESSaS. SHUTTLEW0 RTII and SONS hAve M M H Vl-ift Ilona- 1 S A L E S B Y A U C T I O N . Freehold Building Ground, near the BricklayoiV Arm* (Motion, | Kent-road, In tho parish of St. George the Martyr, B > uthw^rk. M ESSRS. D RIV ER are iufifcructed to OKKER to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the Auction Mart, on Mur ifi. at Twelve, in One or more Lots, a valuable * * *--- «—— Charles-strc* f, RlockfriaTF.—Leasehold Investment. ESSRS. SHUTTLKWORTH and SONS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, May 12, at Twelve, TWO LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, beiug Nos. 1 and 2, George place, Charles-street, Biackfriars, let at rents amounting to £27 per annum, and held on leaso for a long term, at a trifling ground rent. May be viewed by leave of the tenants, and Particular* obtained of T. A. Curtis, Esq., solicitor. G uildhall; at the Auctiou M art; and of Messrs. ShutUeworth and Sons,28, Poultry. Frindsbury, near Rochester, Kent.—To Cement Manufacturers, Coko Burners, Oil Pressers, Wharfingers, and others, Capital Manufacturing Premises, Plant, Steam Engine and Machinery, for occupation or investment; estimated Rent £250 per Annum. M ESSRS. SHUTTLE WORTH and SONS are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auctiou Mart, TO-MORROW, May 12, at Twelve, a valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held under the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, at a nominal rent ; comprising the capital MANUFACTURING PREMISES, consisting of an oil mill with all the requisite PLANT AND MACHINERY i for carrying on an extensive trade, substantial 1 1 / » l> i.« Ml il-SJiry been instructed to offer for SALE by public AUCTION, on Friday, June 16, at Twelve, the CH1LDERLEY ESTATE, situate about seven miles from the Cambridge Railway Station, through the University, on the high road from Cambridge to St. Neots, In the parishes of Childerley and Box worth, iu the county of Cambridge, consisting of 144a. 6r. Ip. of rich old land, 6a. lr. Up. of ozicrs, and 905a. lr . 14p. of most productive arablo land, toge­ ther with HOMESTEADS, COTTAGES, GARDENS. Ate., forming in all 1,072 acres and 27 perches. The estate is in a ring fence, comprising the whole o! the pariah of Childerley, aud 8a. lr. 2£p. in the adjoining parish of Boxworth. The land has been thoroughly drained with tllcA, is in a high state of cultivation, aud has excellent roods. The homesteads, consisting of six yards, with the requisite bams, stabling, and threshing machine, have been recently erected upon the most approved plans. There Is also uu excellent residence for the manager or bailiff, convertible at a small expense into a farm-house, if the occupier of Cbilderiey-hou>»e should wish to let the farm ; toge­ ther with a brewhouse, a blacksmith’s shop, and a brick and tile kiln. The mansion, which is approached T > y an entrance lodge from tho Cambridge and St. Neots road, and which is situate in tho centre of the estate, was built aboui the year 1(500, by Sir John Cutts, the then proprietor, in the Elizabethan style of architecture; it has been recontly reconstructed, with all the modern improvements, and Is well adapted for the residence of a gentleman's family. The PAINTED CHAMBER (in which King Charles slept when taken prisoner and conveyed to Childerley by Cornet Joyce, of the Parliamentary Army) still exists, having been preserved and incor|»orated with the new man­ sion ; it has been lately restored to its former condition, and is uow an object of universal attraction and well worthy of a visit. The pleasure grounds are tastefully laid out with terraces and an ornamental fish pond. The estate is well situate with reference to the Cambridgeshire fox hounds (Childerloy gate beiag a favourite meet), aud abounds with game. The poor rates are nearly nominal. There are eight substantial cottages for the labourers on the estate in the parish of Childcrley, and twelve in tho adjoining parish of Boxworth. For leave to view, apply to Mr. Dix, on the premises ; and f^r further particulars, to Messrs. Western and Son, solicitors, inH nf Mnftftni. Shuttleworth Devonshire, ono mile from the borough town of Totncss.—The Gerstou Estate. ESSRS. FARKBROTHER, CLARK, & LYE _ __ are mstrucked to SELL, at the Seven Stars Hotel, Totness, oil Saturday, May 13. at Oue for Two precisely, in Lots, the valua­ ble FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as the GERSTON ESTATE, situate about ono mile from the borough and market town of Totness ; comprising an excellent villa residence, erected within a few years, with gardens and meadow land, let on lease to Mr. Seaman ; together with 140 acres of pasture and arable laud, in a high state of cultivation. The whole of the estimated annual value of SIX HUNDRED POUNDS. The greater portion of the estate is tithe-free and land-tax re­ deemed.— Particulars are preparing, arid (when ready) may be had of Messrs. Shoubridge and Bramley, solicitors, S, Bedford-row ; of Messrs. Farwell, solicitors, Totness ; at the place of *alo ; and at the offices of Messrs. Farcbrothcr, Clark, aud Lye, 0, Lancaster- place, Strand. Leyton and Walthamstow.—Important Freehold Estates, com­ prising a Mansion known as the Poplars, with beautiful park­ like Lands, a Private Residence, with excellent Offices and Plea­ sure-grounds, the whole containing about 43 acres, especia'ly adapted for building purposes. ESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, * LYE are Instructed to SELL, at Garraway’s, on Wednesday* May 17, in Lots (unless previously disposed of by Private Con­ tract), an important and highly-valu ible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the parishes of Leytoc. and Walthamstow, about five miles from London, and only three-quarters of a mile from Lca- bridgu Station of the Eastern Counties RaHwuy, at the junction of tho roads from the Lea-bridge to Snaresbrook, and from Loyton to Walthamstow, at Leyton Corner ; comprising a substantial brick-built mansion, known as THE POPLARS, approached from the road by a carriage-sweep, screened by a wall and iron railing, containing drawing and uming rooms, library, morning room, &e., numerous btid-chambers and extensive offices, with a detached range of coacli-houses, stabling, &c., with farm­ yard, walle I kitclicn-gardcn, conservatories, graperlos, hothouses, outer gardeu, flower garden, and orchard, pleasure-grounds, taste­ fully disposed, and planted with choice shrubs and stately timber. A delightful retreat called THE WILDERNESS, with serpentine walks and fish-pond, together with sundry enclo­ sures of highly-productive pasture land, lying within a nng fence* and bolted by plantations, comprising about 26 acres. Sundry ENCLOSURES OF MEADOW AND ARABLE LAND, abutting on the Lea-bridge-road, containing about 14 acres. Also a capital BRICK-BUILT RESIDENCE, situate at the comer of Grove-laue, Walthamstow, with excellent offices, conservatory, pleasure-grounds, garden, Ac., containing nearly three acres, in the occupation of Edmund Collier, Esq., at £120 per annum. The whole estate is laid out in building plots varying from one to five acres each. The situation of tho property, its proximity to London and a railway, and possessing frontages of nearly two miles to the main roads, renders tt particularly eli­ gible for the ere. tion of villa residences, and a building speculation of the first class.—To be viewed by tickets only, which, with parti­ culars and plans, may be had of Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye, Lancastor-place, Strand. Particulars also of Messrs. Brun* drctt, Randall, and Simmons, solicitors, 10, King’s-bench-wolk, Temple; on the Estate, of the Gardener, who will show the pro­ perty ; a:iU at Garraway*s. Warwickshire.—Valuable Advowson.—Incuml>cnt aged 67.—In ­ come arising from Land. M U ESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, (fe LYE are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at GarrawayV, on Wednesday, May 17, at Twelve (unless an acceptable offer is pre­ viously made by Private Contract), tho ADVOWSON AND PERPETUAL. RIGHT OF PRESENTATION, I subject to the life of tho Incumbent, aged t»7 years, to the ) RECTORY OF O X IIIL L , about five miles from the excellent market town of Shipston-on- Stour, 10 miles from Stratford, 11 from Banbury, and 14 from War­ wick, with a parsonage house in good repair, pleasure-grounds, yard, chaise-house, stabling, barn, out-building*, and paddock* of land, containing 4 acres 2 roods and 22 perches. Also OXH1LL FARM (granted under an inclssuro act in lieu of the tithes of the said rectory), with farm-house, garden, orchard, and about 260 acres of productive meadow, t*a*.ture, and arable land, in the parish of Ox- hiil, let to a respectable tenant, and of the annual value of THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE POUNDS. The population of the parish about 850, and the duty single.—Par­ ticulars may be had of Messrs. Vizard and Leman, solicitors, Liu- coln*s-inn-fields; at the George, Sbipston-on-Stour ; Red House, Stratford ; Warwick Arms, Warwick ; Rod Lion, B itibury ; Angel, Oxford; Bull, Cambridge; J . S. Evans, Esq., Griff, near Coven­ try ; at Garraway’s ; and at the offices of Messrs. Farebrothor, Clark, and Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand. rA U f ° W nH rM Up.ey'—A rtry ,1t csiral'le detached Villa Residence with *n j * * * * 2 5 1U E S S M - W M B R O T H E B , CLARK, & LYE - m fj»rrawav's, on Wednesday,
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