The Morning Chronicle, Thursday May 11th 1854

'¦ J * V««v»* B ESTABLISHED 1837. RITANNIA LIKE A8SURANCK COMPANY, Empowered by special Act of Parliament, 4 Vic., cap. 9. rwoivt? hiiu rum v » be very acceptable. BRITANNIA MUTUAL LIFE ASSOCIATION, Emtiowfml by her Majesty** Royal letter* Patent, Colonel ItOBERT ALEXANDER, Blackheath-park, Chairman. Every dwrtptloa of Lifts Assurance business transacted, wlih i»r without participation in profit*. E. R. FOSTER, Resident Director. ANDREW FRANCIS, Secretary, 1, l’rinees-strect,Bunk, London. H A N D-I N-1I A N D PIKE and LIKE INSURANCE SOCIETY, No. 1, New Brid^e-street, Ulaekfriam, Umd»n. Instituted in 1(500.—Extende-I to Life Innurmin^i, I8S6. Immediate, Deferred, and Survivorship Annuities granted. D irxctom. Tho lion. Williar/i Ashley Tho lion. Sir Ed ward Oust Arthur Eden, Esq. John Lettsom Elliot, Esq. James Esdailo, Esq Harvie M. Farquhar, Esq. John Gurney lloare, Esq. E. Fuller Maitland, Esq. William Scott, Esq. John Sperling, Esq. Henry Wilson, Esq. • • • • • t • • • • • • Screened. W. Esdaile Winter, Eso. Lire Dkpa jit* knt.—Insurances effected before the 24tn June noxt, will participate in profits one year earlier than if effected after that date. In the years 1S40, 1860,1851, 1852, 1853, and 1854 the premiums on all policies entitled to participate were abated 52$ per cent., that is to say, apromiura of £100 wa* reduccd to £47 10». No charge for stamps. Kirk Departmknt.—Insurances are cflfccted on every description of proj»erty at the usual rates. ____________________ By order, RICHARD RAY, Secretary. EAST INDIA HOUSE, M at 10, 1 8 5 4 . T HE Court of Directors of the East India Com- pany do hereby give notice, That the Financoand Home Committee will be readv, on or before Wednesday, tho 24th of May, 1864, at Eleven o clock iii the forenoon, to rcceive TENDERS, sealed up, from such persons as may be willing to SUPPLY the Company with ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF COAL, of any of the under-mentioned sorts, to be delivered at Rangoon, in tho Province of Pegu :— Weat Hartley Carr's Hartley ..................M Buddie’s H artley.............. Davison’s West Hartley Hartlepool West Hartley ., Ravensworth West Hartley Jonassohn’s Hartley............................................ Stewart’s Wallsend Steam.................................. Lambtou’s Wallsend Steam, or........................... Glasgow Hard Splint ......................................... The tenders are to be mado according to a form, which may be had upon application at the Marine Branch of tho Secretary’s office in the East India House, with conditions annexed ; amttho tenders are to be left at the Secretary’s office at any time before Eleven o’clock in the forenoou of tho 24th May aforonaid, after which hour no tender will b« received. J AMES C. M ELY ILL, Secretary. CONTRACT FOR RUM. DEPARTMENT of the COMPTROLLER for VICTUALLING and TRANSPORT SERVICES, Sombrsst- ilack, May 5, 1854. T HE Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of tho United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland do hereby give notice, that on Thursday, the lith instant, at Owe o’clock, thoy will be ready to treat with such per­ son* as may bo willing to CONTRACT for SUPPLYING and ueli- vernig into her Majesty’s Victualling Stores at Deptford, RUM, 20,000 gallons, to be delivered, half in three weeks, and the remainder in three weeks afterwards, or earlier if preferred by the party tendering. The rum to be exempted from the Customs duties, and parties tendering are to state where it is lying. Tendera will be received from any firm for any portion of the total quant ity not less than 2,000 gal Ions. Samples of the rum to be sent in pints for each import mark, and the average strength of each mark ex to be stated, and not- an average of different marks or strengths of several import*, and any parcel of rum that is found not to be of the same quality, mark, or average Ktreugth of the sample tendered and accepted will be rejected by the officer*. Tho samples produced by persons whose tenders are not accepted are requested to be taken away by them immediately after the contracts have been decided. No tender will be received unless made on the printed form pro­ vided for the purpose, and which may be obtained on application at the said office ; er to Commander Bcvis, conducting tho packet service at Liverpool; or to the collector of Customs at Bristol. The conditions of the rovi*sed contract*, to which ^particular attention is called, may be seen at the said office, and at Liverpool and Bristol. No tender will be received after one o’clock on the day of treaty, and it will not bo required that the party tendering, or an ajjent on his behalf, should attend at the officc ou the day of contract, as the result of the offer received fVom each person will be communicated to him and his proposed sureties in writing. Every tender must be addressed to the Secretary of the Admi­ ralty, and bear in the left-hand corner the words 1 4 Tender for Bum," and must also be delivered at Someract-place. CONTRACT FOR THE SUPPLY OF PAPER ENGLAND FOR ONE YEAR. FROM JULY 1. 1854, TO JUNE 30, 1855. HER MAJESTY’S STATIONERY OFFICE, May 8, 1854. T HE Comptroller of her Majetty’fl Stationery Office is ready to receivc TENDERS for different descrip­ tions of PAPER required for the public service. Particulars of Contract and samples of the Paper may be ob­ tained at the Stationery Office between the hours of Ten and F*ur. Tenders to be addressed to the Comptroller of the Stationery Office, Jarnesstreet, Buckingham-cate, to be marked on the cover, 4 1 Tender for Paper,” and to bo delivered by Twclvo o’clock on Monday, May 22,18,54, after whioh day and hour no tender can, or will, be received.________________________________________________ T | IT HE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS of tho last half century have proved beyond question that ROWLANDS MACASSAR OIL pohsessc3 singularly nourishing powers in the growth, restoration, and improvement of the Human Hair, and when every other specific has failed. It prevents it from falling ol! or turning grey—stiengtherfs weak hair—cleanser it from scurf and danlrifi—and makes it beautifully soft curly, and glossy. For children it is especially recommended, as forming the basis of a beautiful head of hair.—Price 3s. Od. and 7s.; family bottle* (equal to four small), 10*. 6d; and double that size, 21s. Caution—On the wrapper of each bottle arc the words, “ Rowlands' Macassar Oil,” in two lines. Sold by A. ROWLAND and SONS, 20, Hatton* garden, London; and by chemists and perfumer*. S ONSof MISSIONARIES.—FOREIGN BAZAAR in AID of the BUILDING FUND will bo held at the Hall of Commerce, Tbroadneodle-street, at Twelve o'clock, ’TO-MORROW, Friday, May 12th ; Saturday, 13th ; Monday, 16th ; and Tuesday, inth, when tho Magnificent contribution* from Chum, India, tho W*»t tndiei, and the Continent, will bo on talo. Doors ojien at I In , mtdNoeeat du«k. To morrow, '£». to 1 ; Ibtlowlftf daj • ,Is, I NFANT ORIM1AN ASYLUM, Wanstnad.— A GENERAL COURT of the GOVERNORS «f this charity will be held on Friday, the 26th daf of May Instant, at the London Tavern, Ulshopsgate-street, to receive a report from the Committee of Management—to determine on ccrtain proposed variations in the rules, and on three additional regulations—to choose officers for the ensuing year, also for the Election of Forty Infants from the list of candidates. JOHN LABOUCIIERE, Esq. (the Treasurer), will take the Chair at Eleven o’clock, punctually, ami the poll will be declared closed at Three o’clock precisely, after which no votes can on any consideration bo received* Offices, 46, Ludgate-hill. JOHN BUCKLER, Secretary. s ^C IIO O L for tho IN D IG E N T BLIN D, St. George's Fields. Patron—IIer Meat Gracious Majesty t be QUEEN. President-'nis Grace the Lord Archbishop of CANTERBURY. Treasurer—Samuel Richard Bosanquet, Esq. At a SPECIAL GENERAL COURT of the MEMBERS of this Corporation, held at the London Tavern, Bishopsgatc-street, on Tuesday the 9th of May, 1854, for the Election of Eight Male and Six Female Pupils, ROBERT TUBBS, Esq., in the Chair, The poll commenccd at Eleven o’clock and closed at Three, when tbe Committee having examined the votes and ascertained the number for each candidate, the Chairman aunounced that the election had fallen on the following twelve candidates, viz.: Males. Votes. Archibald Wilson ......... 4,777 Thomas Francis............. 3,172 Charles Lawrence ......... 2,SOI George Cross ................ 2,71?) Samuel Gow ing............. 2,637 Henry Crespin................ 2,345 Thomas Reed ................ 2,259 Daniel Mansfield............. 2,1841 Resolved—That the cordial thanks ot the members present at this General Court be presented to the Chairman for his impartial eonduct in the chair and great attention to the business of the day. THOMASGRUEBER, Secretary. Females. Elizabeth Hammond .... Marion Hannah Firkis.. Mary Ann Loft us ......... Sarah Ann Jones............ Eliza Pool....................... Hester Jane Peel............. Votes. 465 S63 340 2*9 119 105 s OCIKTY for the SUPPRESSION of MEN­ DICITY. Patron—nor Most Gracious Mali sty the QUEEN. Treawurer— Samuol Richard llosanquet, Esq. The THIRTY-SIXTH ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the SUB­ SCRIBERS and FRIENDS of the above Institution will take place on Saturday, the 20th inst., at the Society's IIou«», 13, Red Lion- square, whan a Report of the Society's proceedings will bo read, and the officers appointed for the ensuing year. The Most Hon. the Marquis of WESTMINSTER will take theChair at One o'clock precisely. JAMES F. L. WOOD, Assistant Manager. Mendicity Society, London, May 11,1854. T HE GOVERNESS’ BENEVOLENT INSTI- TION And the EXECUTORS of THOMAS DICKINSON.— The Subscribers and the Public are informed that a STATE­ MENT will be published in a few days by Mr. DICKINSON’S DAUGHTER. S URREY.—Notice is hereby given, that an ADJOURNED GENERAL QUARTER SESSION of the PEACE will bo holden at St. Mary, Newington, in and for the county of Surrey, ou Menday, tho 22d instant, for the TRIAL of PRISONERS and others, for offences arising in any part of the said county ; and that tho Court will be opened at Ten o'clock precisely in the forenoon of each day of such Session. W. IIAYDON SMALLPEICE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Record-office, Nortb-strcet, Lambeth, May 6, 1854. the UanuDe ^aanum., hmm.u, --- „ to the Black Sea, Battle of Sinope, and Destruction of tho Turkish Fleet, and other scenes (kindly supplied bv the proprietors of the 4 4 Illustrated London News”); EXHIBITED in a NEW SERIES of DISSOLVING VIEWS. Lectures byJ. K. Pepper, Esq., on the Chemistry of our Dally Bread, in spcclal relation to that made by the uew prow *a a* the Marylebone Workhouse, daily at two o clock ; ana in the Evenings on tho Manufacture and Decoration of Paper. Lecture l > Dr. Itahhoflner oh Electricity and the Electric Light. Exhibit on ofTrestnul's method of raising sunken vessels, Uc.—Open Morning* and Evenings—Admission, Is.; Schools and Children under ten years of age, half-price. c ONSTANTINOPLK and the WAR at th« EGYPTIAN HALL. •• llad It not been for the cold, I could have behoved 1 ««w the Diorama at the Egyptian Hall, with tho rcstlesH tide of Umdon street life surging around me.'*— The Eastern Correspondent of the Dally New*. Trie Lecture is de­ livered on Wednesdays and Saturday# h) Mr. Stocqueler, and oa tbe other days by Mr. C. Kenney Daily at llalf paat Two aud Eight. Admission, In. jp<RAND GERMAN KAIK, under Distinguished V W Fatrouage. tho O.llcri. . of U i.- 1 ‘ORTI.AND BAZAAR, Langhaiu-plaee, Regent-itrr* t — l*he r ~t W auttful aud extensive COLLECTION Of TOYS, Game*, and Fore ^n Fancy Merchandise ever exhibited in England. The whol* of lh> novel and splendid stock lias ju&t jeen Imported from I *ip. .. Fair, and will be oftered at Continental price*.—D « raop. i, fr,,n r , | rn to Six. Ad­ mission free. The mnsical arrai^cmeou under the direction of Moscholies Perry. &IZB MEDALu—WATIIKRMON and BROGDEN'S GOLD CHAINS bv TROY WEIGHT, at REALIZABLE VALUE, and the WORKMANSHIP at WHOLE­ SALE MANUFACTURER’S PRICES. The gold in the chains guaranteed and repurchased at the price charged. “ Here’s the note, How much your chain weighs, to tho utmoat carat The fineness of the gold, and charge for faahton." Shakespeare. N.B. Stock all marked in plain figures, and money returned for .ountrv orders, in the event of the artiele* not being approved with in*one week. Post-office orders mado payable at Chaxing-cross. WATHERSTON and BROGDEN, geldsmlUi* Manufactory : 16, Henrietta-streef, Covent-garden, Londea. K«tal*li.hed A.D. 1798. w fibARL’S £5 GOLD WATOIIRS and £2 15p. £< _> SILVER DITTO, are jewelled in (bur holes, of the horizontal construction, with boautifiiily engraved rates, and are sent to any ‘ part of the kingdom lu answer to* P<«lH>fltoa order for the amount, I A . written warranty for accurate performance Is fiven with every watch, and a twelva month*' trial allowed.—Address, SARL and 80NS. 18« Poultry (near tho Mamdon Uotiae), I/ondon. m COX SAVORY and CO., M, Corahill, Lon- don, Invite attention to tin* i levant and extensive variety of FLAT HORIZONTAL W aTCHEII, received from Switzerland, In g"ii] and H > i»« r caw e w ; the high finish and u nr icy of the work antunnw' dura’ und < •. t performance. Every Watch is ac­ companied by a written guarantee. SILVER WATCHES. Horizontal Wat* b, very flat, in engino turned iiiver case, with neat enamel dial ; the movement bslng Jewelled in four hole*, and having maintaining |iowrr to continue going whilst being wound.......................... ................ £2 15 0 Ditto, with double-backed ongTaved or engine turned case, and enamel or richly ornamented silver d ial................ 3 10 0 GOLD WATCHES.—Siza roa Lamas. Horizontal Watch, very fiat, In richly chased and engraved gold case, with handsome gilt dial, the movement with maintaining power, aod jewelled in four holes ...........£6 15 0 Ditto, ditto, with elegant gold dial .................................. 7 12 0 Ditto, with extra strong oawo............................................ 9 9 0 PARIS ORMOLU CLOCKS, to strike the bourn and half-hours, and perform fifteen day*, warranted. The Stock includes a large variety of designs, emblematic ef historical, classical, and other subjects. The following have been generally admired:— Firat also. Second size. M IV ARTS H U T h ib , 15rOOIi“»irero V.— “ iUI • W W M Mrs < LA RIDGE beg most respectfully to inform tho nobility and > entry, that they have taken tho well-known ESTABLlSfi I K NT of Mr. MI V ART, in addition to their own,which enables tl,i "» tooflVr accommodation on a much more extended scale. Mr » - ! Mr^. t'larhlgc hope tliat, by persevering in that strict atti nt - n to • omfort and economy which has hitherto gained for then* ti.. « * i i « lotion and confi<lenco of their friends, they may st ll continue \ » u favoured with their kind support and patron­ age.— Cla»to*r‘" It'tel, 45, Lower Brook-street, May S, 1854. •*l>w ii« n'smt the broad brido cake, It*..i. I about the bride's stake."—Bbv J onsox. KMMNU BREAKFAST, BALL SUP- i HUH and DINNERS PROVIDED ENTIRE in town or country i M -vrs. PURSSELL, Comhill, including wines of tho most rr i in - «<e«cription, and use of plate, linen, china, glass, and att« i um e# seaU, tables, ligh:s, dancing hollands. aud in- Rtmtm nUi an t e, wedding and invitation stationery', as in Paris. Carriage*. i-e*t er otherwise. An elegant assortment of bride cakes f« * r *•!« lion, dessert and evening ices. A competent person sent to r ordeis, aad give instmctlons as to the arrangc- mentaof '«rtulnmonts. Note.—Messrs. Purssell have no other business ,.t< m i^i except those in Cornhill. vear tho Exchange. TTNUT\ OFF TEA.—The prices of all our TEAS again REDUCED 4d. per pound. Strong ( * n|i»u Tea, 2s. 8d., 2s. 10d., 3s., former prices 3s., 3s. 2d.. > 4 < r. Rich h - o hong Tea, 3s. 2d., 3«. 4d., 3s. 8d., former prices 3s. 0d., 8s. 8<!., 4 * B c-it *Mam Pekoe Souchong Tea, 4s., former price 4s. 4d. Prime <.un(>ovrderTea, 3s. 8d., 4s., 4s. 4d., 4s. 8d., former priccs 48^4a. ,4a. Kd., and 6s. The br \ pearl Gunpowder, 6s., former price 5s. 4d. Prum • fti'e, Is., ls. 2d., Is. 3d., ls. 4d. PHan M*m . ha, ls. 4d. Ran ( b : o Mocha Coffee (20 years old), ls. Od. Sup* - »*te supplied at market prices. All S'- M i" sent carriage free by our own vans, if within eight mile I**", eoftecs, and spitws sent carriago free to any railway station -• market town in England if to the value of 40s. or upwards, by P ll! Ll.I PS and COMPANY. Tea Merchants, 8, King William- street, (Myt London. A general price current sent post free on applicate. HOPE’S TEA WAREHOUSE,26,PAVEMENT, FINSBURY. On tli* HIXTH of APRIL there was a further reduction of FOU ri!N( R PER POUND in the duty on TEA ; POPE and CO. havo I;* l»MGED thoir PRICES accortlingly, and now recommend The rb KOE-FLAVOUREB CONGOU TEA at 3s. 4d.; The i INK SOUCHONG at 4s. ; Tho I I N K , YOUNG HYSON at 4s. 4d.; and Th» MN’E PEARL LEAF GUNPOWDER at 5s. per pound. PejN . | r i• l Co. deliver goods daily In London and the suburbs by then own carts and vans. Two pounds* worth of toa and coffee for* »rd< - l carriage free to all parts of England. 1 I EDGES and BUTLER, Wine-merchants, < fcc., B I I Regent-stroet, London, and * 2 9 , King’s-road. Brighton (criminally entablished a.d. 1667).—GORDON’S GOLDENSH ERisY, S0«a per dozen : superior, 36s., of soft and foil flavour ; Amentillado 8beny (,% dt llcate, pale, dry winn for invalids), 48s. and (iOs. ; Man- tant'la, 4^i. to 72s. ; eld Port, from first-rate shippers, 30s., 36s., 42* , and 48s.; the old-fashionod dry Port, 54s. ; Hock aud Mo- xilit, BU *. U » 60s. ; St. Julien Claret, 28^. per dozen ; first growth Our - t , .k*ig.,48s., and COs.; Chablisand Sautcme, 3Gs. to 64s.; •parklit ChnmpaOTie, 48s., «0s., and 72s. ; pints, 27s. and 42s. Any quantity, witti printed lists of prices, will ne forwarded on re- ct .pt of a post-office nrderor reference.—N.B. Old pale Cognae Hmndy, per dozcu ; marasrhino, cura^oa, chorry brandy, and other forelgu lique’irs. i liU V l! I/I creased taxation i> y seiecung sortmcnt in the Lower Warerooins, and by having them made up in the new Upper Rooms by skilled artistes, whose services are engaged. It i« anticipated that this novel principle will be appre­ ciated by the patronesses of this Establishment, as it must bo manifest that a considerable part of the ordinary expense and trouble may be saved. Ladies attending her Majesty’s Drawing-rooms, and not having fixed town residences, will find boudoirs prepared for their use, anil a private entrance in Warwick-strect, N1COLL, HAYNES, and SIMES» 142 and 144, REGENT-STREET. 1 1UE WARWICK HOUSE MANTLE.— The configuration of this truly elegant garment has been registered (6 and 7 Vic., cap. t>5); the price ranges from One Gui­ nea and upwards, but the cost is ncccsH&rily governed by the mate­ rial used. Such can be bought in London only of MCOLL, HAYNES, and SIMES, 142 and 144, REGENT-STREET. and hand s blotting aw T HE WARWICK HOUSE DRESS.— The design for this Rebc has been carefully prepared for this Firm by one of the first artists of ihe day. Tt is not only in­ expensive, but is lady-like in its colouring, and particularly in tho materials adapted for the season now commenced ; this is also re­ gistered tJ and 7 Vic., &C., and can be had only in London of NICOLL, HAYNES, and SIMES, 142 and 144, REGENT-STREET. A OILDHALL, London, May], 1854.—TheCom- xTT mittcie for Letting the Bridgc-houso Estates wil 1MEET at Guildhall, 0 1 1 Friday, the 12th day of May instant, at One o’clock precisely, to LET by TENDER, ou a REPAIRING LEASE, for eighteen years and a half, from Midsummer day, 1864, a HOUSE, No. 7, In Yoik-placo, Kent-strcet-road, Southwark.—A plan of tho property, and conditions for letting, may be seen upon applica­ tion at the Architect's office, Guildhall. FERDINAND BRAND, Comptroller of the Bridge-house Estates. La Vendangeuse.............. The Holy Family T he* Greyhound Tho Cathedral....... Rebecca at the Well • • • • • • • • • • # • e • • • • e a • • £0 IX 10 14 18 7 6 6 5 10 0 0 • 0 • • • • as • • • • £8 5 15 10 11 5 18 38 21 0 0 f t 0 0 0 ^JEWERS-OFFICE, Guildhall, May i> , 18/S4.— k 3 The Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London hereby ive notice that they will M EET, in tho Guildhall of the said city, on Uesday, May 30 next, to receive TENDERS for such WORKS of CLEANSING and REPAIRING SEWERS within the said city as may be required during tbo term of three years, commencing at Midsummer Day next. A Specification of Works and Conditions may be seen at this office. The Commissioners will require the party contracting to give security tethe amount of £1,000 for the due performance of the contracts. No tenders received after Twelve o'clock on the day of treaty. Tho Commissioners do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest tender, nor any unlees deemed eligible. JOSEPH DAW, Principal Clerk. D EAFNJSSS.—The GREATEST ACHIEVE- I MENT in the HISTORY of MEDICAL SCIENCE.—Dr. MANFRED, M.R.C.S., this day publitdied (sent free by post for eight postage stamps) a PH YSICIAN S GUIDE for COUNTRY PATIENTS, for the Perfect and Permanent RESTORATION of HEARINC, by his invaluable new treatment.—Deaftoesa of the most inveterate nature relieved in half zn hour, curcd in a few hours, almost instant cessation of noises in the ears and head, by painless treatment. Hundreds of letters may bo seen, and per­ sons referred to, who have heard tho usual tone of conversation in . a few hours. Such an important discovery has never previously been made in aural surgery, which now proves that deafoess can be cured with the same success as many other complaints of tho human frame, and quite does away with the usual absurd treat­ ment of blistering, leeching, physicing, &c., and painful opera­ tions.—Patients received daily at Dr. Manfred's residence, 72, Regc-nt-streot, London (first door m Air-street), where all letters must be addressed. An Illustrated Price List may be had vrntis, or will be sent, post free, on application.—T. COX SAVORY and CO., Watch and Clock Makers, 54, Comhlll, London. 7! L K I N O T O N a n d Co7, U PATENTEES OF “ THE ELBOTftO PLATE,” Manufacturing Silversmiths, Bronxirds, 1c., respectfully ergo upon purchasers te obfierve that each article boar* their patent mark, “ B. and Co. under a Crown,” as no others are warranted by them. The fact frequently set forth of article* being plated by “ ElkJig- ton's proocss," affords no guarantee of the quality, as nuineruu* manufacturers are licensed by them to use the processes, but with­ out restriction in the mode of manufacture, the metal employed, er the thickness of silver deposited thon on. These productions were honoured at tho !ato Groat Exhibition by an award of tho “ Council Medal/’ and may be obtainod at either establishment, 22, Rogent-6treet, 45, Meorgate-street, Ncwhall-Htreet, Birwlaghaa, Estimatee, Drawings, and Pr cea sent free by pest. Replating and Gliding as usual. T RIESEMAR, protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by the seals of the Ecole dc Phar- made de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine Vienna. Triescmar, No. 1,, ie a remedy tor Relaxation, Spermatorrhoea* aud Exhaustion of the System. Trle*emar, No. 2, effectually, in the short apace of three days, completely and entirely eradicates all traccs of those disorders which capivi and cutcbs have so Ion? been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of the health ef a vast portion of the population. Trfesemar, No. 3, is the great Conti­ nental remedy for that class of disorders which unfortunately the English physician treats with mercury, to the inevitable destruc­ tion of the j atient s constitution, and which all the sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. Trieaemar, Ne. 1, 2, and 3, an. alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauseating qualities. They may LLSOPP’S PALE or BITTER ALE.--- Messrs. S. ALLSOPP and SONS beg to inform the TRADE thu Hit f are now registering order* for the March Brewings of their PALI. AI K iu Casks of 18 Gallons and upwards, at tho BREWERY, Burt n on-Trent, and at the under-mentioned Branch Establish­ ment* LONDON, at 61, King William-strcet, City. LIVERPOOL, at Cook-street. MANCHESTER, at Ducie-placc. 1 )1 , * LEY, at the Burnt Tree. GLASGOW, at 115, St. Vincent-strcet. DUBLIN, at 1, Crampton-quay. HiltMINGHAM, at Market Hall. SOI ril W ALE8, at 13, King-street, Bristol. M*»* r*. A LIJ30PP*nd SONS take tho opportunity of announcing to P III VATIC FAMI LI ES that their ALES, so strongly recommended by the medical prolo^lon, may be procured In DRAUGHT and HOU LES GENUINE from alf the most RESPECTABLE LI­ CENSED VICTUALLERS, on "ALLSOPP’S PALE ALE” being specially asked for. When in bottle, the genuineness of the label can be ascertained t# y its having M ALLSOPP and SONS” written across it. W a r w ic k h o u s e . — f a m ily lin e n DEPARTMENT. By the above Advertisements it will be seeh that the sale t f all small wares is discontinued m this Establishment, and in their stead there are now conccntrated a few but well-organised Depart­ ments. That for HOUSEHOLD LINEN is pre eminently so. and to the hotel keeper, public companies, and families, offers the following advantages, via., names, crests, and coats of arms may bo worked into tho dongn of all damaak Table Linen, thu* removing much liability of loss when sent to the laundre**, or by other accidents. Shoot* iu pairs, and towels, Ac., ill doaens, ready hemmed (and marked if necessary), all of the best description, and at the most moderate prioes. NICOLL, HAYNES, aadBIMES, 142 and 144, REGENT 8TREET, LONDON. T WARWICK HOUSE, BRIDAL VEILS with FlOuncUigs, and other accompani­ ments of a Wedding Trousseau, are always on view. LACE and other MANTLES, for T t tea and Dinners, en domi toilette. Also, IRISH POINT-LACE, in sleeves, habit-shirts, chemisettes, coitfUres; and in Honiton Lace. BLOND LAPPETS, for her Majesty's Drawing-rooms, from six shillings and sixpence. NICOLL, HAYNES, and SIMES, 142 and 144, REGENT-STREET. M U eS S R S . HARDING AND COMPANY, SCHOM BERG-HOUSE, PALL-MALL, have the honour to announce that their stock now presents an extensive assortment of NEW GOODS in every variety. Messrs. Harding and Company are enabled, by their NEW ARRANGEMENTS, to ensure a succession of NOVELTIES during the t-cason, on the most moderate terms, and hi every range of price. F | S A8HIONS for M A Y.—MANTLES.— FARMER and ROGERS arc now exhibiting their FASHIONS for MAY, comprising all the newest designs in GlacC and Applied Mantles, Wedding and Opera Cloaks, Travelling and Waterproof Wrappers, most of which are exclusive shapes designed solely by their own artiatea.—The GREAT SHAWL and CLOAK EMPO­ RIUM, 371, 173, 175, Rcgent-street. i NDIA &nd CAMELS’ H A IR SHAWLS.— FARMER and ROGERS respectfully announce that their extensive establishment contains the largest and most magnifi­ cent collection in England, comprising all the latest designs of India, gold Delhi, Benares. Dccca, and Lahore shawls and scarfs, the most economical and the most costly. All goods marked iu plain figures. India shawls bought and exchanged.—The great Shawl and Cloak Emporium, 171, 173, and 175, Regcnt-street. ESTABLISHED AS “ HAYWARD'S’' 1770. CJPftClALITE de DENTELLES fit de BRO- ? 7 DERI ES.—W EDDING ORDERS.—Brussels and Honiton Lace in beautiful and appropriate designs, in fiouuces, tquares, fecarfr, veils, handkerchiefs, &c. Brussels Squares, from 3$ to 65 guineas. ,, FlouncingB, from 14 to 100 guineas. and Honiton Bridal Scarfs, frtm 7 to 46 guineas. Honiton Squares, from 3 to 48 guineas. A beautiful imitation of the above at a very moderate priee.— D. BIDDLE, 81, Oxford-%trect, opposite tho Pantheon. J P DRESSING-CASES, with jewel drawers and aolld I top bottles.—An immense variety of writing and dressing despatch boxes, seufTlettes, workboxes, filled reticules, and description of fancy, cabinet, and leather goods.—154, U < street, corner of Bcak-street. Illustrated catalogues sent* p l i c a t i o n . ________________________ F UTVOYE’S 4s. GOLD WATCHES, holes jewelled, horizontal escapement, warranted.— Watches, £2 10s. Solid Gold Chains, of their own manufr sold at per oure, and the fashion only charged. Every d tlon of jewellery taken in exchange, or purchased for cash. Regent-street, corner of Bcak-street. U T V O Y E ’8 P A P I E R M A C H E A R T IC in every variety; consisting of pole chess and work tables, tea trays and caddies, cases, &c. Mr. Futvoye, being the son ef the original inventor of thi is enabled to produce specimens far surpassing those of an manufacturer. All descriptions of Japan work repaired t new.—154, Regent-street, comer ef Bcak-street. E ~ FFICACIOUS CURE for CORNS, BUNJ CALLOSITIES, &c., WITHOUT CUTTING, or the slightest pain, by Mr. E1SENBERG, Author of u I Exposition on the Human Foot,” and u Diseases ef the Fe Mr. E1SENBERG'S system is at once novel, and based U ] experience ; it has received the sanction of the Royal Fa Europe, and the first of the nobility and gentry, he ha careful study and actual practice, rendered himself maate branch ef surgical art in which ho has been so long cn& well as made most important discoveries in tho treatmec diseases of the feet. Mr. EISENBERG, Surgeon Chiropodist,by special appoi to tho principal Sovereigns of Europe, has the hdnour to in nobility and gentry that he car. only be consulted at his ou No. 14, Coekspur-atrect, Pall-mall, from Ten till Five, the case of an invalid, aud then two days' previous app must be made, as his numerous professional engagements the possibility ef hia leaving his residence. He begs esp K ve this announcement, as he has received letters from wh anit that persons who have most unjustifiably used hiB n called upon several individuals ef rank who had previously him with their patronage. Mr. Eisenberg need hardly oh the very circumstance of persons seeking employmon visits ia the best proof that they huve no character or occi COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. (From his Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Emperor of “ Monsieur Eisenberg m*a extrait lea cors avec un gn et une grande habilitG. — “ Nap (Frf-m the Meet Noble his Graoe the Duke of Hamil «* Mr. Eiseuberg operated on my feet successfully and g “ CliATILHSJlAULT, HAMILTON, and Bs (From the Most Noblo his Grace the Duke of Northuml 4i Mr. Eisenberg has very skilfully removedsevoral vc some corns from my feet without causing me the slight e --- “ Northumb; (From the Rt. R*v. the Lord Bishop of Quebec “ Mr. Eisenberg has operated upon my feet, which troublesome, in a very skilful and satisfactory manner. «• London, 5th April, 1858.” “ G. J. (From the Right Rev. the L«rd Bishop of Jamai u This is to certify my opinion of Mr. Eiscutarg's s* lapse of six years his operation is attonded with certain --- •• Aukrbt G. J (From his Excellency his Prussian Majesty's Ambassi Court of Groat Britain.) 441 havo very great satisfaction in stating that Mi has extracted two very deep ooros from my feet, wl many years given me great pain ; and that he has sh this case that skill and knowledge which have proct very deserved a reputation. — 4 4 (From the Most H ob. the Marquess of Ely 4 4 Mr. Eisenberg has extracted my corns withe xtraor B ARON LIEBIG on ALLSOPP’S PALE ALE. — 1 4 I am myself an admirer of thss bevcrago and my own oxncricnce enables me to recommend it, in accordance with the opinion of the most eminent English physicians, asavery agreeable ami efficient tonic, and as a general beverage, both for the invalid and tho robust."—Giessen, May fl. ALLSOPP’S PALE ALE ONLY ls BOTTLED by PARKER and TWINING, Beer Merchants, 5%, Pall-mall. Imperial Measure.-—Quarts, ; pints, 5s. ; half pints (for luncheon), 3s. per dozen. Also in cask* of IS gallons and upwards P ARIS EMBROIDERY, in sets of Habit-shirts, Chemisettes, Ac., and sleeves to correspond, trimmed or untrimmed. The made-up department is replete with every no­ velty of the season in Lace and Embroidery, adapted for morning, levelling, and ball costume. Plain and embroidered Handkerchiefs iu great variety.—D. BIDDLE (established as 1 4 Hayward’s” 1770), 81, Oxford-atreet. , 1 RE AT NOVELTIES iii PROMENADE (From the Most Hon. the Marquess of Staffo 4 4 Mr. Eisenberg has extracted two corns from my fc skill, and very satisfactorily. --- “ S (From the Right Honourable the Earl of An 4 4 Mr. Eisenberg has removed my corns very' satisfa (From the Right Hon. the Earl of Listowc 441 certify that Mr. Eisenberg has effectually rcmo without the least pais. — “ I (From the Right Hon. Lord Crewe.) 4 4 Mr. Kisenberg extracted my corns with great ski (From the Right Hon. Lord Beaumont. 4 4 Four years ago Mr. Eiseuberg extracted the cn feet with great skill, since which tune 1 have not si turn. --- (From the Right Hon. Lord Feversham 4 4 Mr. EiBonberg has eradicated my corns with gi without any pain. — “ F (From the Right Hon. Lord Sondes.) 441 have much satisfaction in being enabled to bei Mr. Eiscnborg'a skilful treatment. G lie on the toilet tabic without the r use being suspected.—Sold in tin cases at 11s. each freo ; by post 2s. extra, divided Into separate doses as administered by Valpcau, Lallemand, Roux, &c. Tobt* had wholesale and retail in Loudon of Robort Johnson, ttS, Com h ill; Hannay and Co., 63, Oxjord-st.; and Sanger, 150, Oxford-st. fcjAVE the INCOME-TAX. — FIRST CLASS PROVISIONS at ECONOMICAL PRIOES.—A saving of 15 per cent, to tkc buyer. Goods carefully packed and delivered at the reapeetive railway termini, and within five mile** ot London, free of expense to the purchaser, and packages gratis.—OSBORNE'S CHEESE WAREHOUSE, Osborne Haute, 30, Ludgate-hill, near St. Paul’s. A PPETITE aud DIGESTION IMPROVED.— LEA aud PERRINS’ WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE Imparts the most exquisite relish to Steaks, Chops, and all Roast Meat Gravies, Fish, Soup, Curries, and Salad, and by its tenic and in­ vigorating properties enables the stomach to perfectly digest the food. The daily use of this aromatic ami delicious sauce is the l)cst safeguard to health.—Sold wholesale by Lea and Perrins, 19, Feu- church-street; Barclay and Sons, Crosse and Blackwell, a*d others; and retail bv ihe pnucipal dealers in sauce. DRESSES.—J. GRAHAM has much pleasure in announcing tho arrival of a rich and well-assorted STOCK of SILKS and other FANCY DRESSES for the SPUING, comprising an endless va­ riety of rich Flounced Robes, also the new and much-admired Pomarina shaded broad stripes and checks, in every style and colouring, and which, from their very moderate price, will be found worthy the attention of hia patrons. The Mantle department contains many new and effective novelties.—J. Graham (late Kverington and Graham), India Warehouse, 10, LuJgate-6trect, near St. Paul's. (From the Right Hon. Lord Dunkcllin 4 4 Mr. Eisenberg has operated on my foot very ski causing pain or annoyance. 4 4 (From theRt. Hon. Lord Duffcrin, Lord-in-Waiting 4 1 I have great pleasure in bearing witness to skill and attention; he has given me complete relic (From the Right Hon. Lord Rokeby. 4 4 I have great pleasure to add my testimony ii Eiscuberg’s skill. — (From the Right Hon. Lord Macdonal 4 4 Mr. Eisenberg operated on my feet five years never suffered from them since. * 4 4 June 27, 1861.” --- (From the Right Hon. Lord Arunde! 4 4 It is five years since Mr. Eisenberg attended think it but right to say that the cure has been c * "Juno 8,1860.” Tho originals of the above autographs, with more, can be seen at Mr. Eisenberg's reMdence, lie and Co., 192, Kcgeat-street (Tate George and Bradley). It is re- 1 permission from the distinguished persons to give quested that all outstanding debts may be paid to Mr. White, the good effect he has produced. No professional oon continuing partner, on the premise*. ’ person.—Observe, 14, Cockspur-atreet, comer of. S BILKS, SHAWLS, RIBBONS, LACE,CLOAKS, and DRESSES of every description.—Tlie SELLING OFF of Messrs. WHITE and CO.'S Rich and Valuable STOCK, at 192, Regent-street, can only continue a short time longer. Ladie« are solicited to pay an early visit, as every day materially decreases the variety, and such an opportunity may never occur again for purchasing really good materials at half-price.—White w t m m m m ‘
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