The Morning Chronicle, Thursday May 11th 1854

t n r o j s No. 27,263. • LONDON. THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1854. P r i c e 5 d . T HE MAIL STEAM-SHIP f.r a d s t k a lia , Juno 4, 1854.—Tlic mifnificent SCREW STBAM-SHIP LADY JOCELYN, 1,800 ton*, another of the fint fleet belonging to the General Screw Steam Shipping Company, will be despatched with her Majesty** Mails for Adelaide, Fort Phillip, and Sydney, on the 4th of June next. This truly noble ship has maintained her high reputation for rapid sailing and punctuality ; and is a sister ship to the Argo, which has made tbo quickest voyage to and from Australia of any ship up to this time. The Lady Jocelyn has been employed carryiug the Mails to and froL* England and Calcutta, and after a voyage of about 27,000 miles, calling at seven pcrts outward and eight homeward, bus reached Plymouth two days before her time ; and, from Uof mperior sailing u ’nd fcteamlng Qualities, it may be fairly Assumed that she will make the run to Australia in 60 days. Kates of passage, from SO to 100 guineas.— Full particulars as to freight and passage money at the Company’s Offices, 1, Adelaide* place, Loudon-bridgo.________________________ H A V R E D I R E C T . — N e x t M o n d a y ( i u R t o a d o f Sunday), at Ono afternoon.—Loudon to Paris, 20*.—The GENERAL 8TEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY’S STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE will leave the St. Kaiharine Wharf for Ilavro next Monday, 16th, at One afternoon, and the Soho, Saturday, 20th, at Six morning; leaving Havre for London, May 15, 20, 26, and 30. Saloon, 14s. ; fore, 10s. London to Paris, 28s. or 20s.—To secure berths, &c., apply at 71, Lombard-street; or 37> Regcnt-clrcmi.__ L j j T A U N C U o f t h e R O Y A L A L B E R T , 1 3 1 g u n s , in prcsencc of her Majesty at Woolwich, on Saturday next, the lSthMay.—SPECIAL TRAINS will ruu every ten minutes on the N O R lli KENT RAILWAY from London-bridgc to WooUich, from 10 a.m. until 11.46 a.m. Fares the same as by the ordinary Trains. G. S. 1 1 ERliERT, Secretary. BMay 8,1864.__________________________________________________ L o n d o n a n d s o u t h w e s t e r n r a i l w a y . —CHEAP EXCURSION TUAINS to PORTSMOUTH. SALIS­ BURY, WINCHESTER, or SOUTHAMPTON, and HACK, for 3s. 6d. EVERY SUNDAY.—From Waterloo Station for PORI'S- MOUTll and SALISBURY at 7.45 a.m., returning at 7.0 p.m. ; and for W INCHE8TER and SOUTHAMPTON at 8.0 a.m., return­ ing from Southampton at 7.30 p.m., and Winchester at 8.0 p.m. Farks There and Back. Closed Carriages, I Seated Open Carriages, O s. tki. I Ss. 6< L Passengers by these Trains can take Through Return Tickets to tbe Isle t'f Wight, vi& Southampton, for Cowes or Portsmouth for Ryde.—Fare* : Closed Carriages, 8s.; Seated Open Carriages, 6s. These tickets include all pier dues and stcam-boat fares; but the Company does not find conveyances between the railway stations and the stcam-boat piers. The return tickets from Ryde will not be available via Cowes imd Southampton, nor those via Ryde and Portsmouth. Passengers with luggage by these trains will be charged the fkivs of the ordinary trains. N.B. In addition to the above. First and Second Class Return Tickets, at single fares (with the addition of a small booking fee), are issued on Saturdays and Sundays, at Waterloo and Vauxball Stations, to Windsor and to all Stations below Woking. Thoso tickets can only bo received at the station for which they are issued, and are available for return by any ordinary train until the following Monday inclusive. By order, ARC1ID. SCOTT, Traffic Manager. Waterloo Station, April, 1854. T V ' E W P O R T a n d P I L L G W E N L L Y W A T E R - x l WORKS COMPANY.—Notice ls hereby given, that a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS in the NEWPORT and PILLGWENLLY WATERWORKS COMPANY will be held at the offices of the said Company in Newport, in the county of Monmouth, on Wednesday, the 24th day of May, 1854, at Two o’clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of submitting to tho Proprietors present at such meeting a Hill now l ending in Parliament, intituled *' A Bill to enable the Newport and Pillgwenlly Waterworks Company to increase and extend their Supply of Water, and to construct New Works, and for other pur­ poses.”—Dated this 2Sth day of April, 1S64. JAMES RENNIE, CHARLES PROTHERO, WM. JENKINS, CHARLES B. FOX, W. S. CARTWRIGHT, J. WILDY, CHARLES LYNE, WM. EVANS, THOS. M. LLEWELLIN, JOHN DAVIES, GEORGE OKTHiNG, TnOS. GR\TREX, THOS. HUGHES, T. B. BATCHELOR, EDW. J. PHILLIPS, HENRY W. WEBBER, SAM. THOMPSON HALLEN, THOS. MORRIS, TWOS. L. MORKIS, H. M. PARTRIDGE. o F F I C E o f t h e G A S L I G H T a n d C O K E C O M - PANY, Horscferry-road, Westminster, May 10, 1861. Notice is hereby civen, that a SPECIAL GENERAL COURT of tho PROPRIETORS of this Compauy will be held at the Company** Gan Woiks, llorscferry-ivad, Westminster, on Tuesday, tho 6th day of June next, at Eleven o’clock In the forenoon, pursuant to the act of the 69th year of his late Majesty King George HI., f*r the Election of Three Directors of this Company for four years, in the room of the Governor, Dcputy- Governor, and one Director (all of whoiu are ellglMo to be re­ elected), who will then go out of offluo by «fflu* of time ; and should a ballot he required, It will continue open fur four hours from its commencement. By order of the Court of Directors, Cl!AltLES BUR H, Secretary. N.B. The Chair will be taken at Twelve o'clock precWly, and none but proprietors adinittod. A R L E Y C O L L I E R Y C O M P A N Y . — A n E x ­ t r a o r d in a r y GENERAL MEETING of tbe SHARE­ HOLDERS of this Company is appointed to bo holden at the o and Vulture Tavern, Georgo-yard, Lorn bard-street, on .............................. r *- ‘-fain. D | | E E P D I S T R E S S of th e W I D O W a n d DAUGHTER of a CLERGYMAN, lately deceased.-An APPEAL is made to the public on behalf of the Widow and Daughter of an aged Clergyman, who died suddenly a few weeks since, leaving them in a state of great destitution. The deceased was one of those hard-working clergymen whose labours are seldom known beyond the humble sp.ieros in which they move. During the last 25 years he was chaplain of a London workhouse, and his only income for the greater part of that period was £80 per annum, and never exceeded £110. He was struck with apoplexy in the midst of his duties, and expired soon after he was brought home. On the day of his death he lett only £3 in money, and about £18 due of his stipend, and these sums are considerably exceeded by his funeral expenses and tradesmen's bills. Under these distressing circumstances, a friend has come forward, with the sanction of the Lord Bishop of Loudou (who lias kindly sub­ scribed £10), to solicit assistance in extricating this poor widow and her daughter from their present overwhelming embarrass­ ments, and, if possible, to provioc a small fOnd in aid of their fu­ ture support. The Rev. Dr. Hare, chaplain of the Middlesex Hos­ pital, London, will be Lappy to furnish all the particulars of the case: and to receive the smallest donations; also Messrs. ('unlilfe and Co., bankers, 24, Lombard-atreot, City; and Messrs. Riving- tons, 8, W'aterloo-place. 1 " F O U N D L I N G H O S P I T A L , T u e s d a y , M a y 9 , ? 18M.—Tho ANNUAL SKKMON for the BENEFIT or this CHARITY will bo preached in tho Chapel of tho Hospital, on Suudav next, the 14tli instant, by the Rev. WILLIAM HARNESS, M.A., Incumbent of All Saints, Knlghtsbridge. Divine service will commence at Eleven o'clock precisely. J. BROWN LOW, Secretary. T H E E D U C A T I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N will OPEN, at St. Martin's Hall, the last week in June. Parties intending to exhibit should apply forthwith for space and par­ ticulars te the Secretary of the Socicty of Arts. By order, P. LE NEVE FOSTER, M.A., Sec. Society* 8 House, Adelphi, April 24, 1864. L o n d o n n o s p i t a l .— a n n i v e r s a r y FESTIVAL, held 27th April, 1S54. Amount of contributions already advertised.............£2,082 5 10 ADDITIONAL. John Allcard, Esq........................................£5 5 0 Hugh Anderson, Esq.................................... 5 6 0 Georgo Fournier, Esq..................................10 0 0 Henry Johnson, Esq..................................... 31 10 0 Ditto for Samaritan Society £10 1 0 s . ------ 52 0 0 £2,134 5 10 Additional contributions will be thankfully received by Messrs. Currie and Co., Cornhill ; Messrs. Robarts and Co., Lombard- street; or by the Secretary, at the Hospital. May 10, 1854. WM. J. NIXON, Sec. T T S 7 I I I T T I N G T O N C L U B a n d M E T R O P O L I - f T TAN ATHENM UM.—C. COWDEN CLARKE, Esq., will deliver a LECTURE THIS EVENING, May 11, on BRAVERY and POLTROONERY, being one of a course ou the contrasted characters of Shakspere.—To commence at Eight o’clock.—Mem­ bers, free ; non-inembers, ls. HENRY Y. BRACE, Secretary. 37, Arundel-street, Strand. J O H N I*. G O U G I I w ill d e l i v e r a u O R A T I O N THIS EVENING, May 11, at Exeter Hall. Doors open at Seven. The Chair taken at Eight o’clock. Tickets, f#d. and In. each, to be had at tke office of the London Temperance League, 8S7, Straud : or at Exeter Hall in the evening. W. TWEE DIE, \ Hon. JOHN PHILLIPS, > Secs. M R . A L B E R T S M I T H ’S M O N T B L A N C , including the Bernese Oberland and the Simplon, Every Evening at Eight (except Saturday); and every Tuesday, 'Thurs­ day, and Saturday Mornings, at Three o’clock. Stalls, 3s., which can bo takcu at the Box-offieo every day, from Eleven till Four ; Area, 2s.; Gallery, Is.—Egyptian-ball, Piccadilly, T I 7 S . W O O D I N ’S C A R P E T B A G a n d S K E T C I I V V e BOOK, Upper Hall, Regent Gallery, 6& , Quadrant, EVERY EVENING, at Ei^ht o’cleck. Several new characters and other novelties have been introduced. A Morning Performance every Saturday, at Two o'clock. Dresa stalls, 4s. anil 3s.; area, 2s.; gallery, ls. Stalls may be secured without extra charge at the Box-office from Ten till Five daily, at Mitchell’s, Andrews', Ebere’, and principal musicscllers. M E . P D Z Z I ’S A N N U A L G R A N D M O R N - O M P K N IN U o f th e C R Y S T A L P A L A C E , IB M .— It is intended to OPEN tht» CRYSTAL PALACE and PAKK at the end of K ay; alter which they will be open dally, Sundays excepted. The following are tho arrangements for the admission of tbe public:— Five-S hilling Dat6.—On ttaturdaya the public will be admitted by payment at the doors by tickeU of fls. each, and by tickets to include conveyance by Railway. H alv-C rown Days!—On Fridays the public will be admitted by pay ment at the doors by tickets of 2s. 6d. each, and by tickets to uicludc conveyance by Railway. Shilling D ays.—Mondays, Tuesdays. Wednesdays, and Thurs­ days will be shilling days. At tko gates, a payment of ls. cach will admit tho public, or tickets entitling the holder to admission to the Palace and Park, and also to conveyanco along the Crystal Palace Railway, from London bridge Station to the Palace and back, will be issued at the lollowing prices:— including First-class Carriage....................... 2s. 6d. Including Second ditto ....................... 2s. 0d. Including Third ditto ....................... ls. Cd. Children.—Children under twelve years of age will be admitted ialf the above rates. Hours of OrENixo.—The Palace and Park will be opened on Mondays at Nine o’clock, on Tuesday*, Wednesdays, and Thurs­ days at Ten o’clock a.m., and on Friday* and Saturdays at Twelve o'clock, and close every day an hour before Sun***?. Opemvo Day.—The opening will take place about tho end of M.*y. The precise day will be announced as early as possible. On tkat occasion season tickets only will bn admitted. Kkasox Ticxrts.—Season tickets will bo Issued at Two Guineas each, to admit the proprietor to the Palace *n I Park on the day of opening, and on all otker days when tho building Is opeu to the public. I 8« ason tickets, to include conveyance along the Crystal Palace Railway from London-bridge to the Palace and back, without fur- 1 thrr charge, will be Issued at Four Gulin'a* e *> h, subject to the re­ gulations of the London, Brightou, and South Coast Uallwav Com- j pany ; but these tickets will be available only for trains from and t » London and the ralace on Mich day* as it li open to tho public, slid will not be available for any intermediate stations. No reason ticket will be transferable or available except to the - nor, whose blgnature it bears. t r i X ) I R I S H L A N D E D P R O P R I E T O R S . — A M person having £8,000 to invest, wishes to PURCHASE LAND in Ireland to that amount, in a sporting district. Mountain land would be preferred. A good salmon nver for angling is in­ dispensable, with undisputed rights. a.*d both banks down to tho sea if possible, and any loch er sea fishing which can be had with it. Any proprietor wishing to sell will bo treated with, on appll- catien to F. J.Niooll, Esq., 18,Carcy-strcet, LincolnVlnn, London. O x f o r d o r C a m b r i d g e . — a G r a d u a t e o f Master’s standing, known as a scholar and a sucecssftil tutor, wishes to READ with a PUPIL who looks for honours, er with one whose education has been utterly neglected and wants to recover lost years.—Address, A.M., Belgrave Royal Library, 5. Halkin-street West, Belgravo-square. W I I I T E C L I F F - I I O U S E , R y d e . — I n a S c h o o l of the first class, conducted by a Ladv of considerable experience, and under tho care of a Clergyman, there are VACAN­ CIES for the DAUGHTERS of GENTLEMEN. All the care and comfort of a family are afforded. Eminent professors are engaged for the accomplishments and languages, and a resident French governess secured. References of high respectability civcn and required.—Address, L. P., WhlteclifThouse, Ryde. N a v a l e d u c a t i o n . — P o r t s m o u t h . — YOUNG GENTLEMEN are PREPARED for tho ROYAL NAVY, East India Company’s Naval Service, &c., by Mr. THOMAS EASTMAN, R.N., five years Naval Instructor of H.M.S. Excellent. The course of instruction comprises aritkmetie, algebra, geo­ metry, trigonometry, navigation, nautical astronomy', steam, French, Ac. Terms, by the month, quarter, or year. Tho following have passed for Navul Cadets, at the Royal Naval College, und entered her Majesty’s service, from Mr. d a m a n ’s establishment, during tho past six months :— F ir st A ppoin tm ent. Family Snason Tickkts.—Members of th« tame family who re­ ly i Ucl c A N C E R H O S P I T A L , L o u d o n a n d B r o m p t o n . Treasurer—John Parkinson, Esq., 66, LinoolnVinn-flelds. Hankers— Mi-ssr*. Colitis and Co., Straud. In a Scrnion preached on behalf of this Hospital by bis Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, his Grace concluded in the follow­ ing words * 4 There is no diseaso more pitiablo than that to which this Institution is socially devoted. From the first symptoms of at­ tack one long course has commonly been prognosticated, a fearful looking-for of a lingering progress towards a death of anguish. Could the greatness of the suffering be laid before you—oould you be shown its severity so as to see it in itu true proportions and natural colours, no one endued with the feelings of humanity could resist the spectacle. Thoy would think all they possessed a trifling sacrifice it at such a price they could mitigate such misery. This, therefore, is a case in which I may justly ask your liberal contributions, that the relief afforded by this Hospital may more nearly approach the amouiit of misery which it endeavours to remove. One guinea annually constitutes a governor, and a donation of ten guineas a life governor. The aid of tho benevolent Is most respectfully ar.d earnestly solicited by the Board of Management. Momirs. Rivington, 8, Watcrioo-place ; Messrs. Ilatchard, Picca­ dilly ; and Mesars. Nisbct, of Berners-street, will be most happy, in conjunction with tbe TreajBurcr and the hankers, to receive con­ tributions. W. J. COCKERILL, Secretary. Secretary’s Office, 1, Cannon-row, Parliament-street. R I l O Y A L F R E E H O S P I T A L , G r a y ’s ^ i m i - r o a d . Patron—The QUEEN. Founded 1828. No ordor for admission la here required. During the past month the following number of sick poor re­ ceived the benefits of this Charity, either as out or in-door patients, on their personal applications:— Week ending 7th April................................... 1,896 Ditto 14 th A pril.................................. 2,002 Ditto 21st A pril.................................. 1,749 Ditto 28th April.................................. 1,923 29th and 30th April .. 701 I i l l ING CONCERT will take place on Friday, May 20, zi i *k * . * * iV !1 * ' i t f V r t - * r » n u*ni ple^stk vlU : »• wgeww win nave uie privilege oi lastNg ucaeca ror ) and tickets to be bad at all the principal inufticaellorsand libraries, i ,o\ ?uoe^tcrms> Families taking two tickets will be entitled tolOpercent. dis­ count on tbe gross amount paid for tueh ticket* ; taking three tickets, to a discount of 15 percent.; taking four tickets, to a dis­ count of 20 per cent ; and five tickets and upward*, to a discount of t6 per cent. Families claiming the above pn\ili ge, and do­ oming to avail themselves of it, must apply in the «ccoui|»a!iyliig form ; and tlieae tickets will be availahlo otily to tho |>er»oh« name J in nuch application. F » inted fori** of application may bo had at tl»o Office, 3, Adelaide-place, and at tho other offices for tickets. Season tickets will entitle to admission from the opening day till the 30th April, 18o5. Applications may be made for season tickets at the Offices of the Company, 3, Adelaido-place, London-bridge. Season tickets, as •*>on as ready, will be delivered in the order in which the a|•plica­ tions have been made, at the Offices of the Company, 3, Adelaide- nlaoe, London-bridge, and 14, Regent-street; and at the Crystal I'alace; al^o at Mr. Sams*, 1, St. James's-street; Mr. Mitchell's, lt»nd-8treet; Wcsterten’s Library', Knightsbridge. The tickets, to itieludc conveyance by Railway, will be delivered at the office of tbe Secretary to the Brighton Railway, London-bridge. ? raciAL Kkqulation» ano Byr Laws — All the general provi- •lotrn and regulations mentioned atx,ve are to be understood as being subservient to such upecial provisions, regulations, and bye- I** ton the part of the Railway Company and the Palace Company as i* *y be found necessary to regulate the traffic, and to meet special ocwions and circumstance* which may ftvm time to time arise. By order of the Board, O. GROVE, Secretary,* Adclaide-piacc, London-bridge, April 13, 1864. Form ok Application koh Family Hkason Tk’ksth. To O. Grove, Esq., Secretary, 3, Adelaide-pl*<w\ Uuidon bridge, rtir— Be good enough t« supnly me with f.unity r< * uo* tickoU for iMtself aad the following members of my family, who are all and of Mrae. Fuzzi, 5 a, Cork-street, Burlington-gardens. O S S I N I ’S S T A B A T M A T E R a n d G E O R G E LAKE’S Oratorio DANIEL, at St. Martin’s nail, Mon­ day next, May 15.—Mine. Clara Novello and Miss Dolby; Messrs. Si ms Reeves, Champion, Weiss, and Formes.—Apply early for tickets, 2s., 3s., os., at the Hall, or Addison’s, 210, Kegeut-street. ( COLOGNE CHORAL UNION,—DKR KOLXER J MANNER GF.SANG VRKEIN.-Mr. MITCHELL respect­ fully announces that the CONCERTS of this distinguished Society will take place at the Hanover-square Rooms, in tho following order:—TO-MORROW MOANING, Friday, May 12 ; and Satur­ day Evening, May 13. On Monday Morning, May 16; Wednesday Morning, May 17 ; Fnday Morning, May 19; and Saturday Even­ ing, May 20. The Morning Concerts commence at Half-past Three, and the two Evening Concerts at Half-past Eight. Reserved scr.ts, 10s. tJd. ; unreserved seats, 6s.; which may be obtained at Mr. Mitcheirs Royal Library', 33, Old Bond-street. • • •••••• • • • • • • • • • ^ A C R E D I I A R M O N I C S O C I E T Y , E x e t e r H a l l . S Conductor,IMr. COSTA.—TO-MORROW EVENING will U repeated BEETHOVEN’S GRAND SERVICE in D. Princ.pal Vocalists, Mme. Clara Novdlo, Miss Dolby, Mr. Sims Reeves, and Herr Formes ; with orchestra of nearly 700 performers. Ticket*, 3s., 5s., and 10s. 6d. each, or subscriptions, one, two, or three guineas per annum, at the Society’s oftlco. No. 6, in Exeter Hall. The performance will be preceded by Beethoven’s grand overturv in C, op. 124.—Mr. Macfarren’s Analysis (10 pages quarto), with Musical Illustrations, on sale, price (id., or sent by post on receipt of 12 postage stamps. re - O Y A L B O T A N I C S O C I E T Y , R e f f e n t ’s - p a r k . — Total in April .. ,. 8,861 of which 2,969 were new cases, the remainder (still under treat­ ment) having been admitted previously. Heavy expenses ar* inevitably incurred in affording such exten­ sive relief. The Committee, therefore, earnestly intr«at the AID of tho public. The Charity is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions, which will br thankfully reecivod by the Treasurer, John Mastcr- man, Eaq., M.P., N holavlano ; also by Mesars. Coutts and Co.; Drummundand Co. : Herrics and Co.; Ransom and Co. ; Prescott, Grote, and Co. ; Siuith, Payne, and Co. ; Glyn and Co. : Jones Loyd and Co.; Barclay and Co.; Denison and Co.; Williams, Deacon, and Co. ; Overend, Gurney, and Co. ; Nisbet and Co., Berners-strcct; Masterman and Co. ; and at the Hospital. The Weekly Board meet every Wednesday, at Four o’clock, to ¦ H i ? W J f l't jUr«wt Ih* yit»rU% WM..H MjH'tif.ff* ,.r(. op«n to* all The days appointed for tho EXHIBITIONS of PLANTS, FLOWERS, and FltUlT this season are Wednesdays, May 24th, June 21st, and July 6th ; and.of AMERICAN PLANTS, Monday*, •ling with me.—Yours obodiently, Name . Address Designation Christian Name. | • • • t • t • • • • • Surname. Juno 12th and llith. Ticketa of admission can bo obtained at the Gardens by order* from Fellows of tho Society, price, on or before May 13th, 4s. ; after that day, 5s.; or on the days of Exhibition, 7s. 6d. each. The plants will be arranged ou a new plan, similar in form t* the American Garden, and placed upon a series of terraces. Tho value of the Prizo Medals is raised to upwards of £1,500. H o r t i c u l t u r a l s o c ie ty ^ London^- Notieo in hereby given, that the FIRST EXHIBITION of FLOWERS and FRUIT, in the Society’s Garden, will tak# place on Saturday, May 13, at Two p.m. Tickets, price 5s. eacn, can be procured at this Office, upon pr* sen ting the order of a Fellow, or on the day of meeting, at Tun • ham-green, price 7s. 6d. each.—21, Regent-strcet, London. m i l E NEW SOCIETY PAINTERS iti A WATER COLOURS.—Their TWENTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION is OPEN DAILY (Gallery,53, Pall-mall), from Nl».« till Dusk.—Admission, ls. JAMES FAHEY, Secretary Schedule of Prices of Family Season Tickets, tv Umut Conveyance by Railway. Including Conveyance by Railway. • Tickets................£3 16 0 I Two Ticket*..................£7 11 6 Pireo Four Fit ‘*»ven Right Nl-r W i It It ft It It It It It 5 7 a Three 6 15 0 Four • • a • • t • • • • • • • • # • • • • 7 17 6 9 9 0 11 0 6 12 12 0 14 3 6 15 15 0 Fivo Six Seven Eight Nino Ten It tt tt It It tt tt II • • • •••••• i • • • • • • • • • • • • • 10 14 13 9 15 15 0 18 18 0 22 1 0 25 4 0 58 7 0 81 10 0 Not*.—The above application must be addressed to the Secre- i ry, as above, and accompanied by a remittance for the full uoount of tho tickets asked for, according to the above schedule, m fitvour of George Fasaon, 3, Adelaide-place. Ckequcs must be " i t London banker, and be crossed with the words ¦ Union Bank London.” And no application unless so accompanied will be *tt«uded to. G I 1 A L L E R Y o f G E R M A N P A I N T I N G S . - T < SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION of tho WORKS of MDDEItN GERMAN MASTERS is NOW OPEN daily, from Nit.. a.m. till dusk. Admission, Is.—Gallery, 168, New Bona-atreot, next door to the Clarendon. v I I I E L A T E F I R E IN W E L L I N G T O N - STREET.—To ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, &c.-C. F. BIELEFELD bc^s to inform the above, that the late fire will not In any way interfere with the execution of orders he may be (favoured with, havinjr made such arrangements at bis mills that tie is now ABLE to EXECUTE ORDERS with greater despatch than hitherto. A large variety of Mouldings, Plcture-frames ------ a Screens. &e.,may be seen at 15, Welliogton-street North, Strand, * ' * » r‘ ,‘ * ™ Hrvniramav h« hail!— -Volume of Enrichments, Mr. R. B. LamVert .. Mr. E. C. Haworth .. Mr. J. R. T. Fullerton Hon. V. A. Montagu Mr. J. M. Boyd.................... Mr. H. Freeling............. Mr. F. C. Vincent......... Mr. R. Kerami8.............. Mr. W. H. Maxwell. Mr. A. M. Fairlie.............. J Mr. S. K. Streatfeild Mr. G. Heskcth Mr. J. II. Colt I Mr. J. W. Dennistoun.............. Mr. J. Kirkland .................. Mr. B. E .Cochrane.............. Mr. U. It. Hope ., Mr. A. U. C. Booth Mr. J. Houghton .. Mr. J. II. II. Croft Mr. J, Hayden Mr. 0. J. Wise • ••••• • • • ••••••• • • t • t t • • • • • • * • • • • • • • • • • • • • • a • • a ••••••• • ••••• t Mr. J. E. Bruce Mr. J. Buchanan Mr. W. Allen................ Mr. J. H. Lees Mr. A. E. Kay Mr. W. H. M '. Molyncux Mr. J. Hamilton ... Mr. H. J. Fitzgerald Mr. D. G. Tandy Mr. T. Carpenter ... • a a a a a a a a a • a • • • a • • a • % a • • • a a • • • II.M.S. Arrogant H.M.S. St. Jean d'Acre H.M.S. Boucawcn H.M.S. Princess Royal II.M.S. Royal George II.M.S. Royal George H.M.S. Dauntless H.M.S. Cressy H.M.S. Euryalus H.M.S. James Watt H.M.S. Monarch 11. M.S. Euryalus H.M.S. Monarch If.M.S. James Watt H.M.S. President. H.M.S. James Watt H.M.S. Majestic H.M.S. Bulldog 11.M.S. St. George II..M.S..St. George H.M.S. James Watt H.M.S. Clcsar II. M.S. Majestic H.M.S. St. Uoor&e 1I.M.S. Majestic H.M.S. Prince Regent II.M.S. Nile H.M.S. St. George H.M.S. Monarch H.M.S. Majestic H.M.S. Creasy H.M.S. Cressy — — - - — ™ - » - w — - — m — — ¦ « — » — w » - ^ • m nr ¦ , St. George’s-square, Portsea, May 1 ,1854.—Note the address. H O L Y L A N D ’S r e n o w n e d b e a u f o k t FROCKS, and Morning or Riding Beaufort Coats, are now made in every new and elegant, material for Spring wear. The style and quality of these articles are undeniable, au4 they are rendered at most moderate charges. New seasonable materials for trousers and waihtcoat.iin unrivalled variety ; fishing suits, yachting Jackets, Ate., Ac., to order, 150, Strand, two doors west of Somerset-house. M E S 8 R S . P O U L S O N a n d C O M P A N Y , M e r c h a n t Tailors, 94, Recent-street, still preserve their usual mode­ rate prlcrt firDRKSSof the very best description. This is more fully f komnliflod In the material, style, and workmanship of their REGISTKRED PA III > ESS US. a ll^ht Summer Over or Under Frock Coat, which is charged, inclusive of silk sleeve linings, TWO GUINEAS; also, the Improved elastic TROWSERS from SIXTEEN SHILLINGS to ONE GUINEA.—Only in London,of the patentees, B. Poulson and Company, merchant tailors, 1H, Regent .-street. m i l E F A M I L Y L I V K R Y . — A rinn a n d C r e a t e JL correctly ascertained, and In any case a steel die expressly cut for tho buttons, free of cost. In tnauy instances the oxpensc thus incurred will exceed the charge made fora footman*! com­ plete suit, viz.,£4 10s. (this include* all the items generally charged separately), so that tho quality, style, and general excellence of the materials may be easily inferred, as it must be obvious to ail that a continuation of orders would alone remunerate. In the case of Liveries for Mourning for an Embassy, or other emergencies, any number of suits may dc made within a few hours' notice. By general request, a Book is kept for the entry of Families and Servants’ names, who, on changing, may wish to refer to the same. U. J. and D. NICOLL, MERCHANT TAILORS, 114, 116, 118, 120, REGENT-STREET, and 22, CORNHILL, LONDON. A I T W A R W I C K HOUSE every article 1 8 marked In plain figures, and Ladles will find that, while every facility will be offered for their ready inspection of a most beautiful collection of materials, the importunities to purchase (too frequent in this branch of trade) will never be per­ mitted by the new firm of NICOLL, HAYNES, and S1MES, 142 and 144, REGENT-STREET. m o ACCOUNTANTS.— WANTED an A -St COUNTANT, to take the charge of a net of contract* books for a railway contract, including the cash accounts, cert cate accounts, 4c. A person thoroughly acquainted with 1 sources of supply, and competent to take the charge and roster bihty of purchasing oil materials and stores, will be preferred Apply, by letter only (po*t paid;, to F. U. and Co., London Wor Birmingham, on or before 20th May, 1854. TIAO be LET, Furnished, a good TEN-ROOME U O I SK, with every convenience, and afrrocably sitnat Mr p ' g,Ulne^ Kfr ,il>0" th^ r ApPly- letter, to M. I., care Mr. 1 unlay, 6Qt St. i aul s Churcnyard. 1 ^ 1 LAX STRAW \ —Aquantitjr of FLAXlSTRA' grown in Cornwall, to be SOLD by Private Contract 83* S tr a it * **tlng the price per cwt. offered), to O. r i l O he S O L D by P riv ate C o n tra c t au 0 1 A ESTABLISHED PAPER-HANGING MANUFACTORY the North of England, which has been in constant work for last sixty years. The manufactory, which is freehold, is a squ prick building, three stories high, covered with slate and tile, i built an»l fitted up for the trade. There are fifteen printing tab with presses complete, in work ; a grounding and satining sh< one ojght-coloured surface printing machine; ono ground machine, with rolling-up machine attached ; a dissicating dry apparatus, applied fio that the work L h finished and dried ofl quickly as printed; colour mills, embossing machine, and brush machine, all driven by steam powers upon the premises; lat and every convenience for turning up rollers for machine wo the stock of colours, papcr-grounds, aud printed goods are of best description, necessary and suitable tor carrying on the b ness, which is in full work to order, and may be extended t large amount. The stock of blocks is large, and is a collectjox well-selected and saleable patterns. A good and useful set patterns have been sent to the trade this spring, which are do well, and promise a large amount of orders. The value of concern is estimated at about £10,000, and particulars may known on application to Messrs. Shield and Harwood, solicit* No. 10, Clcments-lanc, Lombard-street, London. T O Music-M ASTERS “ and Others.—BAK ttUPT’S STOCK for SALE.—To be SOLD, by PrivateTrei the rare and very valuable CLASS of INSTRUMENTS (with tl present engagements), composing the Stock of Mr. Thomas OfBi CIcadah (formerly Owen Owen), of No. 20, Lower-parade, Learn ton Spa, music-master, a bankrupt \ comprising square, gra square, scmi-grand, and cottage-bichord pianofortes, various ti class harps, harmonicons, concertina*, kc.t &c.; altogether n bcring between eighty and ninety instruments, chiefly Broad wood, Oollard and Co., Nutting aud Co., Octzman Plumb, Cadly, Erard, and other eminent masters ; also the G « will of the above trade, having a very extensive connection > the principal town and county families, with whom nearly all above instruments arc now out on hire. The purchaser will 1 the option of continuing tho above house on lea*e, to lie ag; upon; and of taking the household furniture and ellects at usual valuation.—The latter, a« also what instrunientsare at he may be viewed on application to Mr. Bright, the mcmngc possession ; and the remainder of the instruments by ticket Ikj obtained of Messrs. Haymes and Hanhury, of Learning solicitors to tho as ignees ; of whom, as also of Charles Lee, I official assignee, Moorgate street, City, London ; ' Mesars. and Hunt, solicitors, 11, New Boswell-court, Liucoln 8-iun, Lom or of Mr. Owen Owen, of 139, High-street, Ramsgate, the C tor's assignee, all further particulars may be obtained, scarcely necessary to add, that the above, being a bankpn stock, must be disposed of, and the present is one of those op tunitics that so rarely preseuts itself to capitalists of investing i money in a perfectly safe, ami, at tho same time, most lucn concern for which the high character of the business alone afforc ample guarantee.—By order of the Assignees, HAYMES and HANBURY, Solicito Leamington, May 6. 1854. __________ m O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS JL OTHERS.—The Directors of Claussen's Patent Flax < pany beg to announce that the Company's newly-establ1 works are sufficiently advanced to enable them to resume the I CUTION of ORDERS for the “ PATENT WOOL” (suspend consequence of the destruction of the former premises by aud arrangements having been made to meet the mcreasin maud for tho material, orders sent direct to tho Company’s c or through any of the local agents, will receive early atteutioi Aoexts. Gloucester and W ilts... .Mr. T. M. Newman (Nailsworth; Bind ford .................... Messrs. Brook and knowlcs. Huddersfield ................ Mr. Thomas Charlesnorth. TVmla $ *,r- Pollock. x B...........................\ Mr. Henry Ludolf. Norwich...........................Messrs. Bateman and Sons. Y AH 11 8 LINENS, from No. 47, Bishop^ street.—This entire and valuable Stock, as purchased < Trustees, is now sacrificing at LAMBETH HOUSE. A opportunity offers of selcctiug all the first-class goods (wan for durability) in Irish Linens, Damask Table-cloths, Napkim Sheetings, with a choice assortment of the richest Silks, Si Mantles, Ac., all at startling prices. Tho lato proprietors, U Varty and Co., held a distinguished reputation for nearly 70 for the excellence of their Lincus. Tho whole will now be c off. Private families and large consumers should rcRpond ea this announcement.—HARVEY aud CO., LAMB*TH U( (next the Railway-arch), Westminster-bridge-road. U T V O Y K S W E D D I N G a n d B I R T I I ] PRESENT'S, comprising every description of Englii Foreign Fancy Gootis, dressing and writing cases, work Jewellery, clocks, watches, bronzes, china, glass, alatuutcr, machg, and French stationery at Paris prices, Bibles, Prayer- and thousands of articles in bijouterie and vertu.—FUTVOY CO., 154, Regent-street, corner of iteak-slrcet. l ^ U T V O Y B T S E I G U T - D A V R O U N D H H -----------------1 - 4 M I
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