L.C.C. Record of War Service 1914-1918

RECORD OF WAR SERVICE Herbert Arthur James (1015-19) Staff- Sergeant E. Surrey Rgt and Suffolk I?gt. Konnedy Walter (1915-18) Sergeant, R. W. Kent R gt. France 15 months Missing presumed dead 23rd March 1918. Langley Ernest (1915-19) Private, R.A.M.C. Mesopotamia- 4 months India 3 years 4 months. Lightwood Ralph (1916—19) Corporal, R.A.M.C. Loader George Kellow (191(5—19) Pri­vate 5th Bn. Durham Light Infantry, Sapper R.E. Salonica 13 months. Mace John Martin (191G-19) Driver, R.A.S.C. Franco 14 months Died 2Gth January 1919. Morey Walter John (1915-19) Private, Devonshire Rgt. and Labour Corps France 1 year. Murray Jamos (1914—10) :Sergeant, E. Kent R gt. France 13 months. Oliver David (1914— 1G) Private E. Surrey Rgt. Petrie Alfred Alexander Webster (1915—19) Captain R.A.M.C. Mediterranean 9 months France 3 years 1 month. Reardon Michael (1915-18) Corporal, R.F.A. France 2 years 1 mouth. Scott William Ingham (1914—15): Lance- Corporal R.A.S.C. France 5 months. Simmons Sidney (1914—19) Sergeant E. Kent Rgt. and Army Cyclist Corps France 3 years 9 months. Starling John Matthew (1914—19) Pri­vate R.A.M.C. Franco 2 years 10 months. Thomas Hopkin (1915—19) Sergeant R.A.M.C. France 3 years G months. Westbrook Frederick (1915-19) Ser­geant. R.A.M.C. Egypt 3 years 3 montlis, Dardanelles 4 montlis. Central Station I Vest Farm and Estate Railway Agar Joseph (1914-19) Private E. Surrey Rgt. and Aircraftsman (1st Class), R.A.F. Chandler Charles (1917-19) Private, Northamptonshire Rgt. and Labour Corps France 1 year 11 months. Daniel Waltor George (1914—17) Pri­vate E. Surrey R gt. France 2 years 3 months Killed inaction 18th July, 1917. Elliott Albert William (1915-19) Pri­vate E. Surrey Bgt. and R.A.M.C. France 1 year. James Henry Herbert (1914-19) Stoker, R.N. lt.F.R. H.M. ships 4 years 4 months. Hollidge Samuel Valentino (191G-19) Corporal Middlesex Rgt. and Labour Corps. Rowland William (1914—19) Lance- Corporal R.A.S.C. France 3 years 8 months. Simons John (1917-18) Private, Labour Corps France. Tipping Henry John (1915-19) Driver, R.F.A. France 3 years 9 months. Watkins Frederick (1914-18) Private, 20th Ilussars France 4 years 2 months Killed inaction 7tli November 1918. Asylums Engineers Department Hoggett Alfred Christopher (1914—19) Acting Regimental Qunrtermaster-Sorgeant, 2/10th Bn. Middlesex Ugt. Gallipoli Sinai Peninsula Palestine 4 years. Johns Thomas Benjamin (1910-19) Captain 22nd Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps 4th Bn. N. Hants Labour Corps France Belgium Germany 2 years 9 months. Mayhew Alfred Ernest (1915—19) Staff Sergeant U.E. Military Foreman of Works, R.A.M.C. Sanitary Section 44tli and 10th R.E .France 3 years 10 months. Smith Arthur Frederick (191G-19) Bom­bardier R.A. and R.G.A. France 3 months. T M P l.e S*P S JLeTC H WORTH 6 N C L X N D
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