L.C.C. Record of War Service 1914-1918

RECORD OF WAR SERVICE Wilson Joseph (1915-17) Lance-Cor­ poral E. Kent Rgfc. and Machine Gun Corps France 7 months. York Bertram Goorge (191-1—16) Rifle­man Kings Royal Rifle Corps France. The Manor Mental Hospital ^Brook Frederick Charles (1910-17) PrivateR. Dublin Fusiliers Franco 3 months Killed inaction 16th August, 1917. Catlin Albort Arthur (1916-19) Private, It. A.M.C. Connett Wilfred John (1915-19) Cor­poral R.A.M.C. Franco 3 years 2 months. Hames William Thomas (1916-19) Mentioned in despatches Regimental Sergeant-Major R.A.M.C. Macedonia 2 years 1 month. Caucasia and Trans* caspia 3 months Turkey 7 months. Heels James (1915-19) Driver,R.A.S.C. Franco 3 years 3 months. Hunter William Johnson (1916-19) Air Mechanic (1st Class) R.A.F. Egypt 18 months. Keary John (191-1-19) Lance-Corporal, R.A.M.C. Litteljohn Edward Salterne (1918-19) Lieutenant R.A.M.C. North Russia 10 months. Louden David (191-1—19) Private, R.D.C. Partrick Ronald Alfred (1911—19) Ser­geant 11.11.A .France li years 5 months. Penfold George (1915-17) Gunner, R.G.A. France 9 months Killed Inaction Itli August 1917. Poulton Charles Welch (1916-19) Sec­ond Writer R.N .Grand Fleet 1 year 1th Destroyer Flotilla 18 months. Rolleston Charles Ffranck (191S-19) Major R.A.M.C. Russell Charles Arthur (1915-19) Driver R.A.S.C. Franco 5 months, Salonica 2 years- I months Russia4 months. Seymour Reginald (1916-19) StafV -Sergeant R.A.M.C. Macedonia 1 year 10 months Serbia Bulgaria Russia and Asia Minor 6 months Turkey 7 months. Shuter Alfred Henry (191-1—19) Private, R.A.M.C. Franco 4 years. Smithers William James (1916-17) Private 5th Bn. Middlesex Rgt. France 1 year Killed inaction 28th November, 1917. Steer William Henry (1915-19) Driver, R.A.S.C. Franco 7 mouths Salonica 7 months Palestine and Syria 1 year 9 mouths. Stredwick Hubert Henry (1911-18) Sapper R.E. Strode Thomas William Ramsden (191-1—19) Captain R.A.M.C. France 3 years 1 months Mesopotamia 1 year. Tolley Edward Charles (1916-19) Pri­vate Royal Fusiliers France 41 months. Vaughan Albert Edward (191-1—19) Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant 11th Bn. Devonshire Rgt. Watson Joseph Ambler (1918-19) Staff- Sergcant R.A.M.C. Wright Frederick Herbert (191S— 19) Private R.A.M.C. Webb Stephen John (1915-19) Lance- Corporal R.A.M.C. Egypt 16 months., Woodbridge Alfred William (1916-19) PrivateR. W. Kent Rgt. France 1 year. Ewell Colon/ Adams William (1916-19) Private, It. Berkshire Itat. Huntingdonshire Cyclist Bn. and Dragoon Guards France 1 year. Bailey Thomas (1911-18) Sergeant, Gloucestershire Rj^t. France 3 months Killed inaction 25tli April 191S. Banger Joseph William (1911-19) Sergeant R.A.M.C. Bridgman Edward John (1915—19) Private R.A.M.C.: France 2 months, Salonica 3 years 3 mouths. Burdott Charles (1914-15) Petty Officer (1st Class) R.N. Minesweeping 1 year. Catos Harry (1911—19) Private It. Marino Light Infantry West Africa 15 months East Africa 10 months Arctic Patrol 10 months Defence Armed Merchant Service 1 year 8 months. Churchman Albert John (1917-19) Sapper R.E .Mesopotamia 2 years 2 months. Childs James (191-1—15) Private Hamp­shire R gt. Dardanelles 1 month Killed inaction 21st June 1915. Clark Alfred (1914—19) Mentioned in despatches May 1915 Sergeant R.A.M.C. France 4 years 8 months. Clark James (1915-19): StafT-Sergcant, R.A.M.C. Salonica 3 years 6 months. Clifford Harry (1915-19) Private, R.A.S.C. France 3 years 4 months. Coleman James (1915-1S) Private, E. Surrey Rgt. Coles Thomas (1914-19) Private, E. Kent R gt. France 3 years 8 months. Collins Michael Abdy (1915-19) Lieut.- Colonel R.A.M.C. Mediterranean 2 years 10 months. Cook William Charles (1915-19) Pri­vate R.A.M.C. Franco 5 months Salon­ ica 2 years 4 months. Cooke Henry John (1915—19) Corporal, R.A.M.C. Dardanelles 7 months Meso­potamia. 3 years. Daniols John James (1911-19) Cor­poral E. Surrey R gt. France 13 mouths. Davies James William (1915-19) Ser­geant R.E .Franco 3 years 2 months. Dorrell Roland Edgar (1917-19) Lance- Corporal R.E. Elgee Samuel Charles (1916—19) Lieut.- Colonel R.A.M.C. Elliott William Thomas (1916-19) Sapper. R.E .Franco 2 years 1 month. Greenslade Fredorick George (1911-19) Sergeant-Major R.A.M.C.
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