L.C.C. Record of War Service 1914-1918

CONTENTS CHAP. I. I n tr o d u ctio n ...... II. W e st e r n F r o n t, 1914.— Mons and the Retreat, the Marne and the Aisne, Antwerp, La Bassee and Armentieres, Yprcs . III. W e st e r n F r o n t, 1915.— Neuve Chapelle, Hill 60, Ypres, Aubers Ridge, Festubert, Loos and Hullnch ....... IV. W e st e r n F r o n t, 1916.— The Bluff and St. Eloi, Vimy Ridge, the Somme, and the Ancre V. W e st e r n F r o n t, 1917.— The Ancre and the German retreat, Arras and Vimy Ridge, Messines, Lombartzyde, Ypres, Lens, Cambrai VI. W e s t e r n F r o n t, 1918.— The Somme (German offensive), the Lys, the Aisne, the Marne, Amiens, the Somme (Allied offensive), Arras, Havrincourt and Epehy, Cambrai and the Hindenburg line, Flanders, Le Cateau, the Selle and the Sambre, Armistice . VII. T h e R o y a l N a v y VIII. T he R o y a l A ir F o rce IX. G a llipo li X. E g y p t a n d P a l e s t in e . XI. M e so po ta m ia XII. S a lo n ica X I I I . B ritish T roops in I t a l y XIV. B ritish T roops in R ussia XV. B ritish T roops in A frica XVI. D e a t h s from D isease . X VII. S u m m a r y Index of names of the Council’s staff mentioned in the text ...... A p p e n d i x g iv in g b rie f d e ta ils o f th e w a r se rv ic e o f th e C o u n cil s s ta ff: Clerk of the Council pa g e I 1 9 3 2 Comptroller of the Counc Chief Engineer Architect Solicitor London Fire Brigade Public Health Estates and Valuation Public Control Parks 53 90 130 1,}o 148 158 167 174 180 18 5 187 192 1 9 7 3 10 1 5 25 26 34 37 3 8 40
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