Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 25, No 11

HISTORY OF THE WAR IN RRIEF Summary of the Chief Events December 61944 Allied forccs near Hurtgen repulse enemy attempts to retake Bergstein. In the Saar valley a third crossing of the River Saar is made and fighting takes place in Dillingen allied units enter Rossbruecken and Wolferdingen and there is house-to-house infighting Saargemund. The enemy resists stubbornly north-west of Hagenau gains are made in the Alsace plain. In the Adriatic sector 8 th Army troops capture Mezzano all enemy resistance cast of the River Lamone is virtually at an end. Polish troops occupy Monte San Rinaldo. There is infighting Athens all through the day British troops take theE .A.M .headquarters. The Russians fight their way into more than 5 0 inhabited places between Lake Balaton and the Danube in Hungary, and more than 4 0 between Lake Balaton and the River Drava in Yugoslavia Sid is captured. Flying Fortresses attack the Lcuna synthetic oil plant at Merseburg and Liberators bomb marshall ing-yards at Bielefeld. A t night Leuna is again attacked by Lancasters and other targets at Osnabrueck Giessen and Berlin arc bombed. December 7 Allied troops make small gains south-east of Hurtgen in the Metz area Fort St. Quentin and Fort Flappeville arc captured. In the Saar valley a limited advance is made east of the river there is further progress to the south-east of Saarlautern. Fighting continues in Saargemund to the south-east of which Ettingen is taken. Progress continues in the Alsace plain and the Vosges. In Italy south-west o f Faenza British and Polish troops enlarge their bridgehead over the Lamone River and capture Castel Raneiro and Olmatello Indian 5 th Army troops occupy Monte Bitello. Fighting continues in Athens and the Piraeus British troops make progress in some areas. Between Lake Balaton and the Danube more than 6 0 inhabited places fall to Russian troops and another 5 0 ,including Bares between the lake and the Drava :the south­ern shore o f the lake is entirely cleared of the enemy. Super-Fortresses attack industrial targets in Manchuria Tokyo is also visited. Mosquito aircraft attack Cologne with 400 0-lb. bombs. December 8 General Pattons infantry arc fighting to the north-west of Saarlautern in the Siegfried defences and making progress afresh allied attack is opened in the vicinity of Saarguemines and four fresh crossings of the River Saar arc made. Troops of the U.S. ~tli Army capture Montbronn. To the south-west of Faenza 8 th Army troops capture San Prospcro and to the north-west occupy elevated ground about half a mile from Celle. Resistance by rebel forccs continues in Athens. Sarosd Lcpscny and nearly 4 0 other inhabited places between Lake Balaton and the Danube arc occupied by Soviet troops and more than 3 0 between Lake Balaton and the Drava are also taken. More progress is made by the Americans in the thrust for Orm oc in Leyte Island. S.E.A.C. Headquarters announces strong enemy resistance at points two miles north-east of Kalewa more troops cross the Chindw in River. In the House of Commons Mr. Churchill defends the Governments inaction Greece the challenge to which is defeated by 279 tortes 3 0 .December 9 American troops cross the Saar at two more points at Saarlautern and Saarguemines where they breakthrough the Maginot defences progress is made north and south of Strasbourg. In the northern sector of the front all of the west bank of the Roer is under allied control. 2G4 Limited progress is made by 8 th Army troops in the Faenza area in Italy where enemy opposition is somewhat stiffened. It is announced that about one-fifth of Athens has been cleared of E.L.A .S. strong-points. Russian troops advance 4 0 miles on aline of 7 5 miles to reach the River Danube to the north of Budapest and other troops make another crossing of the river Vac and more than 150 other inhabited places are occupied. In Leyte the Americans capture Albucra. Flying Fortresses attack railway-yards and an airfield in the neighbourhood of Stuttgart. Spitfire bombers attack V 2 sites in Holland. At night Berlin is visited by Mosquitoes. December 10 O then Saar front General Patton's 3 rd Army troops offbeat enemy counter-attacks on the Roer and the Saar and advance to a point 1 0 miles east o f Saarguemines. General Patchs 7 th Army troops continue to make progress and enter the south-western part of Hagenau. In the Faenza area the enemy suffers heavy losses in making a counter-attack between San Prospero and Pideura 5 th Army troops move forward on both sides of the Florence- Im ola road. The situation in Athens assumes a more serious aspect strong E.L.A.S. formations approaching the city are attacked by R.A .F .bombers. Atone point to the north of Budapest Russian troops arrive within eight miles of the Hungarian capital more than 4 0 inhabited places are captured. There is more progress by allied forces in the Kalewa and Bhamo areas in Burma the British 3 6 th Division move through N aba and enter Indaw. More V 2 targets in Holland arc hit by Spitfire bombers. Escorted Flying Fortresses and Liberators attack railway- centres at Coblenz and Bingen. December u General Hodgess 1st Army troops advance in the direction of Dueren on the River Roer. In the Saar area the enemy continues to offer stubborn resistance at Dillingen east of Saarlautern and in the vicinity of Saarguemines. There is little activity on the British and U.S. 9 th Army fronts. E.L.A.S. forces continue to attack British-held buildings in Athens British reinforcements move towards the city. The railway-station of Boldva and many other inhabited places fall to Soviet troops pressing on towards Budapest. Ormoc in Leyte Island is captured by American troops. Transportation and supply facilities in Germany and Austria are attacked by more than 2000 Flying Fortresses and Liberators accompanied by 1200 fighters. Lancasters and Mosquitoes bomb targets in the Ruhr. December 12 More progress is made by General Hodgess 1 st Army troops who enter the outskirts of Hoven and Mariaweiler, about a mile north-west of Dueren. U.S. 7 th Army troops enter Selz after an advance of eight miles enemy resistance from hereto Strasbourg is reported to have collapsed. To the north-west of Faenza Canadian troops establish a bridgehead across the River Lamone north-west of Russi, and beat aback strong enemy counter-attack. General Scobie the British commander in Greece presents peace terms to E.A .M.on receiving a request from that organisation. More progress including the capture of a number ol inhabited places is made by the Red Army north and north­west of Miskolcz north-east of Budapest the town of Godollo is captured. Lancasters and Halifaxes attack Essen and another force of Lancasters togo Witten in the Ruhr Osnabrucck is visited by Mosquitoes. The Leuna synthetic oil plant and other targets in Germany are attacked by Flying Fortresses and Liberators.
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