A Soldier's Guide to Rome

BRIDGE TO THE CASTLE OF SAINT ANGELO The origins of the city of Rome are lost in obscurity. According to the legend Romulus, the descendant of Aeneas—the leader of the Trojans who escaped from their burning city after the Greeks, making use of the famous wooden horse, had entered its gates to conclude their ten wear siege —yoked a bullock and a heifer to a plowshare, and on April 21,753 C.B. proceeded to mark out the city boundary and to build a wall. This is purely legendary, but abundant proof exists that about 1,000 C.B. settlers were residing on the hills of Rome. Gradually city states, including atone Rome, grew up in Italy and then began to combine. Roman expansion progressed slowly at the start but following the expulsion of the king and the establishment of the Republic in 509 B. C.,it took on new life and during the third century C.B. Rome became the undisputed mistress of Italy. Under Julius Caesar her power spread mightily, while the Roman Empire, which was establish­ed in 27 C.,B. extended her sway over North Africa, the Levant, the Balkans, Spain, France and even England. 7
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