A Soldier's Guide to Rome

USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES English Good morning or Good day Good evening Sir or Mister Madam Miss Please Excuse me Thank you NoYes I don’ t understand Where is Where is a hotel? Where is the rail­road station? Where is a toilet? Turn right Turn left Straight ahead Please point (Extract! from TH 30-303) Pronunciation bwohn JOR-no BWO-na SAY-ra seen-YO-ray seen-YO-ra seen-yo-REE-na_ payr p ya-CHAY-ray or payr fa-VO-ray SKOO-za GRAHTS-yay SEE NO NOHN ka-PEE-sko (DO-vay AY) do VAY doV A Y lo-TEL? (DO-vay AY) (DO-vay AY) do­ VAY la stahts-YO- nay? (DO-vay-AY) do­ V A Y eel ga-bee- NET-to? JEE-ra-ah DESS-tra JEE-ra ah see-NEE- stra SEM-pray dec-REET •to een-dee-KA-tay-mee, pavr fa-VO-ray Italian Spelling buon giorno buona sera signore signora signorina per piacere per favore scusa. grazie si no non capisco (dove e) dov’e dov’e I’hotel? (dove e) (dove e) dov’e la stazionc? (dove e) dov’e il gabinetto? gira a destra gira a sinistra sempre diritto indicatemi, per fa­ vore 47
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