List of Etonians who fought in the World War 1939-1945

PREFATORY NOTE This list o f Etonians who served in the Second World War has been compiled at the instance o f the Committees o f the Old Etonian Association and o f the Eton War Memorial Fund (1943) and under the general supervision o f a Joint Sub-Committee o f these two bodies. The number so far as can be ascertained was 4958 and o f these 378 were in the Royal Navy 20 in the Royal Marines 4048 in the Army and 512 in the Royal Air Force. These figures include those who served in the Commonwealth Forces orin the Forces o four Allies. Only those who were engaged in full-time service in the Armed Forces are included in the list. It therefore does not contain the names o f those who served in the Home Guard in the Civil Defence Services orin certain other Services. The names o f those whose deaths have been directly due to War Service are printed in red. Their number is 748 and o f these 29 served in the Royal Navy 4 in the Royal Marines 572 in the Army and 143 in the Royal Air Force. The note “since died” has been inserted where death has not been attributable to War Service. In a second list are given the names o f those who were killed during the period between 31st December 1945 and the date o f the final printing or whose deaths occurred during this period and were directly attributable to their military duties. A third list contains the names o f non-Etonian members o f the Staff who served in the Royal Navy Army or Royal Air Force. A further list contains the names o fOld Etonians who although not eligible for inclusion in the main list were known to have been killed by enemy action or died as a result o fit. Before each name is printed the date o f leaving Eton and after it the Eton House or Houses. The rank given is that held on 31st December 1945 whether Substantive, War Substantive Temporary or Acting. The Regiment or Corps o f those in the Army is that into which they were enlisted or commissioned and which is shown as such in the Army List. The Victoria Cross was awarded to Major Lord D c LIsle and Dudley the Hon. C. Furness Major .A.D Jamieson and posthumously to Lt.-Coloncl G. C.T. Keyes and Captain Lord Lyell. The George Cross was awarded to Flying Officer G.R .Branch R.A .F .and Squadron Leader C.G. N .Close R.A .F .both o f whom were afterwards killed inaction and to Squadron Leader A. H.M. Tollemache Auxiliary Air Force.
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