List of Etonians who fought in the Great War 1914-1918

SINAI Anderson Lt. G.R. de Knoop. Capt. J. J. J. de Rutzen Lt. Baron Elcho Capt. Lord Romani Hod-el-Baheir Katia Katia Jaffray Lt. Sir). H. Bt. Lloyd-Baker Capt. M.G. Quenington Lt. Vise. Wiggin Capt. G.R. Oghratina Katia Katia Oghratina MESOPOTAMIA Alington 2nd Lt. H.G. Caldwell Lt. J. H. Campbell 2nd Lt. I. Finlay 2nd Lt. L.E. Foljambe Bt. Maj. Hon. J. Shumran Daur Sheikh Saad Es Sinn C.W .S. Kut-el-Amara Goschen 2nd Lt. Hon. J.G. Sheikh Saad Harvey Brig.-Gen. W. J. St. J. Kut-el-Amara Howard Maj. B. H. Dujailah Redoubt Marchant Lt. S.H. Sheikh Saad Mewburn Capt. S. W. R. Kut-el-Amara Prothero Lt. J.R. The Lesser Zab Simpson Maj. R. V . Kut-el-Amara Woodhouse. Lt. R. C.H. Orah EAST A FRIC A Buller Trooper F.E. Drummond Trooper F. J. Eckstein Lt. L.A. Gibbs Trooper M.N. Ingito Hills Longido Kibata Fort Kahe Greswolde-Williams F.Lt. H. J. Pandamuti Hill Sandbach Capt. H. H. Longido MISCELLANEOUS Acland-Hood Midshipman C.A. J. Jutland Durnford Capt. C.R. Resht Persia Earle Lt. J. V .Cameroons Elsmie Lt.-Col. G. E.D. Kohat India Hunter Capt. .V.T Camazzole Italy Kesteven Capt. Lord s.s. “Mercian.” Mediterranean Knowles Lt. R. A.L. Near Salonica Middleton 2nd Lt. E. Wadi-el-Maktil Western Egypt Middleton Capt. F. Sahil Persia Powell Sub-Lt. O.P. The Baltic Ralli 2nd Lt. E. J. Air Raid London Schack-Sommer Lt. G. Galicia Scott Maj. J. C.M. Bala. Balkans Settrington Lt. Lord Archangel Winterbottom Maj. G. Near Salonica Wollaston Lt.-Col. F. H.A. Air Raid London Wormald Capt. G. Lake Doiran Balkans DROWNED Ashmore Lt. G. W .P. Mullens Sub-Lt. C. J. A. Near Dunkirk s.s. “Transylvania” St. Aubyn Lt.-Col. Hon.E.S. s.s. “Persia” Donaldson Brig.-Gen. Sir H.F. Salomons Capt. D.R. H.P. H.M.S. “Hampshire” H.M.S. “ Hythe” Lees 2nd Lt. J. s.s. “Falaba ”FROM THE STAFF OF ETON COLLEGE FRANCE 191J Mason Lt. E. Fromelles
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