List of Etonians who fought in the Great War 1914-1918

Ridout 2nd Lt. G.A. E. Ritchie 2nd Lt. H. D. Rosse Maj. Earl of St. Aubyn Maj. M. J. Saumarez Capt. SettleR.S. Lt.-Col. R.H. N. Simpson Lt. M.O.L.D. Squirl M.E.Lt. Stephenson Maj. D.C. Stewart Lt.-Col. W. N. Stuart-Wortley Lt.-Col. Sturt Capt. Hon. G. P.M Tennyson Capt. Hon. A J- N.A. Hesb6court Thynne Lt.-Col. Lord A.G. Bethune Canal du Nord Tilney Maj. L.A. Dourges Festubert Trelawny Lt. H. W. Beaurain Jussy Upjohn Lt. W.M. St. L6ger Lechelle Walpole Lt. S.H. Arras Cl6ry Warren Maj. R.D. Ypres Poperinghe Watson 2nd Lt. Sir J. Bt. Sussy Berlaimont Willink Capt. G. O.W. Lamotte St. Quentin Wodehouse 2nd Lt. Hon.E. Moreuil Ep6hy Wood Lt.-Col. R.B. Courcelles Bullecourt Woodhouse Capt. M.L. Gr^villers Voisnes Wright 2nd Lt. N.A.H. Eterpigny Fleury G A LLIPO LI Ainger 2nd Lt. T.E. Scimitar Hill Anstice Lt. J. S.R. Krithia Boxall Capt. C.L. Sedd-el-Bahr Chapman Capt. W. H. Suvla Bay Cherry Sub-Lt. L.A. Achi Baba Churchill Maj. W.M. Suvla Bay Clement Capt. S.R. Gaba Tepe Draper Capt. R.F. Suvla Bay Hall 2nd Lt. J. E. K. Suvla Bay Hornby 2nd Lt. W. R. Krithia Hornsby 2nd Lt. L.R. W. Suvla Bay Kennaway Lt. A.L. Suvla Bay Learmonth Capt. N. J. C. Livingstone Chocolate Hill Lee Brig.-Gen. N. Krithia Lees Lt. Sir T.E. K.f Bt. Suvla Bay Legge Capt. Hon. G. Suvla Bay Lister Lt. Hon. C.A. Loring Capt. W. McNeile Lt.-Col. J. Merivale 2nd Lt. J. L. Moseley 2nd Lt. H.G. J Mundey Lt. C.L. Paton Capt. G.A.L. Quilter Lt.-Col. J. A.C. Romanes Lt. E. G.R. Sandbach Maj. W. Sartoris Lt. C.F. Scudamore Lt. J. V. Sheppard Lt.-Col. G.S. Stephenson Capt. E.S. Whitaker Sub-Lt. H. J. Williams Pte. J. N. Winterbottom Capt. CapeD. Helles Suvla Bay Krithia Lone Pine Chanak Bair Krithia Kuchuk Anafarta Cape Helles Krithia Chanak Bair Gully Ravine X Beach Chocolate Hill Sedd-el-Bahr I. Gaba Tepe Quins Post D. Achi Baba PALESTINE Albright Maj. C.M. Aldersey Capt. H. Bailey Lt. R.N. M. Birkbeck Capt. G. W. Bonsor Capt. C.M. Chester Capt. H. K. Dunlop 2nd Lt. A.H. Fletcher Lt. H. W. Glazebrook Maj. P.K. Harter 2nd Lt. J. C.F. Helme Capt. T.H. Hodgson Capt. C.B. M. Kekewich Capt. G. Kekewich Maj. H. L. Huj Burg-el-Lisaneh Maane Gaza Near Jerusalem Gaza Sheria Gaza Sheikh Abdallah Near Jerusalem Es-Salt Jordan Valley Shellal Gaza Law Lt. C. J. Gaza Loder Capt. R.E. Gaza Mitchell Lt. R. W. Sheria Primrose. Capt. Hon. N. J. A. Abu Shushe Renton Capt. A. J. Jaffa Richardson Capt. A. T.L. Gaza Sandbach Capt. G.R. Gaza Seely Capt. C.G. Gaza Somerville 2nd M.A.Lt. Wadi Kanah Sprigg Capt. H.A. G.El Kefr Thomas Lt. W. H. Gaza Wright Maj. R.El Tahta Wroughton Maj. P. M.N. Gaza 11
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