Far East, Companion Journal to The Prisoner of War, Vol. I, No. II, November 1945

November 194 Far bast 11 SOME MORE RECIPES Following last months menu plan here are some more dishes to tempt the repatriates appetite and add variety to everyday food. SAVOURY DISHES FOR DINNER OR SUPPER (Quantities for 4) VEGETABLE AU GRATIN FRUIT FOOL 4 breakfast cups diced cooked vegetables. 3 oz. grated cheese. Sauce 2 oz. plain flour. 2 pints vegetable liquid 2 pints milk. Mix the flour to a smooth paste with some of the liquid. Bring the rest of the liquid to the boil and pour over the blended flour. Return quickly to the pan and cook for five minutes stirring all the time. Add cooked vegetables and the cheese. Pour into a fire-proof dish. Grill until brown or brown at the top of the oven if the oven is in use. WATERCRESS SOUP I oz. fat or dripping. I pint water. I oz. watercress chopped. Salt. I lb. potatoes cut in quarters Bacon rinds. i pint milk. Melt fat add half the watercress and the potatoes cut in quarters. Fry gently without browning for 5 minutes. Add the saltwater and bacon rinds. Cook 20 minutes until the potatoes are soft. Mash potatoes with a wooden spoon. Remove bacon rinds add milk and just before serving add the remainder of the watercress. LICHT PUDDINGS (Quantities for 4 )FRUIT AMBER 6 oz. short pastry. I teaspoon grated lemon rind or lemon flavouring. 1 lb. apples or other fruit. 2 dried eggs reconstituted. 2 oz. sugar. j pint milk. Prepare the fruit and cook to a pulp with the sugar. Add lemon egg and milk and mix well. Pour into a flan tin lined with uncooked pastry. Bake in a hot oven 20-30 minutes. 2 level tablespoons plain flour. I level tablespoon sugar. pint milk 1 pint sweetened fruit pulp made from I i-2 lb. stewed fruit 2 level tablespoons dried egg To make the fruit pulp stew the fruit with just enough water to prevent it burning. Mash or sieve the fruit and sweeten to taste. Leave to cool. Mix the egg flour and sugar to a smooth paste with a little cold milk. Boil remaining milk and stir into the paste return panto and boil 3-5 minutes. Leave to cool. When fruit and custard are both cold beat them together and pile in serving dish. RAW FRUIT FOOL WITH CUSTARD Make custard as above and when cold infold I lb. chopped raw fruit. Sweeten to taste. FILLING FOR SANDWICHES AND SGpNES (Quantities for I).r GRATED CHEESE FILLING w J k 1 oz. margarine. 2 level tablespoons finely grated cheese. Cream together the margarine and cheese and spread the mixture on slices of bread or split scones. Press the slices together and cut into pieces for serving. EGG AND PARSLEY FILLING i oz. margarine or dripping. J level teaspoon salt. I dried egg reconstituted. I level tablespoon chopped parsley. Melt the fat. Mix the egg and salt and pour into the pan. Scramble the mixture slowly. When cold mix in the parsley and spread between slices of bread and margarine or use as a filling for scones. Tliev knen Wliaf Wt‘ Were tj Again! (Continued) \hing to help us. This fact also cheered us up and your tremendous efforts did bear fruit we received supplies once in 19-12. once in 19^1- which included much-needed medical supplies and then, of course when the end came in August, we received thousands of tons which had been held back from us. In addition to this we got regular local supplies bought with money sent by you to Siam. We can never repay you but if yoy will let me know how we would like to help you. —W. J. Wink field Major. 7 “Your Withunderstanding Pukan Baru Sumatra. We who were st) happy to have sur­vived the daily torments of the Nip­ponese were on a certain surprise by receiving your small blue sack tilled with the most useful toilet articles. The more useful for us as the Nipponese already longtime ago had robbed most of such articles. So you understand that this small sack was extraordinary welcome and 1 spontaneously use one of the letters (the other one is for my wife on Java) to tell you how good your gift was received and how grateful we were for this your withunderstanding with the needs of P.o.W. L.—R. M diem a a Dutch private in the Java army before the war a teacher of Javanese. They Saved Many Lives Whitchurch Hants. 1 should like to record my appreciation of all that was done by your Organisa­ tion. While in Formosa in 1943 we re­ceived about ii individual parcels each, and a considerable quantity of bulk stores. Coming when there was a great deal o! sickness and low spirits they saved many lives. ...On arrival in Calcutta by air. and later at Lydda in Palestine we were 4 met by your officers and presented with all the necessities of life. The representa­tives of the local Red Cross were ready for us when we landed in England with further presents. We could not have been treated with greater kindness. —P. C. Grant. Major (ex Fukuoka Camp). A Promise Fulfilled Dalstonp London K. When in Rangoon on the way home we met Lady Mountbatten who told us how hard the Red Cross had tried to get parcels and comforts to us but the Japanese w T ould not co-operate. How­ever she promised that the Red Cross would makeup for it now w r e were free, and her promise has certainly been ful­filled— at least tome. The kindliness and spontaneous sincerity of your workers in helping P.o.W .s from the Far East has touched me greatly and I felt I must record my appreciation and grate­ful thanks for the help given tome— From S. II. Palmer LfSgt. (ex Siam Camps).
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