Memorial Register, France I, The War Dead of The British Commonwealth and Empire, Dunkirk Town Cemetery

Nieuport Ghent{'' \°Veurne Dunkcrqt .Louvain )oM a a stric \th Calais oAachcn BRUSSELS Boulogne \ lzegroucK ^ B ^thu n e DC CAL A IS' Wavre SCALE 1-5.008.844 O R 794 MIL EST O 1 INCH IILES ^Maul ,ed °D0U8I Nam ur iesbadtn o Arras Doullens °Cambrai S t Quentin Am iens ^herbouri isso n s Saarbrucken Bayeux Chalons- T alaise artS obs u i S C SanE I NEE 7 J '^f v . M elm u v e - 0 I S(E S t 6 «org«« V MARNE EURE Chartres T L 0 I REV Oman oMayerint U A YEN NE\t n.p Val. 0 S G XIE S Colmar-- V AM. U -ir rnnes ^lang res M ulh o usp ^Jelfort / erre ^u oV an ncs Tours 0 IRE INF FIR I HUE t St. Nazairc 1 7 8EHM uSe rre ^ Nevers >alons-s* Snone REl la Roche sur Yon VENDEE Chateauroux Poitiers 'Mon tli Gueret. (la Rochelle VICHY Anne c y YUP 0 E ^)0 M Clerm ont-Ferrand Chambery C 0 ERR 7 E oTulle /Grenoble Valence Aurillac Bordeaux L 0 I ERE Mende Cahors ave y r o jARON Nf ^L^' CTARN ET GARONNE •Orange )vAU CLU SE Millau Roquefort® lontauban Mont de.BOUCHES DU RHONE Wontpelli you lo ij^ e A Tu TE-St. Raphael 'Marseilles /au I 'basses Pyrenees “(Tarbes n H A\u 7 E S Hyeres C arc asso n n e Narbonne lies d'H/eres J . y P erp ign an /PYRE N I1 5 OR!E N TALES Indicated in red are the locations of cemeteries where thore are more than 4 0 war graves. There are smaller groups of rag v o sin hun d reds of c e mete rie sand church yards allover France. In the areas enclosed by dotted lin os in Brittany Norm andy nnd Northern France cemeteries are too many and too close together to be show non this map: a separate mop of oach region is included in the registers of cemeteries in that region
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The document titled Memorial Register, France I, The War Dead of The British Commonwealth and Empire, Dunkirk Town Cemetery is beneath this layer.

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