Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 25 No. 5

STANLEY PAULS NEW FICTION er JOAN BUTLER '—Low Spirits This gay and nonsensical yarn is a succession of riotous and hilarious situations. -‘Miss Joan Butler is better than Mr. Wodehouse.” —Sunday Referee. 8s. 6d. T. ARTHUR PLUMMER— The Strangl This is a sensational non-stop, "11 -out punch-in-every-line Andy Frampton yarn by “the author who makes thrillers worth.while.”" 8s. 6d. JOHN CREASE Y —Inspector West Regrets The Times Literary Supplement: “Excitement is confidently cxpected from a story by Mr. Creasey. This is a striking tribute to the sustained excellence of John Creasey s stories. 8s. 6d. JOHN COURAGE —They all Came Back John Courages latest book is a romance detective story thriller or what you will you will but above all it is a glimpse ot possibly the most vital problems that must face all those who comeback from Hitlers war. 8s. 6d. RICHARD G O the Fells There is ample in this clever story to satisfy the detective fan. the thriller fiend aud the reader who just wants“ a good story.” ____________________ __________________________ gs. od MICHAEL HALLIDAY -No Crime more Cruel This story written with much charm and distinction is not only exciting but thoroughly enjoyable. 8s. 6d. JAMES SANDYS— F/ 'om Laughter to Death The story races on at a speed telling of set-backs mysteries and amazing situations. There is never a dull page in this fascinating mystery thriller. 8s. 6d. STANLEY PAUL &CO. LTD. 37 Bedford Square London W.C.l Printed for the Proprietors and Publishers Messrs .Hutchinson &Co. tP u b lish ers) Ltd. 47 i'rin ces Gate London S.VV.7 by Fisher K k ig h &Co.t Ltd Gainsborough Press St. A lbans H erts England. Sole Agents for Australia New Z ealan d and Canada: Gobjdom &Go icu Ltd. Sole Agents for South A fric a Central News Agency Ltd. (London A gen ts: Gordon S c G otcu Ltd.)
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