Memorial Register 38, The Basra Memorial 'Iraq, Part III, I-M

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES IAN SON Pte. William 19151. 6th Bn. King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regt. 9th Feb. 1917. IB ALL Pte. Albert 11456. 8th Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers. 5th April 1916. IB ALL Pte. James 7806. 7th Bn. North Staffordshire Regt. 18th Dec. 1916. GIG LE DEN Pte. James Harry Frederick, 281367. ist/6th Bn. Hampshire Regt. 27th June 1918. IG O Pte. Thomas 23379. 1st Bn. Manchester Regt. 25th March 1917. ILE S Dvr. Henry H .5384. “A” Bty. 66th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 22nd April 1916. ILE S Pte. Horace John 14887. 9th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regt. 3rd April 1917. IL LID G E Lee. Cpl. Harry 16098. 8th Bn. Cheshire Regt. 20th Feb. 1917. IL LID G E Serjt. William 11645. 6th Bn. South Lancashire Regt. 9th April 1916. IM PEY Pte. Charles 14263. 2nd Bn. Dorset­ shire Regt. 20th April 1918. Age 20. Son of the late James and MaryAnn Impey. Proceeded to France 1914. INCH Lee. Cpl. Sydney 3067. ist/6th Bn. Devonshire Regt. 8th March 1916. GIN HAM Pte. Joseph 3513287(77907). 2nd Bn. Manchester Regt. 24th July 1920. Age 20. Son of Edwin and Mary Elizabeth Ingham o f 2, Mount Pleasant St. Salford Manchester. GIN HAM Pte. Tom 24347. 6th Bn. East Lancashire Regt. 30th April 1917. GIN ISL Pte. William 40136. 1st Bn. Highland Inf.Light 26th Oct. 1918. INGRAM Pte. David 38351. 8th Bn. Welch Regt. 26th Aug. 1916. Age 39. Son of John and Anne Ingram husband of Mary Elizabeth Ingram o f 11 Tramroad Side Gilfach Goch, Bridgend Glam. INGRAM Gnr. Dick Charles Louis 26010. 86th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 30th Sept. 1916. INGRAM Pte. John Harry 61760. 136th Coy. INDEX No. M.R.38 Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). Buried at sea 14th BASR A MEM. Jan. 1919. Age 29. Son o f M r.and Mrs. PART III Ingram o f 57 Raymond Rd. Leicester husband of Charlotte C. Fitzgerald (formerly Ingram) of 4 Court T Northgate St. Leicester. IN MAN 2nd Lt. Leslie Yardley. 3rd Bn. Royal Scots attd. Wiltshire Regt. Died o f wounds, received at the Battle o f Sunnaiyet 6th April 1916. Age 27. Son o f George Talfourd Inman and Amy Hope Inman o f 1 The Close Hatfield Herts. INN ES C.S.M .William B. 9365. 1st Bn. Seaforth Highlanders. 22nd Feb. 1917. IN WOOD Lee. Cpl. Thomas 8992. 1st Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 6th April 1916. IRELAND Pte. Andrew S/10338. 2nd Bn. Black Watch. 21st Jan. 1916. IRELAND Lee. Cpl. John Alexander 2693. 6th Bn. Loyal North Lancs Regt. 5th April 1916. Age 23. Son o f Barbara Hughes (formerly Ireland) of Aberdeen House Hengoed Oswestry, and the late John Henry Ireland. IRELAND Pte. Thomas 26944. Ist Bn. Highland Inf.Light 20th April 1917. Age 21. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ireland o f 11 Bank St. Aberdeen. IRELAND Pte. William 16694. ist Bn. Manchester Regt. 8th March 1916. Age 41. Husband of Sarah Fortune Ireland o f 16 Alderley St. Eccles New Rd. Salford Manchester. IRISH Pte. George Edwin 2077. ist Bn. Manchester Regt. 8th March 1916. Age 20. Son o f John T .Irish o f 14 Pitt St. East Glodwick Oldham and the late Esther Irish. IRONS Pte. Edward Arthur 22937. 9th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regt. 6th June 1919. IRONS Pte. George William 15975. 2nd Bn. Dorsetshire Regt. 16th Feb. 1916. Age 23. Son of George and Elizabeth Irons o f 20 Grunei- sen Rd. Finchley Middx. IRONS Pte. Thomas George 9025. ist Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light Died 8th May 1916 awhile Prisoner of War in Asia Minor. 135
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