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and muted. It is the sound of a Fortress engine at its dispersal point. The line crews are on the job. The com batmen stiffen for a moment. Then they relax. They look up at the Old Man, who stands facing them gravely. Back at Comm and, Weather is having a round-robin talk with the meterological officers of the Air Divisions and the Combat Wings. The weather chart is developing as predicted. A front is moving eastward across the Irish Sea, but planes will beat it back to base. Weather’s final judgment: the attack is feasible. Mission 95 has conquered its first great enemy—weather. The Old Man is talking: I don't need to tell any o f you what we did at Kiel on the last mission. The bombing was good— some o f the best we've done. I can't assay much for the formation we flew. We hashed all that over at the critique after the mis­sion. I want you pilots and copilots to profit by that discussion today. Our target is the synthetic- rubber plant at Hiils, near Recklinghausen. A smaller force will be attacking the Ford and General Motors plants at Antwerp, approximately half an hour before your OverTime Target. There will bean FAR fighter sweep over this part o f the Dutch coast at 1035, Ran A F diversion inhere, and one o four own Groups will fly a diversion to this point in order to draw off enemy fighters from this area. I want all pilots ...The pilot of Tarbaby is seated in the front row. A quiet young man of twenty-five in a leather jacket and O.D. trousers, with a white silk scarf draped about his neck. Two years ago he was an insurance adjuster, eight months (or was it eight years ?)ago he said good-by to his wife and small son in Savannah. The pilot is a conservative flier. He is also a worrier, in a mild way. Now, ashe listens to the Old Man, he is fretting about Tar­ baby's No. 3 engine, which has been giving them trouble. Hiils is the seventeenth mission for Tar­ baby and its crew. The Old Man: ...fighter support by twenty- three squadrons o f FAR Spitfires and three o f Typhoons will be furnished for your withdrawal. They will meet you here, which will be approxi­mately thirty minutes after you leave the target. That means you will go in and bomb unescorted. Our P-Al's are furnishing withdrawal cover for the Antwerp attack. Are there any questions? Ball Turret is the youngest, the smallest, and, 7 don't need to tell any o f you what we did at Kiel on the last mission. The bombing was good and A
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