Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 24 No. 19

11 €TU I I I i\T SON ItO© K .NEWS Large first edition so/d out on publication Reprinting! Sir Thomas Rcechain A MINGLED CHIME Evening News: “His copious knowledge is revealed and there are clues to the secret of his genius as a conductor.” Daily Sketch: “You will enjoy reading his biography lie possesses the widest knowledge of art literature opera ballet and drama.” 16/- „Adventure sand experiences in fifteen European countries Char les W o I I f JOURNEY INTO CHAOS Few men following a scholastic life have had equal opportunities to witness from clo^e quarters the tremendous upheavals throughout Europe from 1914 to 1942.18/- Published by authority o f the Royal Norwegian Government Information Office Fig h ting Nor semen by R.B. NYQUIST The story of the rebirth of the Norwegian Army Navy and Air Force in Britain since the German occupation of Norway in 1940 With 20 illustrations 6/- Count Alfred Vfessensteiii A GIANT IN THE AGE OF STEEL From this illuminating study of General de Gaulle and his Fighting French movement the reader will be able better to understand the tragedy and causes of the Fall of France With 17 illustrations 18/- Lord (po relfl W EGO A JOURNEY An important book on The Nature of God and The Christian Way of Life and will prove invaluable to every soul searching for truth .and in need of consolation. 6/- A l a u H o ugh ton l i rod rick PARTS OF BARBARY Evening Standard :“There is an immense store of valuable and interesting information in tins book.” With IS beautiful illustrations 21/-™1 r se r Z The Royal Air Force by AIR COMMODORE L.E.O. CHARLTON C.B. C.M.G. D.S.O. Again Air Commodore Charlton has written a stirring and fully informed survey of the Royal Air Force. With 400 illustrations 21/- HUT CHIN SON &Co. (Pub lis hers )Ltd. A----=----------------L R G EST OF BOOK J M J B M SHE RS-----------------------------------
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