The Morning Chronicle, May 12th 1854

'/ - - rant (slcau'crj iui hvhuiumaii vmJ « v x ~ . berg for Konigsberg. The Marco Polo sailed from Melbourne March 1, for this port. Tho Break o'Day bailed from Queenstown to-day, ill tow of two U v e b p o o l SHIPS a t F o re ig n P o r ts .— Nuevo, Marco Polo, Amalia, Atalanta, and Arabian (a.s.), at Constantinople ; Elise, at Seville ; Arabia (Royal moil steamer), at Boston ; Lady Franklin, De Witt, Clinton, aud Boston Light, at New York ; John M errick, at Philadelphia; Alexandria and Royal Saxon, at Balti­ more ; General Parkhill, Arlington, and Carnatic, at Charleston ; Lineluden Castle and Wolfe, at New Orkans; Glasgow, at Sa­ vannah; Catharine, at Christiana; 'Viudclina, at Bolderaa ; Herloff Trolle, off Frcdorickshaven ; Actio. at|Vlio; Harrier and Countess, at Harlingen ; and Speedwell, at Texel. L o n d o n m a r k e t s — y e ste rd a y . NEWGATE AND LEADENIIAI<L. Inferior Beef, 3s Od to 3s 2d; middling, 3s 4d to 35 ed ; prime, Ss lCd to 4s ; prime small, 4s to 4h ‘ 2d ; V eal, 4s 4d to 4s 8d; inferior Mutton, 3s 4d to 3s 6d; middling, 3k 10J to 4s od ; prime, 4s 4d to 4s (id; Lamb, 5s 8d to Cs; large Pork, 8s 8d to 4a; small Pork, 4s 4d to 46 8d per 81bs by the carcase. WATERSIDE POTATO MARKET. The supplies at this market still continue very short, and trade dull, at the annexed quotations:—Kent and Essex Regents, 130s to IGOs; STork ditto, 140s to 170s; Scotch ditto, 130s to lfiOs; ditto Cups, 110s to 130s; Irish white*, 110a to 120s; Foreign 100b to 110s per ton. LI AY MARKETS. Poktmam.—Old Meadow Hay, 90s to 100s ; inferior ditto, C5s to 75s; old Clover, 100s to 110s; inferior ditto, 803 to 90s; Wheat Straw, 40s to 44s per load of 36 trusses. Sm ith firm ).—Fine Upland Meadow* and Bye Grass llay, 103s to 105s ; inferior ditto, 75s to 85e ; superior Cl ore r, llSs to 120s; In­ ferior ditto, 90s to 100s; Straw, 32s to 42s per load of 36 trusses. Whitbchai* kl.—There was a full supply at this market to-day, and a fair trade at the undermentioned prices :—Old llay, from S)5s to 106s ; new ditto, 50s to 90s ; old Clover, 110s to 126s; new ditto, 60s to 120s ; Straw. 33s to 38s per load. P R IC E OF B REA D . The prices of Whcaten Bread in the metropolis are from 10*^d to l i d ; of Household ditto, O ^d to lOd. Some bakers arc Belling from 8d to 9d ; and League Bread Company’s, i)*id per 41b loaf, weighed on delivery. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, M a y 11. Tho market closed with firmness, and prices of all descriptions were without change, and quite as high as previously. Tho sales amounted to 7,000 hales, 1,500 for export and on speculation, in­ cluding 5,500* American; 100 PernamandM aranham.d'/idtoG'Vl ; 250 Bahia, 6tyd ; 300 Egyptian, Ul to 6d ; and 800 Surat, 3d to 3&dper lb. Sunny Hours (i>y uoogscm;, oujiuisu uiun tion of the New Society oi Water Colours : Picdota (by E. H. Wehnert)—Monument to the Memory of the Hon. James Stuart, from the Exhibition of tho Royal Academy—Testimonial prc5onted 1 to the Officers of the 34th anil 60th Regiment*—Portrait of Mme. Anna Caradori—Scene from “ Faust and Marguerite”—Funeral of the late Marquis of Anglesey (three engravings)—Chatbum Church Struck by Lightning—Toy-work at the Ragged School—And all the News of the Week. Price Sixpence, with a Supplement Gratis.— Ofiloo, 108, Strand._____________________ ________ _______ , T HE FIELD , of May 13, Illustrated Sporting and Family Newspaper.—Will* Latest Betting—Price of Funds—Arrival of Foreign Mails—War and Political News, &c., by Electric Telegraph, up to the time of publishing. Tlie Field, Illustrated, or every Gentleman's Newspaper, is the best medium for advertising. First Edition, early on Friday ; Second, Saturday afternoon, in time for the evening mails ; a Third Edition on Sun­ day morning. Illustrations: View of Cronstadt—Portrait of Virago, the winner of the 1,000 Guineas—J . Scott’s 6tah!es at Malton—Wrestling—An Angling Sketch—Columbian Fowl, Ao. *• The Field was the only newspaper that named the winner of the Chester Cup and tho first favourite on the day of starting.”—Vide Toby Peep’s Letter, May 6.—Office, 408, Strand, near the Adelpln Theatre.—Price 6d. KNOTT’S NEW STOVE.—’ VIEWS of LON- DON CHURCHES.—Tho BUILDER, No. 588, for To-mor­ row, May 13, published This Day, price 4d., stamped 5d., con­ tains:—Tlie Architectural Works at the Royal Academy—Fine View of Twenty-one London Churches—Who Uusigncd the Water Gate—Prince Albert’s Plan fer Sewage—Working Men’s Funerals —A New Water Meter; with Illustrations—Notes and luquiries— Gasworks—The Preservation of Stone—Dr. Aruotl's New Stove; with an Engraving—1 Tho Wellington Clock Tower— An Escape— George Stephenson's Statue, k c .—Office, 1, York-street, Covcnt- gardcu ; and to be had of all booksellers in the United Kingdom. rN T X T T M A N U FAC TURK.—Messrs. ELKINGTON and CO. respectfully solicit the attention of tho nobility, gentry, amateurs, artist*, and others Interested iu the ad­ vancement of British art manufacture to their increasing collodion of STATU ETTES, vases, k c ., published exclusively by them in bronze, silver, and gold, from the antique, and select works of modern artists ; also to their artistic and decorative plate, calcu­ lated for tho table, sideboard, library, boudoir, k c . These pro­ ductions w ’ere honoured at the late Great Exhibition by an award of the Council Medal, and may be had at either establish meat, $ £ £ £ £ & . , }¦-»*>»• Newhall-street, Birmingham. oTTD ThAINS and ~JEWR LLERY.— V T WATHERSTON and BROGDEN beg to call the attention of the public to tho following examples, showing tho relativo prices paid for LABOUR in the purchase of a geuuine, and of a spurious GOLD CHAIN :— w itmn miy muc^ ui tiimuu. v. ~ x- - Graham), India Warehouse, 10, Ludjrate-street, near St. Paui’s. c S tate o f T r a d e .— M a n c h e s t e r, M a y 11.— There has been a rumour on ’Change to-day that tlie Bank had raised the rate of interest, and this, joined with the declining slate of the ootton market, hat kept the market against sellers. Very little busiuess has been done, but the tone iR not that of depression, notwithstanding the indisposition of purchasers to effect sales at current prices. These remarks apply both to yarns and goods. In tbo latter some business has beeu done for the East upon the strength of newspaper notices of the stale of trade there, which read well, but there are not generally any largo transactions until the private letters come to hand, and shippers know' the opinion of their correspondents. H er Mryesty’s royal letters patent fer valuable and extra­ ordinary improvements in the mast powerful and brilliant Tele­ scopes ; camp, racecourse, oj>era, and perspective glasses, to know the distances of objects viewed through them—of great importance to tho army, navv and others.—Messrs. S. and B. Solomons, opti­ cians, 39. Albemarle*street, Piccadilly ; observe, opposite tho York Hotel. These Telescopes possess such extraordinary powers, that some. 8i Inches, with an extra cye-piece, will show distinctly Jupiter's moons, Saturn’s rin*, and the double stars; with the same telescope can be seen a person's countenance 3H rtiles distant, aad an object from 12 to 14 mde*. They supersede every other kiud for tho wai3tcoat pocket, and are of larger and all sizes with increasing powers accordingly.—Tho Royal Exhi­ bition, 1651, valuable newly-invented very small powerful waibt- coat-pocket glass, the six* of a walnut, by which a person can be seen and known 1J miles distant; they answer every purpose on the racecourse, at the Opera-houses, country soenery, and ships aro clearly seen at 12 to 14 mile*. They are invaluable for shooting, deor-sudklng, yachting, to sportsmen, gentlemen, gamekeepers, and tourists. Camp, Opera, Racecourse, and Perspective Glasses, with wonderful powers. An object can be clearly seeu fr*m 10 to 12 miles distant. Ncwly-lnvented Spectacles, immediately they are placed before extremely imperfect vision every object bccomes clvar and distinct, the most aged defective sight Is brought to its youthful, natural, and original state.—Invisible and all kinds of acoustic instruments, for relief of extreme deaftioss.—39, Albe- nmrle-strcet, Piccadilly, opposite the York Hotel. F if t y T h o u sa n d C ures, h j Du BARRY'sdelicious Reva- Lbnta A rabioa Food, of indigestion (dyspepsia), constipation, nervous, bilious, and liver complaints.—Cure No. 71, of dyspepsia. From the Right Hon. the Lord Stuart de Decies: “ 1 have de­ rived considerable benefit from *»u Barry’s Revalenta Arabica JFood, and consider it duo to yourselves and the public to authorise the publication of these lines. S t f a h t d r Deciics.”— Cure No. 49,832. “ Fifty years’ indescribable agony from dysjn^p- sia, nervousness, asthma, cough, constipation, flatulency, spasms, sickness at the stomach, and vomitings have been removed by Du Barry's excellent food. M a r ia J o l l y , Wortham, Ling, near Dis*, Norfolk."—In canisters, with full instructions—lib., 2s. Od.; 21b., 4s. 6d. ; 51b., 11s. ; 121b., 22s.; super-refined, Mb., 22a. ; 101b., 33s. The 101b. and 12lb. carriage free.—Barry du Barry and Co., 77, Regent-street, London; Fortnum, Mason, and Co. ; also at 4, Chcapside; 60,Graccchureh-strcet; 49, Bishopsgate-street W ithin ; 330 and 461, Strand : 63. Oxford-street; 5, Ecclcston-st., Pimlico. A L ie u te n a n t o f D ragoons 'Juried o f Rheum atism bv H o llo w a y 's O in tm e n t and P ills .—This officer, who is in tho Dutch army, states that Holloway's pills ami ointment have cured him of rheumatism, which appeared to be incurable, a* neither sea-bathing, vapour-baths, nor preparations vaunted as sure reme­ dies did him any good, and tho treatment of the doctor, r.fler several months’ trial, was without succcss. At this juncture he com­ menced taking these pills, and rubbing tho ointment into the com­ plaining parts twice a day, which effectually cured him in the course of six weeks. The truth of this statement can be vouched fur by M r. J . B. Stratman, of Bois-de-Duc.—Sold by all druggists ; and at P ro file r Holloway’s establishment, 244, Strand, London. L a c e and m u s l i n m a n t l e s , d r e s s e s , &c., of the most elegant description, at extremely moderate prices. A great variety for selection at 81. Oxford-strcet, opposite the Pantheon.— D. BIDDLE, established as “ Hayward's,” 1770. S U M M E R M ANTLES.—A beautiful display of SILK MANTLES in the most eiegautstyles of the present season, from the simple an4 inexpensive suitable for young ladies. — D. BIDDLE, 81, Oxford strect, opposite the Pantheon. Esta­ blished as M Hayward’s,” 1770. OURT LA PPETS, in Brussels Point, Appliqu6 J Brussels, Point d’Alcn$on, Guipure, Honiton, Blonde, &e.— A stock unequalled in extent, elegance of design, and moderation of price, a t81, Oxford-street.—D. BIDDLE, laceman to the Royal Family, established as Hayward's 1770. m T l i T i l l P E R .I A L F L O It A, J L Registered by 5 or 0 Vic.. cap. 100. Under the especial patronage of her Most Gracious Majesty tho Queen.—D. N1CHOLSON and CO. respectfully Invito the atten­ tion of the Nobility and Ladies to the above singularly novel pro­ duction of the Jacquard loom, being the result of many repented and costly experiments for a very lengthened period.—The IM PERIAL FLORA MANTILLAS disnlay |>erhaps the highest artistic skill ami ingenuity ever attained in the manufacture of silken fabrics, being woven entirely without seam, in the newest and most elegant shapes, and gracefully ornamented with a variety of floral and «ther beautiful designs in both velvet and plush, all Ingeniously woven in the silk itself. D. Nicholson and Co. have the honour to announce that her Majesty has selected from each of tho patterns, and also commanded them to manufac­ ture other:* expressly for her Royal Highness the Prince** Royal and her Royal lltghiies* the Princes* Alice, having thus graciously marked her ivnieof the amountof patronage deserving. D. Nichol­ son and Co. feel aasured they will not fail to have the general encou­ ragement of Ladles to proerod In their elforM in numerous branches of manufacture, and all the aid that Is due in their en­ deavours for tho product lo a of elegant aud useful novelty.—2 4 4 5 and 249, Regent-street. G k. nli. nk G o ld C h a in . Assumed cost of gold chain, of equal w eight........................£ 1 0 0 Intrinsic value (if the gold is of 15 carats) 7 6 Left, far labour and protit . . . . . . . . . . . . £ 3 0 0 ELKCTRO-GiLT, OB, PoLfKlIKD Zixc-oold C h a in . Assumed co*t of gold chain, of equal weight....................£10 0 0 Intrinsic value (if the gold is of 7} carats) 8 10 0 Left, for labour and profit ....................£ 6 10 0 Difference, 115 per cent. WATHERSTON and BROGDEN,Goldsmiths.—Manufactory, 16, Henrietta-street, Oovent-gardem, London. Established a.d. 1798. CfA&L’S ARGENTINE blLVEK PLATE k } is the BEST SUBSTITUTE for SOLID SILVER.—Manufac­ tory, 15, Poultry (near the Mansion-house), London.—This unri­ valled production continues t- o give tho same satisfaction as when first introduced by Sari aud Sons, ten years ago. From its in­ trinsic value and brilliant appearance it far surpasses all other substitutes for solid silver. A new at magnificent stock has just been completed for the present seosen, to which public inspect ion is respectfully invited. Itcon? prises Spoons and Forks, Corner Dishes and Covers, Dish Covers, Kpergnce.and Candelabra,with beautiful fig*ire8audcla&8icaldcsigns,TeaandCof!ceEquipage8,CruetFrames, Cake Baskets, Candlesticks, Salvers, Tea Trays, Decanter Stands, L iq ue ur Frames, Tea Urns and Kettles, Soup and Sauce Tureens, with every article requisite for the dinner, tea, or breakfast service. Pamphlets, containing drawings and prices of all the articles, gratis, and sent postage free to all parts of the kingdom. Any uticle may be had separately as a sample. Sole inventors and manufacturers, SARL and SONS, 18, Poul­ try. near the Mansion-house. C “ OMPULSOBY VACO 1NATION.—OUR MEDICAL LIBERT IES!—People of England!—As we have often told you before, your medical liberties are stoleu from you. Read the pamphlet, just published by Sotherau and Co., 10, Little Tower-street, and 331, Strand, opposite Somerset House, price Is. 6:1., wherein, at page 18, you will find the following awful state­ ment, amongst many others, of a similar character:—4 1 An Ameri­ can medical author, Dr. Shew, commenting on another case of death, from vaccination, which was reported in the 4 New York Journal, Medical and Surgical,'gives a ease of a lady whoso health had been injured by vaccination, and adds—‘ In two other cases, large swellings took placo; oue in the arm pit, the other in the neck, lasting for somo days, and finally breaking out in running sores. By questioning closelv, wo not infrequently find that children never et\ joy g°ed health after vaccination, however firm It mi^ht have been before.'” Let then all friends to the medical liberty of the subject, petition the British Parliament to repeal, without loss of time, the Compulsory Vaccination Act. No time should be lost in presenting petitions. We are, fellow-countrymen, your obedient servants, THE MEMBERS OF THE BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH, NEW-ROAD, LONDON, FOR May 11, 1854. THE SOCIETY OF H Y G E IS T S .__ ___ T K IESEM A R, protected hy Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured bv the seals of the Ecole de Phar- macie de Paris, and the Imperial Collego of Medicine Vienna. Triescmar, No. 1., is a remedy for Relaxation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the System. Tricsemor, No. 2, effectually, in the short space of three days, completely and entirely eradicates all traces of those disorders which capivi and cubebs havo so long been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of tho health of a vast portiou of the population. Triesemar, No. 3, is the great Conti­ nental remedy for that class of disorders which unfortunately the English physician treats with mercury, to tho inevitable destruc­ tion of the patient's constitution, and which all the sarsaparilla in tho world cannot remove. Tricsemar, No. 1, 2, and 3, are alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauseating qualities. They may lie on ihe toilet table without their use being suspected.—Sold in tin cases at lls . each free ; by post 2s. extra, divided into separate dft869, as administered by Vaipeau, Lallemand, Roux, Ac. To be had wholesale and retail in London of Robert Johnson, G3, Com- h ill; Hannay and Ce., 63, Oxivrd-st.; and Sanger, 150, Oxfurd-bt. T HE CRAPE BALZVRINE, a fabric m uch wanted—The I’reprletovs of the Argyll Get era] Mourning Warehouses feel much pleasure in announcing that they have been successful In the manufacture of a totally NEW FABRIC for the PRESENT SLA>oN, a; 1 one that ha» long been required, viz., the CRAPE BALZAKINE—a texture hi perfect character with mourning, thinner and l^hier than parramatta. menno, or the variety of twilled dot ha, yet of o.oru substance and less fragility than barege or the articles hitherto produced for summer wear. The prices of thisnuvel fabric be mg very moderate, and its quality superior, the proprietors fe «*l a»«iurrd It will meet with much ap- pmvai from durability, and ilso appfieleMi firooi Its unique ap- pcaronce.—D. Nl« M* * ? -<*N snd i * . I46»i>d 9l8, Regent-street. Patterua forwarded to all par la of the United Kingdom. C JILK S, SHAW LS, RIBBONS, LACE,CLOAKS, and DltRbSES of every doneription. — The SELLING OFF of Messrs. u i l l l i : and co.'s to i. and Valuable STOCK, at 192, Rcgcnt-street, can only oonttnu* a short time longer. Ladic* are so'icited to pav an early visit, as every day materially decreases the variety, and such an ot>|>ortunlty may never occur again for purchasing really good materials at half-price.—White and Co., 11*2, Regent-street (late ifoorgo and Hrsdley). ft is re­ quested that all outstanding dobu may be |iatd to Mr. White, the continuing partner on the premises. P U SH 'S MOURNING W A REH O U SE, 163 and 165, Regent-street.—The Nobility and Public aro re­ spectfully informed tha*. at this ((he flr«t opened in this kingdom for the EXCLUSIVE SAL8 of MOURNING ATTIRE) a stock of articles the most extensive In variety, the m*wt recherchC in character, and the most excellent In quality, is always open for inspection. Articles of dress for a Mow* and familie*, and all other descriptions of mourning, in the in we«t and most elegant styles, will be found iu the show-rooms, for view and choice, ready for immediate use. Attention being exclusively devoted at this establishment to mourning requirements, families will find the materials here sup- E licd moro appropriate, durable, and economical, than furnished v houses carrying on a general trade, and having less capital and time to devote to this particular branch of the business, advantage Household Mourning is (\irnlslicd v Itii considerable esses, &c., to the purchasers. Trimmings for Court trains, head-dresses, &cM in great variety. PUGH’S MOURNING WAREHOUSE, 163, and 165, Regeut- street. L ADIES of delicate complexion, who suffer from exposure to cold winds and damp atmosphere, will find im­ mediate and soothing relief In the application of ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. It allays all irritation and tenderness of the skin, and renders it soft, smooth, and pleasant ; removes all cutaneous dis- figuremonts, frecklcs, and tan, and imparts a healthy and blooming appearance to the complexion, h i purifying and refreshing pro­ perties have obtained its selection by Royalty, and the several Courts throughout Europe, t« ;< tlier with tho Glite of the aristo­ cracy. Price 4s. 6d. and 8*. 6*1 . | n r bottle. Caution: The words Rowland's Kalydor are on the wrapper of each bottle, and A. Row­ land and Sous’, 20, llstton garden, on tho Government stamp arftxed on each. Sold by them, and by chemists and perfumers. A V IES’ S COM POSITE CANDLES, 8d., 9d., 10d., and 10^d. per lb .; botanic wax, Is .; patent sperm, Is. ; German wax, In. 2d.; British wax, or sperm, ]s. 5d. ; fine wax, Is. 5d. ; bcit sperm candles, Is. Od.; second sperm, Is. 5d. ; transp&rcnt wax, Is. 81. ; gtnuine wax, 2s. 3d.; Palmer's metallic, ouc or two wlcka. 9 d.; magnums, l<id.; mid size, 9 Jd .; best dip candles, Sd.; moulds. Pd. ; yellow sotp. 3S*.,4&s., 50s. aud 54s. per 112lbs.; mottled, ; white Windsor, Is. 4d. per packet; brown Windsor, Is. 9d. ; rose, 2a. ; almond, 2s. Cd.; sperm oil, lus. per gallon ; argand or vugftable, 4s. Od.; French, 4s., for cash, at M. P. DAVIES and SON’S Old Established Warehouse, 63. St. MartinVlane, Channg-cross, London. PUBLICATIONS. n | ; Just published, price 2c., by post 2s. 6d., D B E B IL IT Y nnd IR R IT A B IL IT Y induced by SPERMATORRHOEA; the Symptoms, Effects, and Rational Treatment. ByT. H. YEOMAN, M.D., Physician to the Geueral Post-offloe Lctter-eaniers' Provident Institution, < fc c . London: Effingham Wilson, 11, Royal Exchange; and, by post only, from the Author, 25, Uoyd-square. Deing a u u tu p icu v w ifv v**.-* — — - - --- Admission and Practice as Attorneys and Solicitors of tho Superior Comte. Seventh Edition. By J. J. S. WHARTON, M.A., Bar- rister-at-Law, Author of “ The Law Lexicon," k c. London: Butterworths, 7. Fleet-strcet, law publishers to the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty. Just published, 1 vol. Svo., 656 pp., 12s., r U H E D IV IN E DRAMA of H ISTO RY and JL CIVILISATION. By tho Rev. JAMES SMITH, M.A. Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly. This dav, post 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d., C LAUDE the COLPORTEUR. By tho Author o f* Mary Powell.” With coloured Front!spiece after War icn. Arthur Hall, Virtue, aud Co., 25, Paternoster-row. This dav, price Is., sewed, D | I R. CUM M ING’S KAST-DAY SERM ON, the W AR and Us ISSUES: uniform with “ Signs of the Times." Arthur Hall, Virtue, and Co., 25, Paternostcr-row. WAR ; ITS EVILS AND DUTIES. Just publl-hed, price (id., A SERM ON, prenc'ned in tho Cathedral Church of Lincoln, on April 26. 1854 (the day appointed for General Humiliation and Prayer). By JO Il> , Bishop of LINCOLN. Pub­ lished by request. \ London: William SktfUngton, 163, Piccadilly. Lincoln : W. and B. Brooke. THE NEW MILITARY NOVEL. Now ready at all the libraries, P I IIIL IP KOLLO. By JA M E S GRANT, Author of '• Hie Romance of War,” &c. “ Much of the story lies c n the shores of the Baltic, which gives it an especial inten d at tho present moment. Altogether, we think our readers will havo reason to thank us for encouraging them to read 4 Philip Rollo’ for themselves.*—Athenaum. 4 1 Mr. Grant has produced an admirable novel; the interest of his story never fla n .”—Globe. 4 1 ‘ Thilip Rollo' will be most acceptable wherever it circulates. —Ball's McKsenMT. London : Georgs Routlcfge and Co., Farrin^don-street. ft T THE NEW NOVEL.—Now ready s ta ll the libraries. RON COUSIN (T H E ). By Mrs. COWDEN CLARKE, Author c f tho “ Concordance to Shakspcarc.” London : George Routlodge and Co., Farringdon-street. THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESSFUL WORK SINCE M UNCLE TOM S CABIN.” Price 1*. JkL, fancy covcr, by A. Crowquill, L H A M P LIGHTER (T H E ).— NOTICE.—'The extraordinary success of this work bids fair to equal evon '* Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” twenty thousand of our edi­ tion having been sold In a fortnight. It is the opinion of one and all who have rer.d it, that the glowing culogiums passed on the •‘ Lamplighter,” by the American press, are only what its ment8 deserve, and there is no doubt its salo will be equal to any book ever issued in England. As thero are other editions, care should be taken in ordering to spccify " ROUT LEDGE'S UNABRIDGED EDITION.” London: George Routledgo and Co., Farringdon-Btreet. NEW WORK ON R i s Si A.—THB FIFTEENTH THOUSAND. Price Is. in fancy boards, R | USSIA AS IT IS. By J . R. M ORELL. W ith a Map of the Baltic. “ This volume contains the geography, history, and military power of Russia ; and whoever wishes to have a fall account of the present condition of Russia will do well to consult this volume, which, at tho price *»f one shilling, telis us as much as many four­ teen shilling volumes would formerly do.”—Bell’s Messenger. London : George Routledgo aud Co., Farringdon-street. NEW WORK ON TURKEY. Price Is., with illustrated covcr, T URKEY : Past and Present. By J . R. M ORELL, Author of * * RuAvia as It Is.” This volume contains the Russian campaign of 1827, skotchcs of tbe Sultan, the Koran, the religion, the geography, tho produc­ tions, history, and military power of Turkey, and will most ad­ mirably supply the now great want, of good, useful, and correct information on this important country. London: George Itoutlodgc and Co., Farringdon-street. Just published, price 5s., with Portrait of the Author, A UTOBIOGRAPHY of a W ORKING-M AN. By ALEXANDER SOMERVILLE, “ One wko has Whistled at the Plough.” “ A book to be read with great Interest. The picture of Mr. Somerville’s early life is attractive, as a piece of Scottish character, worthy of its place in a national biography.”—Athenaeum. < f Mr. Somerville writes plainly and forcibly, and with a power of interesting his reader.**—Examiner. ** The well-known author of this work has done the public a great service by publishing his Autobiography.”—Economist. London : Robert Hardwictie, Carey-street, Lincoln's-lnn. Now ready, price 2s.; post free, 2s. 6d., P I H Y S I C A L D E B I L I T Y, its COMPLICATIONS, SYMPTOMS, and CU RE; an Essay on Sperm otorrheas, with 01>sei vaiions on a safer and more successful Modo of Treatment, founded upon the employment of the Micro­ scope in detecting, by Urinary Examinations, tho real Cause and Effect of every Phase of this Disorder. To which arc added Remarks on the Serious Consequences resulting from Empirical Practice, and the Danger of placing Reliance on the hazardous Remedies advocated in the various Medical Works treating on this important Subject. By a PH YS1CLAN. Maun Nephews, 39, CornhiU, and ail booksellers. Third Edition.—Just published, prico 5s., by pest free. 5s. €d., O N TRU E ?.nd FALSE SPERM ATORRHOEA; with a View to the Correction of wide-spread Errors in relation to the Treatment and Cure of the Impuissant and Sexual Hypochondriacs. Translated from the German of Dr. PICK KORD. To which is added an Essay on Sexual Debilities, by the Editor. “ This volume is well calculated to pat an end t« the empirical system a more to Co Lwiuon: H. BallliCrc, 219, Ec^ont-street. A l IV r^A i l o r j uu uuu vi/A i)i4 u i u u h . . . , W 'th a Memoir of the late Thomas Hunt, Esq., Author of the “ System for tho Cure of Defective Articulation.” By JAMES HUNT. M.R.S.L., Ac. London: Longman and Co. To be had of all booksellers; and, by p ist, from the author, 125, RegenUstroet, London, and Swanage, Dorset. PEOPLE’S EDITION OF THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF ENGLAND. In crown 8vo., Vol. II., price 4s.,cloth ; and Part V., price Is., T he history of England, from the Invasion of J uhus Cujsar to the Accession of Queen Victoria. By HUME, SMOLLETT, and HUGHES. W ith Copious Notes, the Authors* last Corrections, Improve­ ments, and Enlargement. London: George Bell, 18G, Flee t-street. This day is published, price 4s. cloth, V OLUM E V IIL , containing COM EDIES nnd DRAMAS, and completing the COLLECTED EDITION of tho W RITINGS of DOUGLAS JERHOLD. Vols. I. to V III. may be had together or separately, price 4s. each. Bradbury and Evans, 11, Bouvcrie-street. SALES BY AUCTION. The celebrated Stock of Clocks and Watches of the late Mr. Vulliamy, of F iil mall. M ESSRS. C H R IS T IE and MANSON respect­ fully give notice that they will SELL by AUCTION, at their Great Room, Kiug-strect, St. Jr.mes’s-square, on Thursday, JuneS, and following Day, at One o’clock precisely, by order of the Executors, the whole of the valuable STOCK of CLOCKS and WATCHES, of the very highest quality, of that eminent horologlst Mr. VulUainy, of Pall-mall, deceased.—Further notice will be duly given. i ms volume is wen caicumwa to put an enu ie tne empirical cm of treating Spermatorrhoea, and to phi l^ o the treatment uvon lore rational and physiological basis. It ?s, therefore, l!koiy do much eecd."— iTcdical Circular, June 16, li£2. Frindabury, near Rocvc«Ur, Kent.—To Cement Manufacturers, Coke Burners, OU Pressers, Wharfingers, and others. Capital Manufacturing Premises, Plant, Steam Engine and Machinery, for occupation or investment; estimated Rent £250 per Annum M e s s r s . s h u t t l b w o r t h and s o n s are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, ou Fridav, May 19, at Twelve, a valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held under the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, at a nominal rent ; comprising the capital MANUFACTURING PREMISES, consisting of an oil mill with all the requisite PLANT AND MACHINERY for carrying on an extensive trade, substantial STACKS OF WAREHOUSES, erected at a very considerable cost; engiue house with steam engine of forty-horse power, with all tho necessary connecting gear ; cement mill, coke ovens and kilns, smithy and wheelwright shops and storerooms, large yards and valuable and extensive wharfage on the river Medway, with great depth of water along­ side, situate at Frindsbury, between Rochester and Chatham, below Rochester-bridge, and immediately opposite Chatham Dock­ yard, at present iu the occupation of Messrs. Burge and Johnson, patent cement manufacturers, but whose lease has expired, and who are now tenants «m sufiferanoe, and the purchaser thereof may either have possession or make terms with the present highly re­ spectable occupiers, who havo laid out a considerable sum iu adapting tho premises Nr their long-established and lucrative busi­ ness.—May be viewed by application oa the premises; and parti- cntarshod at the Crown Inn, Rochester; Mitre Tavern, Chatham ; Clifton Hotel, Gravesend ; of J. Heather, Esq., solicitor, 17, Pater- nostcr-road; of Messrs. Wilkinson, Gurney, and Stevens, solicitors, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street ; Charles Colyer, Esq., solicitor, 1, Wolllngton-street, Borough : at the Auction M art; and of Messrs. Shuttle worth and Sous, 28, Poultry. Prelitninrry Announcement.—Hie extensive and valuable Free­ hold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Estates of tho late Mrs. Mary Cloves, situated iu the counties of Middlcsex, Essex, Kent, and Sussex, producing a rental of about jSl,200per annum. BSSRS. SH U TT LE W ORTH and SONS have & been favoured with instructions from the Executors and Trustees to OFFER for SALE by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Friday, June 16, at Twelve, in ’numerous Lots, the above Estates. THE FREEHOLD PORTION consists of a SPACIOUS W HARF (a portion of which is Oopvhdd), known as STORE HOUSE W HARF, with extensive Warehouses, &c., situated Cock-bill, Ratclifte: THREE DWELLING-HOUSES, Poppin’s-court, Fleet-street; a Ground-rent secured upon a PUBLIC HOUSE, known as the IRON PEAR Tit EE, situated at Godstone, iu the county of Surrey; FIVE DWELLING-HOUSES, between Beckenham and Bromley, hi the county of Kent: an excellent PUBLIC HOUSE, known as THE CROSS KEYS, with Yard, Skittle-ground, aud EXTENSIVE LIV ERY STABLF.S adjoining, situated in Lawrence-street, Chelsea, a short distance from Battersea* Bridge. The COPYHOLD PORTION comprises SEVEN CAPITAL DW ELLING HOUSES, with shops, situated in Chuch-lane, Whitechapel. A DWELLING-HOUSE, with blacksmith’s shop, cow-sheds, yards, Ac., situated near tho turupikc at Upper Clapton, in the county of Middlesex, and TWO COTTAGES WITH GARDENS, situated near the Greyhound, at West Ham, in tho county of Essex. The LEASEHOLD PORTION comprises a SPACIOUS W HARF, WITH WAREHOUSE AND PREMISES, situated in Narrow-street, Limehousc. SIX DWELLING-HOUSES in Seabright-street, Bethnal Green. FIV E DWELLING HOUSES in Kiug-strect, Commerclal-rorMi, St. George’s-hi-the-East. An ANNUITY OF £5 0 , pavable during the lives of two ladies, aged respectively about 57 and 65. And a DW ELLING HOUSE, with cow yard, sheds, &c., in Lawrence-street, Chelsea, adjoining the Cross Keys public-house mentioned above. The whole is in the occupation of a respectable tenantry, and produces a rental approaching £1,200 PER ANNUM. More detailed advertisements will appear w'hen the surveys have been completed, and further information in the mean time may be obtained of George Tampliu, Esq., solicitor, No. 159, Fcnchurch- street; and of M essrs, Shuttleworth and 8on«, No. 28, Poultry. in illllK g J U U I i U 1 U I W . - -m im j u w •t i i n u u ,.j , ------n ,L nants ; and pLrticulars had of John Otway, Esq., » ford ; at Garraway's ; aud at the offices of Mcst*. Clark, ar.d Lye, Lancaster-place, Strand. Isle of Wight.*—The late Sir Richard Bassett’s Esta the parishes of Shaiflcot, Mottiston, Brixton, Cai port, and Whipplngham, containing together aboi and producing a rental of nearly £1,200 ner aur.u M e s s r s . f a r e b r o t h e r , c l A t arc instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at ' Newport, on Saturday, May 20 (under an order of t of Chanrory, made in a cause of 4 1 Ward v Basset* i One for Two, in Lota, the important and highly valu FREEHOLD (ESTATES of the late Sir Richard Bassett, situate in tho Isle < prising the several parishes of Mottiston, Shalfleet, i HULVERSTON FARM, with good buildings, recently thoroughly repaired, i principally arahle laud, let to Mr. Booker ; a COTTAGE AND GARDEN, let to John C LITTLE MOTTISTON FARM, with family residence, gardens, offices, &cM and 248 and pasture land, in the occupation of Mr. Jessett; GREAT MOTTISTON MANOR FAR with extensivo offices, and 424 acres of arable, pas land, in the occupation of Mrs. Brown ; sundry COTTAGES AND PLOTS OF ACCOMMODA BUILDING LAND, in and close to the village of Mottiston, let to & Backctt. Waterman, Cooper, Dore, and others; a VALUABLE FARM, known as CHILTON, containing 230 aercs of pasture and arable land, se' which are eligible for the erection of villas, being c ar.d the picturesquo village of Brixton, let to Mr. V MOTTLSTON M ILL FARM, in the occupation of Mr. Whitcwood; a valuable ENCLOSURE OF MEADOW LA XI situate at the new village in the parish of Corn Newport, well adapted for building purposes, let t< DWELLING-HOUSE AND SHOP situate 114, Pyle-street, Newport, let to Mr. Geoi eetate known as BLACK BUSH FARM, near to Osborne, about two miles from Newpor East Cewes ar.d Rydo, containing 54 acres, extendii River, offering most eligible sites for the erection perish of Whippingbam, let, except the wood, to ] The whole estate comori*rs an area of about ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND El ACRES, and produces a yearly rental of v early ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED POUNDS — Particulars and plans may be had at the place of veral inns at East and West Cowes, Ryde, Bri: water ; 6f Frederick Blake, Esq., solicitor, N Wight ; of Messrs. Meyuell anil Copleston, solicito place, Trafal^ar-squarc; and at the offices of Mess Clark, and Lye, 6, Lancaster-placc, Strand. Capital Furniture and Effects, 34, Upper II M R. ELGOOD w ill SELL, on Ti May 16, and following day, at Twelv HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE • including the usi l>est and secondary bedroom articles, drawing window' curtains, chairs, sofas, k c ., In bluo silk wood, a variety of olegant tables and cabinets in ¦ Sic., Florentine and marble-top tables, large ¦ chandeliers, portfolio stand, a few ornamental itei Turkey carpets, set of dining tables, carvod sir tables, sarcophagus, k c ., twenty-four chairs ai open bookcase*, folding and cheval screens, scrv glass, hall furniture, domestic requisites, ^c.—Id day prior. Catalogues of Mr. Boyd, upholder, Uf street; and at Mr. Elgood’s ofllccs, 08, Wimpolc-i Residence to lie Sold or Let. Surrey.—Sturtwood Farm, Nowdigate, a Freehc Acres of superior Meadow and Arabic Land, 6 m Station, about 8 miles from Rcigatc and Red) Building Ground near Dorking. M | H R . JAMES W H IT E will SELLb at the Auction Mart. London, on Thui Twelve, a desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE. Lorn called STURTWOOD FARM, situate at Newdi within two hours’ journey ef London, consisti nearly one-fourth of which is excellent meadov fence, well timbered, and comprising a large house, two barns, stables, feediug sheds and yore able farm buildings, and a bailiff’s cottage on the of the farm has been tile drained. It Is uow in the vendor, and immediate possession may bo hat freehold land, containing 2 acres and 3 roods, Common, about three miles from Dorking, l>eautiful prospect, aiul offering a desirable site f one or moro villas ; and also another piece of A t­ taining 1 acre and 21 porches, situate on Bln about four miles from Dorking, and five miles fin above property can now be viewed, and particula: bo bad of C. J. Graham, Esq., solicitor, 3, F Tomnle, London; at tho Auctien M art; and c Dorking, or by post. Literary Sale Rooms.—The Conway I H LEW IS respectfully begs to • Noblemen, Bibliographers, Librarians, and the public generally, that the SALE of this most extensive LIBRARY will take place in thei day, May 30, and twenty-five following days (Si —Catalogues, containing 7,547 numbers, may 1 lowing booksellers :— London : Mr. Boone, 1 Messrs. Southcran and Co., Strand ; Messrs. B Marl>orough-street. Edinburgh : Mr. Stevensc Glasgow : Messrs. Ogle and Co. Oxford : Mr. Pa Mr. Dcighton. Pri&tol : Mr. Kerslake. Mar Simms. Liverpool • Messrs. Dcighton aud Li principal booksellers in this country ; or will be on receipt of eighteen stamps, by H. Lewis, aue sea-strcct, Dublin. Printed and pnblUhed at the Office, No. 332, Sti of St. Mory-le-Stmnd, in the county of MU Jonics, of No. 9, Hemingford Cotfago!*, Hemii parish of St. Mary, Islington, in the county of 3 on Friday, May 12S 1854.
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