The Morning Chronicle, May 12th 1854

S lU lio U m o r e , u iiu m r u u a c x jiu i p v w o , « » < •* . .v . ---- ,— f of eowddetteg and approving (or otherwise) Another bill proposed to Im i Introduced into the iiouse of Lords, entitled “ A Bill to Amend the AcU relating to tho Ambergatc, Nottingham, and Notion and Eastern Junction Railway Company, and to authorise the reduction and regulation of, and certain arrangements as to, fbe Capital of tho aaid Company, and for other purposes and also for the purpose of considering and approving (0r otherwise) another bill proposed to bo introduced into the House of Lords, entitled M A Bill to authorise Working Arrangements between the Aml>ergate, Nottingham, and Boston ar.d Eastern Junction Rail­ way Company and the Great Northern Railway Company, or Li a + q or Sale to the last-named Company.’* By order of the Directors, JNO. GOUGH, Secretary. Company’s Officcs, Nottingham, May 3, 1864. ( 1 HEAT LUXEMBOURG COMPANY.— TT NOTICE.—The undersigned having been authorized by the Board of Director*; of the Great Luxembourg Company, for the satisfaction of themselves and several large holders, to examine into the propriety of paying the Call of Thirty Shilling); per Share mode on the Preference* Shares, have come to a resolution that it is essential to the interests of the Company that the same be paid without delay, and havo determined to PAY their own CALLS immediately, aud respectfully recommend their brother Share­ holders to Jo the same. They have obtained from the Board a pledge that a Committee of Investigation shall be appointed at the ensuing General Meeting ; hut as in the meantime it appear.* most desirable that efficient measures be adopted to hasten the opening of the line to Namur, it has been agreed, in conformity with Article 29 of the Statutes, to delegate the management of the Company for the next three months to Sir William Magnay, Cart., fcartholomew Seymour, Esq., aud John Field, Esq., to act as Directcurs G£rants, the two latter having consented to act in that capacity at the request of the undersigned. JOHN FIELD, E. UE8ELTINE. G. E. TAUNTON. J. W. SEYMOUR. London, Hay 5, 1854. HORACE WILKINSON. i 1REAT LUXEMBOURG COMPANY.—At nn V * EXTRAORDINARY GENEKAL MEETING of the SHARE­ HOLDERS in this Company, held at Trussed on Friday last, the 21st instant, the Resolution adopted at the Meeting of Shareholders at the London Tavern on the 18th inst., for reconciling the interests of the dissentient holders of Six perCent. Guaranteed llalf-shares, according to the plan submitted thereat, find authorizing the Hoard of Directors to call up ?Cs. per share on the said Six per Cent. Shares, and also to raise such further funds as may be required X n the Bonds or Debenture* of the Company, waa unaniinou*Jy pted. By order of the Board, THOMAS COXHEAD, Sccrctary. No. 2, Royal Exchange-buil dings, London, April 24, 1854. The alternative plan for tho conversion of the Six por Cent. Guaranteed Shares is as follows :— tX),000 shares, having paid £o per share, will represent a capital of <£300,000 It is proposed that a further payment of 20s. per share shall be made on each share......................................... 90,C O O * ipivui V • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - • • • • £’390,000 £480,000 Representing a paid-up capital of And that on surrender of said shares <£6 10s. paid), there should be giveu to the holders two obligations of £4 each in exchange for every share of £d 10s. paid, or 120,000 obligations of £\ each, representing a capital of Equivalent to a bonus In obligations of £90,000, which would ultimately be increased by £120,000 when all the bonds are pan! off, Making tho entire bonus in capital................ £210,000 R E A T L U X E M B O U R G C O M P A N Y .— " H NOTICE of CALL.—Notice in hereby given, that holders ol* SIX PERCENT. GUARANTEED SHAKES in this Company may now RECEIVE In exchange for one of said Shares, with £5 paid thereon, TWO BONDS or obligations of the Company of £ l cach. hearing five per cent, interest per annum, on payment of the sum of Thirty Shillings per Share on cach of t he said Six per Cent. Shares, in conformity with the Resolution to that eflfect passed by the Shareholders at the Special General Meetings held in London on the lfith instant, and in Brussels on the 21st instant. Interest at Six per Cent., or Is. 0<i. per Share, for the three months ending the 31st of December, liJ53, on such of these Shares as have not yet been sent ir. for conversion, will be deducted from the amount of said call, at the option of the holder. By order of the Hoard, THOMAS COXHEAD, Secretary. No. 2, Royal Excbange-buildings, London, April 24, 1854. B UTCH-RHENISH RAILWAY COMPANY.— NOTICE of the SEVENTH CALL of TWELVE FLORIN’S per SHARE.—Notice is hereby given, that having been duly au­ thorised thereto by the Meeting of Commissaries held on the 25th day of March last (conformable to Art. 12 of the 6tatutA s), the Direction of the Dutch-Rhenish Railway Company have this day written out a CALL of TWELVE FLORINS per SHARE, making a total payment of 108 florins per share. This call will become payable on the 15th of May next, at the Bankers of tho Company, the A&sociatie Cassa in Amsterdam ; or lu England, at Messrs. Xastcrman an«i Co., London; or Messrs. Moss and Co., Liverpool, at the exchange of tho day, against pro­ visional receipts, which must bo delivered along with the shares at their London Agency, 61, Gracechurcli*street, in order to have the payment of the call certified thereon. The Direction of the Dutch-Rhenish Railway Company, E. DONKER CURTIUS, President. J. C. s’JACOB, Secretary. Amsterdam, April 5, 1854. With reference to the above Advertisement, Shareholders are respect fully informed that the Direction has fixed the Exchange at which the call will be recoived at fl.ll 60. or £1 0s. 8d. per share, with tho reservation of altering the rate should tho course fluctuate; and has also instructed the bankers to charge interest at flvc per ccnt. per annum on all payments made after the I6tli Instant. JOHN C. J ANSON, Agent of the Dutch Rhenish Railway Company. 61, racechurch-fftreet, London, May 3 ,1S54. XTIRKQUENT TRAVELLERS can INSURE J j AGAINST RAILWAY ACCIDENTS by the Year, Terms of Years, or for the Whole of Life, on application to tho Booking C!irks at the priii: i>al Railway Station*, and at the office of the Railway Passcng^rs'Assurance'Company, 3, Old Brond-street. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary, £100,C O O , in Shares of £1 each (of which not more than 25,000 Shares will be issued at present), to t> e paid in full on allotment. Application will hereafter be made for a Charter of Incorporation. P atrons. The Marquis of BRKADALBANB. K.T. The Marquis of STAFFORD, M.l\ The Earl of ESSEX. The Earl of SCARBOROUGH. The Earl of liliNE. Tlie Earl of YARBOROUGH. The Earl of GII4 FORD. The Earl of MULGIlAVE, M.P. Lord CLARENCE PAGET, R.N. The Right Hon. R. A.CHRISTOPHER, M.P. Sir ARTHUR ASTON. G.C.B. GEORGETOMLINE, Esq., M.P. &c., &c., &c. . .1 DIRECTORS. The Hon. J. W. Fortescue, 17, Grosveuor-square (Chairman). The Hon. R. E. Howard, Oanlen-court, Temple. G. T. Braine,Ei*q., 8, Hyde-paik-terrace, and 1, Royal Excbange- buildings. G. P. Irvine, Esq., 15, Pall-mall. General Macdonald, C.U., 72. On slow-square, Brampton. John Camac Morris, Esq., F.R.S., 10. Mansfield**treet> Portland- place, late H.E.l. Company’s Civil Service. Newton S. Scott, Esq., 5, Lowndes-street, Be I grave* square. J. E. Stephens, Esq., 17, St. James’s-placo, Manager of the London and Eastern Bank. W ith power to add to their number. Bankers—Messrs. Herries, Farquhar, aud Co., St. James’s-street ; The London and Eastern Bank, £0, King William-street, City. Agricultural Chemist—William White, Esq. Solicitors—Messrs. Vallance and Vallauce, 20, Essex-street, Strand. Brokers—Messrs. Medley Brothers. 15, Old Broad-sticet. Secretary—Mr. W. F. Mould. Temporary Offices, 37, Charing-cross. Model Works—Northumberland Wharf, Northumberland-street, Strand, where the experiments may be seen daily from Twelve to Two o'clock. This Company has been established for the purpose of carrying cut the valuable invention patented by Mr. Henry Stythert, for deodorizing the sewage of towns, and for applying the same iu the most approved form to agriculture. The invention has for Its objects :— • 1st. The immediate detdorlza'ion of all sewage matter, contents of cesspools, drains, & .C . 2d. The convcrsiou of these valuable matters into a light and portable manure, made up m the form of a dry brick, and per­ fectly free from odour. The process by which these results arc obtained being simple and inexpensive, the manure (the fertilizing power of which is univer­ sally acknowledged) can bo sold at a very moderate price. Model Works havo for some time past been erectcd over the great sewer at the Northumberland Wharf, in the Strand, where the niachlno may be seen in operation daily. This simple machine, which instantaneously deodorizes the olfensivc sewage matter, precipitates the solid parts, and throw's off the supernatant water ae dear as crystal, has been inspected by many noblemen and g entlemen, interested in sanitary and agricultural questions, who ave testified to the comprettness and efficiency of the process, and expressed their approval of the arrangements, both chemical and mechanical. Favourable arrangements have been made for the purchase, by this Company, of the entire patents for the United Kingdom. The Directors intend to confine their immediate operations to the erection of Model Establishments, to deodorize the refuse of one or more towns already .selected, to apply the proceeds to the purposes of agriculture, and thus practically to illustrate the many and great advantages gained by this new process. With these views an issue of 25,000 Kharcs is considered ampiy sufficient. The operations of the Company are Intended to be— 1st. The granting of licences to towns for the use of the inven­ tion at a moderate royalty. 2d. Hie supply of the deodorizing and disinfecting powder for domestic use, anil for application to manure heaps, cesspools, and liquid manure tanks ; as also to public institutions, barracks, hos­ pitals, &c. 3d. The supply of patent animal aiid vegetable charcoal for manure. Detailed prospectuses and pamphlets, containing reports from the Commissioners of Sewers, Professor Brande, Mr. Cooper, &c., may be had on application at the offices of the Company, Applications for shares (in the usual form) to be addressed to tkc Directors, at the offices of the Company ; or to the brokers. ••••••••at • ••••• • a • • • • ••••••• s. d. 24 0 23 f* 23 0 21 20 C 21 0 20 6 2. To provide an additional amount of g«>od accommodation f the poorer classes shall always be regarded as a primary objc t f*w which the funds of tho Society are collected. 3. That the bishop of the diocese for the time being shall Ik* pi* si dent of the Society. 4. Annual sni>scril>ers of one guinea and upwards, and If eltftffv men, annual subscribers of haif-a-guinea, *ith collector* of aud upwards per annum, shall be meiubeis of the Society doiiNg the continuance of such subscriptions or collections. Beutf» of teu guinea* or upwards, and clcrgymen making congrcgat »* collections to tl\ e amount of twenty guineas shall be life uiern 5. The affairs of the Society shall be under the direct ion i.r a General Committee, consisting of the President, the Dean of HI Paul’s, the Dean of Westminster, the Archdeacons of Loudot a*nl Middlesex, the Rural Deans of the diocese, the Treasurer* of U a Society, and 30 other members, 24 of whom shall be laymeu. 6. One-third of the 36 members shall go out annually by n-i* tion, but shall be re-eligible. 7. Four members of the Society shall bo Treasurers, an I contributions shall be paid to their account at the Bank * England. b. Noibusiness shall be transacted by the General Committee, unless at least five members lie present; and the proceeding* m Sub committees shall always be submitted to the Geueral Conmm tee for approval aud confirmation. 9. A General Meeting of the Society shall be annually hr) f * » April, May, or June, to receive the Report of the Committee, *i«l to fill up vacancies. 10. Donations of £20 and upwards maybe paid in four c< ,u<fl yearly instalments. 11. Local Committees shall be formed throughout the dioct^c,« ? solicit contributions, and promote generally the objects of ti» Society. 12. Special contributions will be received for building or eudow> ing churches, providing parsonage*, or paying the stipend* i curates, in any place named by the contributor. 13. Under special circumstances, loans of moderate amount in*« be advanced on such terms and upon such security as may bo factory to the Committee. 14. Mea^&res shall be taken for assigning to every church ai u«l by the funds of the Society a district within which the iulni»*« »• may excrtbe pastoral care; except in special cases, in will a h n may be deemed advisable to provide a cliapel of case, under w.« care of the incumbent of the pari»h or district. Besides the ex-oflicio members mentioned in Rule 5, the folio*Ir* were annouuced as elected members, and power was given t« • Um Committee to fl l up the required number of twenty-four layim . • , and twelve clergymen :— Rev, F. G. Btomflold Rev. A. M. Campbell Rev. W. W. Champneys Rev. Wp». Cureton Rev, Thomas Dale Rev. J, £. Kcmpe Rev. U. Mackenzie Rev. Dr. Spry Rev. T. F. S*ooks Hon. and Rev. H. M. Villicr- Right Hon. Lord Haddo Right lion. Lori K. Grosvenor Right Hon. Lord Radstock Sir R. 11. Iugt is, Part. Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge Sir Thomas Phillips P. Cazenove, Esq. Wm. Cotton, Esq. H. Gibbs, Es«|. J. G. Hubbard, Esq. W'm. Rivington, Esq. W. C. COTTON, M.A., Hon. Secretary. 79, Pall-mall, May 10,1854. A list of donors and annual subscribers will be advertised In few days. Donations and annual subscriptions will be received by the b t Bishop of London ; by tho members of the Committee ; the N r< m tary and Assistant Secretary, at the office, 79, PalUmall; at t' Bank of England, to the account of the Bishop of Loudon others; and the hankers:—Mcstrs. Williams, Deacon, and t - Birchiu-lar.o; Me.-srs. Drummond, 4D, Chr.ring-cross ; Men* Hoarc, 37, Fioct-street; Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith*. Lombard-street; Messrs. Jones Loyd and Co., Loth bury ; Meaar llankey, V , Fenchurch-stroet; Messrs. Snow' and Co., 217, Strand Messrs. Twining, 216, Strand; Messrs. Coutts and Co., 69,Stmi»*1 Messrs. Herries, Faroubar, and Co., 10, St. JamcVs-street; * Claude Scott, Bait., and Co., 1, Cavendlsh-f-qunre ; also by Ms*« Rivington, St. Paul’s-churchyard and; M o^-r Hatcharct and Son, Piccadilly ; and Mr. J. H, Parker, 377, Stran B U ENEVOLENT SOCIETY of ST. PATRICK, Stamford-street, BlackfViars-road. Established 17S4. Under the Patronage of Her Most Gracious MAJESTY. The Committee of this Society acknowledge most thankfully the under-mcHtioned BENEFACTIONS for the year 1S54 T HE GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY.—The PRICES of COALS brought to London by this Railway havo been REDUCED, and arc at present asunder i Deli\ered within Five !Miles of the Station, per ton. FROM TIIE COUNTY OF DURHAM. Home Coals, Best Quality’. Lambton WallVEnd, screened..................... Triiadon’s Ilartkpool Wall’s-End, screened................ Adelaide Tees Wall's-End, tcreeued.............................. FROM THE SOUTH YORKSHIRE COAL-FIELD. House Coals, Best Quality. Silkstoue, screened« .•« .,. . . a . . . . . . . . . . House Coals, Second Quality. Elsecar (soft), screened.............................. Steam or Furnace Coals. Elsecar (hard). Whitwood. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orders can now be promptly executed. Beyond five miles from the King's-cross station. Is. per ton per mile "extra for cartage. Cash to be paid on giving the orde^, or on delivery. The only office for Coals brought to London by the Great Northern Railway is within tlii* Station, and care should be taken to address orderB to Mr. Herbert Clarke, sole agent for the sale of Co?Is consigned to the King’s-cross Station, or to the Secretary. By order, J. R. MOW ATT, Secretary. King’s-cross Station, London, May 1, 1854. ncr Most Gracious Ma­ jesty .............. a£105 The Eatl of Doncugh- more, President.... 21 The Lord-Lieutenantof Ireland ••«•«.••»•., 50 Tlie Dow. Marchicncss of Dow'nshire.........a 20 The Marquis of Lans- downo................... a 21 The (late) Marquis of Anglesey................ a 25 Tho Marquis of Lon­ donderry ................ 10 The Earl of Clanwil- liam..................... a 25 Tho Earl of Eglmton and Winton............. 25 The Earl of Clarendou 20 The Earl of Bessbo- rough ........ 5 The Earl of FingaJl .. 3 Tho Lord Sandy s .... a 10 10 TheB.^ron de Robeck a 5 0 The IU. Hon. Sir Johu Young, Hart., M.P. 20 0 Mrs. T. H. Burke .... 5 6 Mrs. H. St. Lawrence 2 0 Sir CuFaok P. Roney.. 10 10 J. A. Radelitfe, Esq... 21 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 W. Newton, Esq... .a £5 S. M. Samuel, Esq... 5 J. M. Maher, Esq. . .a W. L. Orilby, Esq....... Colonel Dunne, M.P... Lieut.-Col. T.E.Taylor, M p • • • •••••••••••••• Colonel W. If. Stopford Blair . . . . . . . . . . . . a W. P. Barker, Esq. .. Francis W. Russel), Esq. AI .1^ a .............. Paul Butler, Esq. ..a H. M'Calmont, Esq... Edward Stewart, Esq. Chas. Cor thorn, Etq. C. H. La Touche, Esq., a J. Jolnston, Esq. , a 11. Johnston, Esq. ..a W.Goold, F/<q., M .-P. 3 Thos, K. King, Esq. 3 Isaac Butt, Esq., M.P. Dr. Gorinan ............. Felix SUde, Esq.......... J. C. Reilly, Esq.......a Rt.Hoa.J. Napier, M.P. A. C. O’Dwyer, Esq... William Slade, Esq. . . Sir J. E.Tennent, Bart. Isaac Sjwonor, Esq. .. Dr. R. T. Frere......... A 5 A 0 5 0 0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 O X 2 * > 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 o * a 0 0 I ^LUID COMPASS WITHOUT AIR BUBBLE. —F. DENT, Chronometer Maker to the Queen and Prince Albert, has now opened the shops at 33, Royal Exchauge, next door to his other shop (Ko. 34), for the EXCLUSIVE SALE of the PATENT SHIP COMPASSES, for which the Prize Medal was awarded to the late E. J. Dent, at the Great Exhibition, and his own Improved Fluid Comi ass, which is steadier than any ether in use. Priecs the same as ordinary Co»pa*fies. * Messrs. Allen and An- cersons.................. 10 10 0 j R. Davison, Esq., M.P. James Courteuay, Esq. 10 10 0 N. L. Seppings, Esq., a James Hartley, Esq... 10 0 O .O ’Brieu Bclliughaui C. McGarcl, Esq.......a 10 $ 0 Weolsey, E^q.........a G. Bowyer, Esq., M.P. A Friend to Saint ISoS 5 0 0 | Patrick’s Society .. Ditto................... 1854 5 0 0 John Ball, Esq., M.P. Messrs. Jones, Brother* a 6 5 0 , E. W. Wadeson, Esq. T. W, Tiougli, Esq.. ... 5 5 I'tU a i I* ' i l l l l l l l l l l l 0 ! Collected at Tables,&c. 41 Charles Butler, Esq. ..550 1 0 0 6 Males. I tiihald Wilson s Francis . Ijiwrence Cross — Gowing . ?spin... eed ... Hansfield... votes. r emaics. 1 oier. ... 4,777 Elizabeth Hammond .... 4C5 ... 3,172 Marion Hannah Pirkis.. 303 ... 2,894 Mary Ann Loft us ......... 310 ... 2.719 Sarah Ann Jones............. 280 ... 2,537 Elisa Pool....................... 119 ... 2,345 Hester Jano Peel............. 105 ... 2,259 1 ... 2,184 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 6 ¦ 9- tod—That the cordial thanks ot the members present at • » .v .«»• ral Court be presented to the Chairman for his impartial in the chair and great attention to the business of the day. THOMAS GRUEBER, Secretary. ^ CONTR ACT FOR RUM. W I UlTMENT of the COMPTROLLER for VICTUALLING and 'I KANSPOKT SERVICES, Somrkskt- w.ack, May 5, 1854. F|1IIE Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain o»i tro'.und do hereby give notice, that on Thursday, the lfeth •, at One o’clock, they will be ready to treat with sucli per- m m na muy be willing to CONTRACT for SUPPLYING and (itli- isnng Into her Majesty’s Victualling Stores at Deptford, RUM, 20,000 gallons. Is br delivered, half In three weeks, and tha remainder in three - **4* afterwards, or earlier if preferred by the party tendering. I ho rum to be exempted from tho Customs duties, and parties W hining are to state where it Is lying. I coders will be received from any firm for any portion of the i «•! quantItv not less than 2,000 gallons. samples of the rum to be sent In pints for cach import mark, *«»d i he average strength of each mark ex to be stated, • i.l not an average of different marks or strengths of several impMrts, and any parcel of rum that is found not to be of the same • I'tAliiy, mark, or average strength of the sample tendered and pted will be rejected by the officers. Ilie samples preduoed by pernons whose tenders are not accepted •re requested to be taken away by them immediately after the *•«'tracts have been decidod. No tender will be received unless made on the printed form pro- • uird for the purpose, and which may bo obtained on application *» the tuid office ; or to Commander Bevis, conducting the packet ?«rviee at Liverpool ; or to the collector of Customs at Bristol. The conditions of the revised contracts, to which particular attention is called, may be seen at the said office, and at Liverpool and Bristol. No tender will bo received after one o'clock on the day of treaty, and it will not he required that the party tendering, or an a;;ont on his behalf, should attend at the office on the dav of c«.«»tr.ict, a* the result of the offer received from each person will bt o'tnmunicatod to him and his proposed sureties in writing. Every tender must be addressed to tho Secretary of the Admi­ ralty. and bear in the left-hand corner tke words “ Teudcr for Itum," and must also be delivered at Somcrset-place. TRACI' FOR THE 8UPPLY OF PAPER ENGLAND FOR ONE YEAR. FROM JULY 1. 1854, IX) JUNE 30, 1856. HER MAJESTY'S STATIONERY OFFICE, May 8, 1S54. T HE Comptroller of her Mnje8ty’s Stationery Office is ready to receive TENDERS for different descrip­ tions of PAPER required for the public service. Paiticulars of Contract and samples of the Paper may be ob­ tained at tho stationery Office between the hours of Ten and Four. Tenders to he addressed to tho Comptroller of the Stationery Office, James-strcet, Buckingham-sate, to bo marked ou the covcr, “ Tender for Paper,” and to be delivered by Twcivo o’clock on Monday, May 22, 1S54, after which day and hour no tender can, or will, bo received. % \ p wav 8 E.T. Bainbridge,Esq. a 5 5 0| £0*25 IS 6 BERKELEY WM. KING, Sccrctary. 2T. MARTIN-IN-TIIE-FIELDS.— CONTRACTS for CLEARING AWAY the DUST and ASHES, and for LOADING and CARTING AWAY the SLOP and STREET SWEEPINGS from the several streets, lanes, courts, and places within tho said parish.—The Committee for Paving, Ac., the above parish, will MEEFon WedneKday, the 24th day of May, 1854, at half­ past Six o'clock in the evening precisely, in the Vestry-room, to re­ ceive tenderw from persons willing IoCONTUaCT for REMOVING the DUST and ASHES, &e., from the houses and premises of tho inhabitants of the said parish, and for loading and carting away the slop and sweepings of the said several streets, kc.t and mac­ adamised roads in the s*id pariah, for ono *r three years fVom Mid­ summer, 1854,the committee undertaking to find labour for sweep­ ing the same macadamised roads, streets, lanes, courts, &c. Par­ ticulars and printed forms of tender may l> e had on application to their surveyor, H. K. Buntal!, 15, Hanover-strect and Castle- atrect, Long-acre, between the hours of Nine o’clock iu the fore­ noon and in the afternoon. Tho committee do not bind them­ selves to accept the lowest tender, or any tender. Separate tenders will be required for each contract, and the parties tender­ ing must specif y their willingness or unwillingness to undertake either of tlie said works. Tho expense of ^making out the contract and bond to be paid by the contractor. None but the printed form of tender will be received, nor will any tender be received after the hour appolntedlfor the meeting of the committee.—By order, May 10, 1854. W, B. WEST, Clerk to the Committee. S MOKE CONSUMED or PREVENTED.—Of all the numerous patents obtained for this purpose, no oue plan can be made effective to bum or prevent smoke to every description of boiler, copper, pan, oven, or flue used for manu­ facturing purposes. To obtain this object, the SMOKE CON­ SUMING COMPANY have made arrangements with tho Patentees of SEVEN DIFFERENT PATENTED PLANS (specified below), from which will be selected those best adapted to the various descriptions of fire-places. The application of Chanter’s Reciprocating Moveable Fire-bars are admitted to be a great advantage to all Smoke Consuming Apparatus, by allowing a greater supply of air to pass through tho bars, giving increased power, preventing clinkers, and saving fuol; applicable to all furnaces. Smoko Patents referred to above arc James Robertson’s Two Patents, Chanter and Co.’sTwo Patents, John Macintosh’s Patent, Collins's Patent, Bristow and Attwood's, City Flour Mills, Upper Thames-.street. For particulars, and references to sec them in operation, apply ts the Smoke-Consuming Company, 20, Little Tower-strcet; *r 2, Arnold-tcrrace, Bow-road, London. and BLACK SEA, concluding witn me rouvo oi mo «aw|*o East (accompaniedby an explanatory Lecture), is now EXHIBIT­ ING DAILY at Three aud Eight. Admission, Is., 2s., and 3s. C C o n s t a n t in o p le and the w a r at the EGYPTIAN HALL.—u Had it not been for the cold, I could have believed that I saw the Diorama at the Egyptian Hall, with the restless tide of London street life surging around Tlie Eastern Corrcsj>ondent of the Dally News. The Lecture I# de­ livered on Wednesdays and Saturdays by Mr. Stocquelcr, and oil tho other days by Mr. C. Kenney. Daily at llaif-| a»t Two and Eight. Admission, Is. N e x t the p o ly te c h n ic , n Mr. FBIKND’S GRAND MOVING DIOEAV \ ( \ \ \ l»A aud tho UNITED STATES, daily, at Thrt* and Eight o’chw.k. Descent of Niagara and Ktvcr St. Lawrence. With wings, gl*e«. and choruses. Mr. Friend now lectures and sings hlm*clf Ad­ mission Is., 2s., 3s. Box-office open daily._______ C COLOSSEUM, RegcntVpark.—AdrnipRion, Is.— J The original PANORAMA ef LONDON by DAY is exhibited daily from Half-past Teu till Five. The extraordinary PANORAMA of LONDON by NIGHT every evening from Seven till Ten. Music from Two till Five, and during tho evening. CYCLOltAMA, Albany-street, NOW OPEN, with a magnifloeut PANORAMA of NAPLES, exhibiting the great Eruption of Vesuvius and Destruction of Pompeii A.D. 7 t> , with the present state of the ruinc ' city. These views havo been long in preparation, and will be exhibited with all the resources of this vast establish­ ment. Exhibited daily at Three, evening at Eight o’clock.— Admission, Is .; reserved seats, 2s. G RAND GERMAN FAIR, under Distinguished Patronage, in the Galleries of the PORTLAND BAZAAR, Langham-place, Rrg^nt street.—The most beautiful and extensive COLLEC1TON of TOYS, Games, and Foreicn Fancy Merchandise ever exhibited in England. The whole of this novel and splendid stock has just been imported from Leipzig Fair, and will be cftered at Continental prices.—Doors open from Ten to Six. Ad- mi^iou free. The musical arrangements under the direction of Mo»chcl!e8 Perry. E x h ib itio n of specim en p la n ts .—j. and J. FRAZER beg to iuvlte the attention of the nobility and gentry to an inspection of their fine collection of specimen CHINESE AZALEAS, and other plants, which are now in bloom, and are so arranged in various green-houses as to have a similar effect to that produced at the metropolitan flower shows. Tho collection cempi ises those spscimeus which have keen exhibited so often at the Regent’s-park and Cbiswick-gardens, where they have successively taken tho leading prizes. The Nursery is about tif\ ecn minutes’ walk from Lea-bridge-station on the Eastern Counties Railway. Trains leave London at 9*0 9.30 10*0 10*40 12*30 1-40 8*30 3*20 4*45 Lea bridge-road, Essex, May, 1S54. 1 1 Divide about the broad bride cake, Reutid about the bride’s stake.”—Bex J oxsox. W e d d in g b r e a k fa s t, b a l l sup­ pe rs, and DINNERS PROVIDED ENTIRE in town or country by Messrs. PURSSELL, Cornhill, including wines of the most rechercliG description, and use of olate, linen, china, glass, aud attendance, seats, tables, lights, dancing hollands, and In­ strumental music, wedding and invitation stat lonciy, ss in Paris, i Carriages, post or otherwise. An elegant assortment of bride cakes for selection, dessert and evening Ices. A competent pcnum sent to receive orders, and give instructions as to the arrange­ ments of entertainments. Note.—Messrs. Purssell have no other business premises except those in Cornhlll. sear tho Exchange. T^T UMBER ONE, SAINT PAUL’S CHURCH- l j j YARD. EIGHTPKNCE PER POUND REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF TEA. Further Reduction of the Duty, 4d.; and Fall in the Market value, 4d. Iu making this satisfactory announcement, we hog to remind purchasers, anxious to obtain the best value (or their money, that, iu point of quality, combined with moderation in price, the TEAS we supply are unequalled. As common tea, even at a low price, Is dear, and as, on the other hand, consumers generally do not require the most coBtly kinds, tho following sort* will he fouud to give the greatest satisfaction to the majority of purchasers:— s. d.This is a very serviceable Tea Strong and useful black for the trade and for large leaf Congou ..Per lb. 3 0.1 establishments. ^ This is a most desirable Tea Strong rich and fuli-fla- ^ for families. Its flaveur cannot voured Black Tea ....3 Ot fail to please, whilst its strength CASES are the most approved now m use. i < i ih * im i on Futvoye’s, 154, Rtarent-atreet. Manufactory | house, 1 1 and 12, Beak-street, Golden aquai*. Ulu«ualsU logue sent on application. J LIMBIRD, Engraver, Printer, ami HtstU o now of 344, 8trand, ops>oslte Waterloo bn n j I his former place of business. Wedding * :• point * In the first style of fashion. Heraldic and seal <t»g t?t< * sinking, embossing, copper-plate, lctter-prc«a, and printing In all its branches. D I OLBY’S WEDDING nnd HR RAL STATIONERY.—CREST DIES ENGnAVED as Art WITHOUT CHARGE, where the order amounts to tl« Dolby, haviu Crest Die* pertaining to more than 10,000 fan can supply even 100 envelopes with the desired crest. We and vmiling card* engraved and printed In tho perftcti* f*»hloti. Pedigrees traced, with Illustrative notices antlqi and to|»ocrrat«hical, arms found, emblazoned, and eagravi book pUu ia ae*l«, Ac,—HENRY DOLBY, Heraldic DraT and Htatkmsr, 50, Regeut-atrset, Qusdrant. N O CIIAKOK fo r STAMPING ENVELO or PATER with ARMH, CORONKT8. or CREST. If pi S'To;'K KVfl Is Um Only heviwi In l^endou wherr vmi can pu tho best writing and hotn*hukl paper* at msnumotttrcr* • li The largest ss»ortnn st in Londen of LA I HI.s' TKAVM BAGS, fitted with InitruinonU. kr ; Hie choicest factnred stock in L ndon of dfaariii(**aiNs, from tie. to 100 gti writing-C M O S, de»put< n rx>xe«, work ooasa, tlottliu: nook*, and Prsyer-booka iu velvet or leather, papier ttiaih* blotter*, boxes, and writing desks ; Broaden oard baskets, weddln tionery of the most elegant design*, »taiupcd in silver or wise. Card plates engraved, 2s. cd. : 100 eard* printed, l at Stocken'swell-knowne a U < quadrant, Rcfctn' Loudon, next door to Swan aad Edgai’s N O CHARGE MADE for STAMPING PA and ENVELOPES witb ARMS, CRK8T8, or 15ITI> Rodrigues’ superior cream-laid adbealvo envelopes, 4d. pc crcam-laid note, fUilsizc, five quires for 0d.; thick ditto, five for Is .; superfine foolscap, 8s. per reanv'j sermon paper, per ream ; black-bordered note, 4d. per quire, U s. per ream; bordorod envelopes, Is. per 100; best scaling wax, 4s. p all kinds of stationery equallv cheap. Card-plate elcgavr graved, aud 100 aupeiifine cards printed for 4a. tfd. Weddi tionery of the most elegant designs.—Observe, at H RODRIGUES’ well known establishment, 21, Piccadilly. W LEUCHARS, having completed the • ation and enlargement of his old-established Pr respect fully invites tho nobility and gentry to inspect h and Extensive STOCK of DRESSING and WRITING C Despatch-boxes. Inkstands, Envelope-cascs, aud Workbo buhl, and also mounted in unique patterns, in the mediseva tea-chests, and backgarainon-mcn and tables, with an variety of objeta de fantaisie etde luxe, suited for Weddi other Presents. W. Leuchars has also a superior and moat assortment of Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Travelling Bags ; in the Inventor aud manufacturer of thc«e highly improved an< articles, has many patterns, which are only to be seer establishment, 38, Piccadilly,three doorsfrom Sackvllle atr ^UPERB NOVELTIES in PAPIER MA at MECHl’S, 4, Leadenhall-street, London.—A \ isii establishment will prove that there is not In London auoU 1 stock of elegancies. They consist of Tables. Envelope Cas ting Boxes, Companions, Cabinets, Jewel Oases, Work I Dressing Cases, Tea Caddies, Haud and Pole Screens, Care ! Table Inkstands, Regency Writing Desks, Portfolios, Playin aud Visiting Card Cases, Cigar and Bottle Cases, Note ai Baskets ; also an assortment of Needle Cases in pearl and \ ; shell. Silver aud Gold Poncil Cases, Pen-holders, and other suitable for presents. Inventor of the Patent Castellatc i Brush. DAKIN and COMPY., TEA MERCHANTS, and Patentees for Roasting Coffee in Silver Cylinders. NUMBER ONE. SAINT PAUL’S CHURCHYARD. O NE THOUSAND BEDSTEADS TO C1I FROM.—HEAL and SON’S stock comprises a larg* ment of handsomely japanned and brass mounted 1RO STEADS, Children's Cribs, and Cots of new and elegant Mahogany, birch, and Walnut-tree Bedsteads of the sourx best manufacture, many of them fitted with furniture, a and every variety of servants' aud portable bedsteads. Th also a targe assortment of BED-ROOM FLT RNITURE, comprising wardrobes boti panned wood and mahogany, from 4 feet to S feet long, fit every variety of arrangement; dressing tables and glasae stands, drawers, and every article far the complete furnisl: , bod room. HEAL and SON’S ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE o STEADS and priced list of bedding, containing designs ai of upwards of 100 bedsteads (representing a stock of up> 1,000), sent free by post.—HEAL and SON, l!>tf, Tottenha road. J OZEAU'S COPAHINE MEGE, or Saccharated CAPSULES, approved of Vy the French College of Physicians, successfully administered in the Paris and London hoBpitula, and acknowledged by them to be the best remedy for the cure of cer­ tain diseases (see “ Lancet" of Nov. 6 ,1S52). Price per 100,4?. Gd.; 50, 2s. fed. To be had of the inventor. Gabriel Jozeau, French chemist, 49. Haymarket, London, whose name is primted on the Government stamp, and all the principal chemists. H EDGES and BUTLER, wine merchants, < fc c ., 155, Regent-street, London, and 29, King's-road, Brighton, originally established A.D. 1(307.—The old-fashioned DRY PORT, 54s. per dozen: this wino possesses all the genuiuo qualities of pure and fully fermented Port wine, which are dryness, astrin- gency, fruitiness, and good colour, with bouquet, and is well worthy the notice of connoisseurs. Gordon's golden and pale Sherries, 80s., $(>*.,and 42». perdoz.; Mai. ran ilia and Amontillado, highly recoin mended for invalids, 48s. and 00s. ; St. Jullen Claret. 28s.; first growth Clarets, 30s., 4&s., 60s., and 72s.; Hock and I Moselle, 30s. to 60s.; sparkling Champagne. 4Ss. to S4s.; ditto, in pints, 27a. to 42s. Any quantity, with priced lists of all other wines, will bo immediately forwarded on receipt of a post-office order or reference. N. B. Old pale Cognac Brandy, 60s. per doz.; Curasao, Marnscbiuo, Noyeau, Cherry Brandy, and other foreign liqueurs. I a NDIA PALE ALE, and EVERY VARIETY of BURTON ALE.—Tlie BURTON BREWERY COMPANY have just completed extensive additions and improvements to their Plant at Burton-on-Trent, and are now prepared to supply Ale to all parts of tho kingdom. Orders may be sent direct to the Brewery, I or fonvarded through the Company** agents in the princqml great towns. The Ales are now * in excellent condition, and can l> e fur- j nished to the trade on highly advantageous terms. Mr. R. ! SHEARING, 1, Hungerford Wharf, especially invites an inst>ectiou I ol his large aud varied Stock of these uaiyemlJy esteemed Ales. Y ARTY’S LINENS, from No. 47, Bishoi street.—This entire and valuable Stoek, a. pun iia* Trustees, is now sacrificing at LAMBETH IlOUsK, op port unity offers of selecting all the first-oUaa i?oo«t« (w for durability) in Irish Lluens, Damask Tabic-cloths, Napl Sheetings, with a choice assortment of tho richest Hilka, Mantles, &c., all at startling prices. Tho late proprietors Varty and Co., held a distinguished reputation for nearly for the excellenco of their Linens. Tho whole will now b off. Private families and large conaiiuiers ahmiM respond this announcement.—HARVEY and CO., LAMBkTil (next the Railway-arch), Westminster • • • I S jjpLENDID CHINTZ iFURNITUI CLARKSON and CO., her MAJESTY’S FUR PRINTERS, respectfully inform the Nobilit}*, Gentry, Public, they have now received the whole of tho Ne< Stock or their UNRIVALLED CHINTZES, greatly r e S rice.—17, COVENTRY-STREET, opposite the HAYMA f.B. The remainder of last year's patterns are being sold per yard. P OMMADE DEPURATIVE, for Pre the Hair falling off, and restoriug it in eases of p baldness, is manufactured by RIGGE, BROCKBANK, am 35, New Bond-street, London, and 5, East-street, Brighto
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