The Morning Chronicle, May 12th 1854

i i \ # m m n No. 27,264. LONDON. FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1854. P r ic e D EVITT and MOORE’S AUSTRALIAN LINE | of PACKET SHIPS.—Has a great portion of her cargo engaged and will meet with immediate despatch for MELBOURNE, Port Phillip, the splcudid dipper-built ship LAN1> O’CAKES. A I for 13 years, 661 tons register, David Walton Commander ; Hying In thcLondon Docks. This vessel has a commodious poop and Urst-rate accommodations for passengers, and is noted for her very fast sailing qualities.—For term* of freight or passage apply to Deviti and Moore, 9, Billiter-street. j\ OR SYDNEY, the SOVEREIGN of the SE^S, I iicmedaU; the SEAS. . B H P V Messrs. J. C. GodellYoy and Sons, of Hamburg). This vessel was buiit by Mr. D. M’Kay, Boston, and launched in August, 1852. She has performed some of the most extraordinary voyages upon record, and w expected to make the passage to Sydney iu 05 days. She will only ca<*ry a limited number of ilrst-class pa>rsensrerH , for whom she has very elesrant accommodation.—For terms of freight or passage, apply to W. S. Lindsay and Co., 8, Ausiinfrurs. HIE MAIL STEAM-SHIP far AUSTRALIA, June 4, 1S54.—The magnificent SCREW STEAM-SHIP LADY JOCELYN, 1,800 tons, another of the flnw fleet belonging to the General Screw Steam Shipping Company, will be despatched with her Majesty’s Mails for Adelaide, Port Phillip, and Sydney, on the 4 th of June next. This truly noble ship has maintained her high reputation for rapid sailin'? aud punctuality ; and is a sister ship to the Argo, which has raado the quickest voyage to and from Australia of any ship up to this time. The Lady Jocelyn has been employed carrying the Maiis to and from England and Calcutta, ami after a very ace of about 27,000 miles, calling at seven ports outward and eight homeward, bas reached Plymouth t*o days before her time ; and, from her superior sailing and steaming Qualities, it may bo fairly assumed that she will make the run to Australia in 60 days. Rates of passage, from 30 to 100 guineas.— Full particulars as to freight and ua^age money at the Company’s Otfices, 1, Adelaide-place, London-bridge. P TfiARIS direct, 3la. or 22s.—The GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY’S STEAM SHIPS leave London-bridge Wharf— Institutions, CLAIMING to be entitled to tho LEGACY of £400, nivcn to the Aped Needle Women’s Society, by the will of Thomas Croft, late of Victoria-place, Periy-street, Northfleet, in the county of Kent, Esq. (who died in or about tlio month of October, 1862),are, by their solicitors, on or before the ¥4th day of May, 1854, to oome in and PROVE their CLAIMS,at the chambers ol his Honour the Master of tho Rolls, in the Rol^ysrd, Chancery-lane. Middles x ; or Eminence tho Cnrdiiml Archhtnhop. of ESTMINSTER will PREACH on tfuroUy next (tho lifter Easter) at the Churrh of the M * » 11 • n Trimt>, Urook- green, Hammersmith, at tho High M ;>a*t whl«h c out men cos at Eleven o'clock. There will be a 4 olUM «ti«.n altr*r tl»o *rrmon to* wards defraying the heavy debt with *bnh thla httfili la still encumbered. For Boulognh. Sunday, May 14, at 1 morning. Wednesday, May 17, at 4 morn. Sunday, May 21, at 8 morning. For Cai- ais. Sunday, May 14, at 3 morning, Thursday, May 18, at 6 mom. Sunday/May 21, at 9 morning. London to Boulogne or Calais: Saloon, 14s. ; Fore, 10s. Tickcts for Paris can be had only at 71, Lomburd-street, or 37, Kc^ent-circus. T T ONDON and BLACKWALL RAILWAY.— J J NOTICE.—On the occasion of the LAUNCH of the ROYAL ALBERT, at Woolwich, iu the presence of her Majesty, on Saturday, tho 13th May instant, the fares on this day will be jl8 follows viz. • - First Class .............One Shilling | Second Clas*§............. Sixpence Peturu tickets at double these rates. Steamboats to Woolwich will leave the Brunswick Wharf, Black- wall, every 10 minutes, from a Quarter to Eight a.m. Special boats to view the lauuch will leavo the wharf upon the arrival of the train* leaving Fenchurch-street st a Quarter-past Twelve, Half- past Twelve, and n Quarter to One o’clock. N.B. The Railway Trains Btart every Quarter of an nour. By order. Offices—London Terminus, Fenchurch-street, 11th May, 1C54. RAVE3ENI), by tho LONDON, TILBURY, and SOUTHEND RAILWAY. On and after 1st May, the TRAINS on this Line will start as follows viz Fro.o Fenchurch-street Station (Blackwall Line), at 8.7, 0.37, 10.22, 11.22, 2.7, 3.22, 4.37, 5.37, 7.7, tt.7, 9.37. From Bishopsgate Station (Eastern Counties Line), at fi.16, 9.40, 10.26, 11.25, 2.10, *.25, 4.4$, 6.40, 7.10, 8.10, 9.40. From Gravesend (Town or Roahcrville Piers), at 7.30, 8.40, 9.30, 11.30, 12.60, 2.30, 3.50, 5.i*0, 16, 7.50, 9.15. F arra. First Class, Is. 6d. ; Second Class Is. Od. Return Tickets: First Class, if, 6d. ; Second Class, Is. 8d. Omnibuses between Brompton, Chatham, Rochester, Stroud, and Gravesend, run in connection with these Trains, as follows, via. IVom Brompton, &c., at 7.5, 10 a.m.9 and 2.20, 4.45 p.m. From Town Pier, Gravesend, at 11.1># 12.25 a.m., and C.27, 8.15 p.m. Fares, Is. cach. By order, A, WIGHTMAN, Manager. Feuchurck-strcct Station, April 27,1854. ASTERN COUNTIES and LONDON and BLACKWALL RAILWAY COMPANIES— LONDON, TILBURY, and SOUTHEND EXTENSION RAILWAY.—Tho Proprietors of Shares in the above Hail way are hereby Informed that a FINAL CALL of ONE POUND TEN SHILLINGS per SHARE has l»ecn made by the Joint Committee of Directors, pay­ able on and after the Ktn day of Juno next, at the London and Westminster Bank* Lothbury, liondon. N.B.—If the Call be not paid by the clay, named, interest at 5 per csnt. will be charged on the amounts overdue. By order of the Joint Committee, JOHN F. KENNELL, Secretary. Offices, London Terminus, Fcnchurch-street, May 9,1854. MBSRGATE, NOTTINGHAM, and BOSTON and EASTERN JUNCTION RAILWAY COMPANY.— Notice is hereby given, that an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS in this Company will be held at the Londou Tavern, Bishop? gate-btrcct, London, on Saturday, the -0th day of May instant, at One o'clock in the afternoon, for the i»urj»o*o of a.ii«l improving (cr otherwise) a bill pro- • • rtillK Rev. G. D. HILL, M.A.f of St. Philipp JL Waterloo-plnco, will PREACH a hi:RM‘ S on Hunday in default thereof, they will lie percmptordy excluded trom the , morning next, the 14th lust., at Rt Phdij ., Whi.h1 on benefit of the said order. Wednesday, the 31st day of Kay, BEHALF of the HOSPITAL for CONSl. M P I’ll»N *i««l DISEASES 1854, at Two o’clock in tho afternoon, at the raid chambers, is ap­ pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the claims.—Dated this 2d day ot May, 1864. GEOKGE HUME, Chief Clerk. JAMES CONSEDINE, 58, Pall-mall, Plaintiff’s Solicitor. ORTII-WHST METROPOLITAN AUDIT DISTIUCT.—PARISH or 8V. MANY ABBOTT8, KEN- SINOTON.—Notice Is hereby given, Ibat the AUDIT of tlio Ac­ counts cf the pariah or ST. MARY AliBOITS, KENSINGTON, will l> c huld at tho Konsinxlon Work house, on Friday, the 26th day or May iu&t&nt, at Ten o'clock in tho forenoon. Suino*. May 11, 1854. J. II. MITOUINEll, District Auditor. M e x ic a n d e b t.—a g e n e r a l m e e tin g of MEXICAN BONDHOLDERS will be held at the Lon­ don Tavern, BUhopsgate-btreet, at Twelve for One o’clock, on Mon­ day, the 15th May, to receive the Comraittcc’B report on the state of their affairs, and for general purposes. The report will be published by Messrs. Letts, Son, and Steer, 8, Ro n al Exchange, a few da vs previously. Committee of Mexican bondholder*, 27, Grciiham^treet, April 28, 1S54. of the CHEST, Brompton. Divine past Eleven o’clock. Brompton, May 10, ISM. >rvue Wl.l to uoki not) at llulf* PIMLIP RoKr. Ifott« Sec. OHIlOllN CHOKH. Krc. r n H E j H tw it w ATERL00-3RIDGE.---Notice is hereby lven, that u . GENEUAL ASSEMBLY or the COMTANY or 1 ‘EOpllETORS c( WATERLOO-IsIUDCJE wUlbe held at the Freema.>uns’ Tavern, Great Queer.-street, on Thursday, the 1st of June next, at Twelve oV.ock at noon, in pursuance of the di­ rections of the Act of Parliament. Tho Chair will be takeu a; One o’clock precisely. w i v , 'a ^ K C » E PO W K L .T - # , Ohi< f Clerk j Co. ; Gl>u, Halifax, and Co. ; Han key an* <V ; Waterloo-bnd-e OlHce, 8, lieaufort-biuldmijB, Strand, May 12,1654. | Jid Qo. ; R.uisom and Co. ; William., !> < *.. GRAND BAZAAR, utidir th«t imim-diute patroiia^rc et htr Mant Gracious M^Jwty lh* ; I I N, to cehbiaio the Opening of tho New W inj *'f II*1 I ITAL for CONSUMPTION and DISEASES of the i 1 1 1 si. 1 /*. ft m, will be held (by the kind permission of h#r M - •* « • •• * ••i»rrt for the Exhibition of 1861)in the ^roun !• »tia« b#d w h m* lloime, Kensington, in the last week of June neat further particulars will be thortlji 4nnou»«*»l The Committee earnestly call npon »• anil 'n rvolmt public, to whom an appeal on behalf of thi« n«v« r U rn made in vain, to assist them In carrym* « •» U «« u • fl .»t» t.. plete the Hospital, by preparing su< » * n i» « f i l o» i aim u * l «.rti- cieh as may l> e considerett suitable for il.o *« The interior works of the new wlnf, • h aoootimodite 140 additional patients, arc bem^ prooeeil^l wHIi m re^lti , sible, and no effort will be spared lor eaUmlmi l«* S lM I the usefulness of this charity, which combi nr * n.m* n Jects us can be found united in any cbariunu ire UonutioiiK of work, paiiting*. drawing*, n» minerals, botan cal h: ecimens and othrr arir I. • care of James J. Wane, Esq., «*ore IIoum- , K«« Secretary, at the Hospital, will bo fTftt* fully * A donation ofX31 10*. coniftituUft a lite nual subscription < » f £:< a tfovcniof. Subscriptions and uonations will lie rr » Wtsl < tl»eT John Labouchore, Esq., 20, Birchin lanr ; Iv , » Co. ; Cocks, Biddulph, and Co. ; Coutts and Co. ; Urut o PENING c * i tlj# Cll\ STAL PALACE.—The ¦ OPENING ot tile CHYHTA i PALACK Is drflnii* h fixed to tako place oi. urtl • lie 109b of June, on whi« 1 » occaxiou her Majesty has ^nu iou'-ly *« i i n « » | | < »i luUutlon of honouring the inauf^iration with b*r i»r< • ••< * o PENING uf the OUYHTAL PALACE, IU54.— It is intended to OI*KW the CET8TAL PALACE and PARK on tho lOlh of Jen# ; ellei W ftil>'h il»ey will be open daily, Sundays excepted The following art tl>r mente for the admission of the public FlVK-SlHLUMO l)At» — km'i i'lm, • the public will be admitted by payment at Ihe '*f t • lete c*f (*»• rack, and by tickcts to in elude conveyance l> lui»« * * Halp-Ceown P am - Uri | 1 ibe public will be admitted by paymeiit at the doon Iff U«4e i ee«l., and \ \ tickets to include conveyance bv » •' SintitiNU j • * i ^ % •. Wednetdayx, and Thurs- E a r ly c lo s in g of w h o le s a le houses on SATURDAYS.—A GENERAL MEETING of young men engaged in wholesale warehouses connected with the general draperv trade will l»e held at the London Tavern, THIS EVEN­ ING, May 12, 1854, for the promotiou of the above important object. Tho Chair to betaken at Half-past Seven o’clock. All interested in tho question arc Invited to attend. da>v " ¦ .1 1 be thllllM 4|< Mfft , i paynHMit of Jt. each will admit the j ubfle, er H • ••elder te a4mb«)o»» to the Pal&ce and 1 'ai k, n 1 •ft*** i.• U'» ( r%*iel Pal.'icc Haiiw* , . •• l^tidin WMge IHeikei to tbe l*»U< v ami back, will be Isauidft' • r | — IncludlVlf t» All, Including 8tv*"*4 it iw* |i o' Includu.gTklrd H iv* |t n Cuii.naKX.—CMMivm i •.»<.. ,•« » • u< «< 4 at half tho above ratot. H ours of O n - .M * fi.« i ^ - h - j f,,» •»u u -1 . Mondays at Nine o\4e t, hn S) it »«iai« da>s a *. Ten o’clork n » , I .« * I tUa?e •»•<! Hai i U|e ai I erl«« oVslocU, and cU*<’ ev»«»T I* a r» • r i 8ea80X Tn-ssra - H ie m i t M f « «d| W on at>«l after 1 Xfooday, the 16th ef e Q iM M eeek, to e M t th«* prw - i prietor to the Fale * , * . ' I'afk « > » llm day of eiioiilng, and on all i ot-h#r d a \ * s when I'te I ulldl »g te Map to the public, up to the UUth } of April, 1851. No season th w « t l be tran* fcrable or available except to tho I pers^ai whojesl^tiaiure It bear«. '___________________________ taf.t ob* j J l t m t . r waitb d to tlie Min. or to the if, itii) at* in- n Imttiie U*e fiefneee OU*r1and and the Simplon, Every [ n e ^ t Maturdv)* every Tueedav, Tbum- dey, and Wetiinlay Mmnlnfk l l Tnfee < • k. H*all , S*., which r« a^irer, «*iajr anu «r-i»d and I * » » < « , Ka' • ‘on, einl Cxi,; by R ock l i f e assu ran ce o ffic e , is, New Bridfce-street, Blsckfriars, London, May 12,1854. Tho ANNUAL GENEUAL COURT of the PR'.’PRIEVORS of | this Company wiU be holden on Tuesday, tbc*23<l Inst., at Twelve t o'clock precisely, at the Company's house, as above, to receive a report of receipts and disburse men ta ol the Company’s accounts during the preceding year ; to elect four Directors and one Audi Messrs* Rlvington ai d Co., Waterloo-place ; Mat. i, r* | ».f, i i •> ., Piccadilly; Nishet and Co., Bernerm-street; and by tt.« 'M 'vin. PHILIP R08K,H"tt e«Nrvtsrv. Rrempton, May, 18?4. OSBORN P. Cli* h* h, n. ie«ary. S ONSof MISSIONARIES.— KORKIGN BAKAAR iu All) of the BUILDING FUND will la* held et the Hall of - . . . . i Commerce, Threadneodle reet, at 'i\ s * lill.s DAY. tor in the place;ot those who arc then togro out of ol!lce by rotation, May i2; To-morrow, 13th; Monday, 1M1.; • I -lay. 10th! g l° of Settlement, and on When the i.mgniflcent ccntrihutions trom ciil»i» l«%dia, tn* Weat Indies, and the Continent, will be on nele m • I aidve, other special business. Nctiee has been <ivcn, in pursuance of tho Deed of Settlement, by tho following proprietors, of their intention to become candi­ dates, each respectively, on the occasion, viz.:— To be Directors.—Adolphus Pugh Johnson, Esq., Sydney Lau- renco, Esq., Richard Tell, Esq., Henry Trittou, Esq. To be Au­ ditor : William Henry Poynder, Esq. Ey order of the’Court of Directors, JOHN GODDARD, Actual y. and close at dusk. This Day, 2 * » . 0d. ; To i •» « mmI f : wtntf days, Is. c 8 0 0 1 K T W — The or tw ifvcKmroi . i i:d U NION BANK of AUSTRALIA, fi8, Old Broad- street.—LETTERS of CREDIT and BILLS of EXCHANGE are GRANTED on the branches of this bank m Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Geelong, Portland, Bathurst, Goulburn, Lauuceston, ard Hobart Town, at a charge of 2 percent., and on Auckland, Welling­ ton, and Port Lyttelton, at a ehatge of 3 per cent. Bills on the Australian and New Zealand colonies negotiated and sent for collection, on terms which may bo learnt at the offices oi tho Bank. By order ot the Board. II. W. l>. SAUNDERS, Sec. S jjuBM A RIN B and ETJROFKAN TRLEGU A PH COMPANIES, and BRITISH TELEGRAPH COMPANY.— The SUBMARINE and EUROPEAN TELEGRAPH COMPANIES' Lines arc NOW OPEN to LIVERPOOL* MANCHESTER, &c.. and the following GREAT REDUCTIONS in TARIFF have been made. No Chiiye for Name and Adoicn.*. l\ o Torterage First Hile. Between— London and Liverpool IIURCH BUILDING ANNUAL GENERAL COURT 80C1STV for PROMOTING the hNLAlu.i.mi s ih ii |>|NG, and REPAIRING of CHURCHES a»d i lU r t l * «iu - b«ld at 79# Pall-mall, on Tuesday, the Sid ln*t His Grace the Archbishop of CANT I ’tr.i mv uk« tin Chair at Two o’clock pre« i—b T. I H. IkrttUry. Society's House, 7, Whitehall, May lo, ItU Family H K Aat-s 11 » *»s.- Mrmbcxt of the same family who re­ side together hoc th« prlvtW.o of taking season tickets for their own m«t w.r» c *r without milw^y conveyance on the following reduced terms: * On two ticket* * «li^ ount of l i | M * r cent, on the gross amount; three tickets, a dlse< > r • ot . four r « kriN ^di:- -••unt of 20 percen’ in »• lieknts and upward*, a dlaooont of 26 per cent. Fan ¦ oUtitunrf th« *!• * ) pilvllege, and dcaiii.^ to avail iheniiH lvr i of »i, ? . » apt'r In a |«rr«orlt*od form, which may be lmd at th*» Ofh •. « * • r at 1 at the other office* for ticket* ViU will* ¦ * * * -i»le mdy to the per- soiri named in Kueh ap( U an • < Railway Siueo* 1 .. • < \ » mi.frvh:i < e ilotif the Oryntal Palace Railway, *lJgolo tbt Palace an«! ba< k, are issurd l*i « > ¦ aiw’ I' t • • t « i pany, at their Oflices, Landet. « 1 •. Li 4« mon; family tickots at tho «ain» n '•* * • *» • ti fc'P K C iA L Rtat'tatioM in Hie I ae« \ ll the general provi- sioun hikI refpilail<M »« a»- % • sn> t lw un ii rHtood as beinc Rulnervu nl I • • • n ai asUi i-r, n<to ationa, and bye- laws on the part of th« l.% » i> *.H tn. Iai u* Company a» may be found nr^'r *a» i > I i« i i ^ , ami to me:*t special occasions and e l r c s i m . j •» .» > - f < i lime totlnie arne. By otd#» < » f th* la-ao’, < • GUOVE, Secretary, Adelaide-pla«'<*. f • • » •* » # * • M.i *! Schedule nf Ptl r» ir k*«»nTlekete. Without Conveyance bv » * • • • I • • ^ Conveyance by Railway. TBIHE EDUCATIONAL EXHIBITION will »i OPEN, at St. Martin's Hall, the laat week in June. Parties intending to exhibit should apply forthwith for Fpace and par­ ticulars to the Secretary of the Society of Arts. By order, P. LE NEVE FOSTER, M.A., Sec. Society's House, Adelpbi, April 24,1S54. W | I e.WOODIN’S CARPET BAG and SKETCH • BOOK, Upper Hall, Regent Gallery, 60, Quadrant, EVERY EVENING, at Right o'clock. Several new characters and other novelties have been introduced. A Morning Performance • • s. ' U ., at Two o’clock. Dresa stalls, 4s. and 3s.; area, 2 .*. ; gallery. Is. stalls u;ay be secured without extra charge at the R^MHoe frem Ten till Five daily, at Mitchell's, Andrews', fibers', and pnui ipai musleeel)era« I ALHKRT HMITU B MONT BLANC, Me*ia* ai K%M ( « V!n n iu r . enn be takes at Us Ret edfis every dnj* Aen Eleven till Fear; A i m , U , i Gallery, Is. • K f > i tlao k a i l , VlooadlHy. S IG N O R h n d M :n n . F E R R A R I lx»{? to nnnounoc th u thotr ANNUALOOHOfcKT will take place ot Uie lUnuv.r- square Rooms, on Friday evening, May IV. VocalUte ; Madame Mortier La Fontaine, Miss Auiruta Thouwor, and Mailame Ferrari; Mea-ra. Herberte, H. C. Regaldi, Wal worth, and Signor Ferrari, lnstrumeutalusts: Piano, Mrs. F. B Jownon and Mr. George Russell; concertina, Sijhior Giulio Regotidi; harp, Mr. John Thomas; violoncello, M. Paque and Mr. Schrocder; violin, Mr. Folkes. Accompany bits, Messrs. Lindsay SloperandG. Russell.— Tickets, 7s., to be had at the principal musia»ellers; reserved soaU 1 *, 10s. Od., to be had only of Signor aud Madame Fenari, 69, Upper Norton-street, Portland-place. /COLOGNE CHORAL UNION.—DER KOLNER " f MANNER-GKSANG-VERF.IN.—Mr. MITCHELL respect- tally announces that the CONCERTS of this distinguished Society wili take place at tho Hanover-sapiare Roouis, iu the following order 'TO-MORROW (SaturJay) EVENING, May 13; Monday 3lorninjr, May 16 ; Wednesday Morning, May 17 ; Friday Moroing, May 19 ; and Saturday Evening, May 20. The Eveuing Concerts commence at Half-past Eight; and the Morning Concerts at Half­ past Three. Reeerved seats, 10a. e I ; uure^en-cd seate, 5s.; which may be obtained at Mr. Mitchell's lloyal Library, 33, Old Bond- h tree t. _______________________ 2!ACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY, Exeter llall. C i 1 1 U R 0 U BUILDING - O C I M T Y . J Incorporated by act of Par nu.n t - tta reenlu jrnooi London and Manckestor.......................... 2 6 ditto. London and Bimihnrham ....................... 1 0 ditto. Liverpool aud Manchester....................... 1 0 <^itto. Liverpool and Bim>.nr ;haui .................... 1 0 ditto. Manchester and Birminuhum ................ 1 0 ditto. Birmingham and Loadon Birmi gliam and Liverpool Birmingham and Manchester For full particular!!, list ef towns. Continental tariffa, Ac., apply at the oflices:— London—30, Coruhill; 43, Rcgent-circu*j, Piccadilly ; and House of Commons during the session. • ••••••• s. o I 2 6 for 20 words. "HI •••••»•• • • «••ie e>« t •11 R * 1 .......... r e r # 1 0 ditto. Liverpool—23, Cadtle-street. Manchester—1, Market-place. Blrmingham—1 0 - 1, N ew-street. Gravesend—45, the Terrace. Chatham—303, High-street. Canterbury—30, High-street. Dover—7, Clarence-place. Deal—100, Beach-stieet. J J ) of this Society's operations for the >»»r tmiH.i M^rch l«Kt are as follows :—Amount granWd, n«aH* m a number of places aided, 147, at 49 o f which upw < « | U «>ir,tc<!; number of additional seat* to !> * • i»n*« in,ei# 14 •H ih U.821 are to be reserved for the use of i. i w m n»n» • .«• All this W greatly beyond them ulta ol < s**«e IN? 11** Huuety has now assisted 4.770 place* tot • Sue k i«moda- tlon. It is at present revponalble to ilieewM * # ’ o. an ao- count of grants remaining unna t, to miO eiiM i • * ittlc ent funds in hand. During thoUo ym* It >»*• ¦*.• *m H of £5,600 in 3 perCent. Reductd s, »d i > i « a, John Brown, Esq., of Harrow ; no*! • > n. •» ? # * e* , f>einthe late Lady BoyLton; £1,1*34 1^ 4d. fr* ? i* ¦ • • • ti • • Hurley ; £1,000 6s. from tho Late Mi W I . i «4 i n * •> . « (uni,, r por­ tion of Mr. llaroln'a legaet , lhi««i.riMes • < (lorn tno late L. W. Nyatt, Enq., \ t.w * I 4 .r.«i Mi.» Md. the balance of Mr. Brown's Un #.1 r»v.nt the lato Mrs. Sutherland ; £900 from the U It I left, , and £900 ftom JfcUs Catherine Wlllia AnnH»f i|h» «t.<»*i' #»• 41 • «ums of £ i 00 cach from John llubi»aftl, 1 » 4 /to a tm m • . riuutorf. and ltev. E. Mortlock : and te- * n rmg. Contributions arerecetve«l l*jr M • ? I. « * 1 > , .mmond, and at the Society’s hou»e, 7, Wli»t« nail. Two Tickets. Three M II I) ft II o tf e e II it Id v t? I i 1 •• e t e e 0 In. ing 1 r% la f«m r .4 He veil K ino I .. -t. • t M M e e • e • £7 11 0 10 14 6 13 9 0 16 15 0 19 18 0 22 1 0 35 4 0 28 7 0 31 10 0 s Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten N otk.— Applications tv# fam ily , bo aildrc*neu t• . w .M a n , sa l ar^> »«.i «nl«d by a remittance for tlie full an** > * a* f»»# , a « - ordlug to tho above schedule, In fsvi n i> t i^ShM 1'esM1 , •. Adelaide place. C^^ques must be on a •’•> n taankm, afwl )* * * with the wonls * * Union Bank of Ixmdnn.*’ A>. . »» • < ................ so accompanied will e attended to. . » *.u»«r Heason Tickets, must c RYSTAI. I'M .V K HKASON TICKETS will be re*< j »vn^sii*##> «? 1 af • 1 Monday, the 15th May, and may t> n hail §1 tt* i\a«* . U * « » t>tt\ e^% 8, Adelaide-p’ace, London-bri<i«< • 1 . •« •• tt»e Itrightau Railway Ter­ minus, (<o»d< 1. • twl<a , at Sm i >. I, Junei'Mrtreet; Mitchcirs, Boiid-stnet: .......os's, l4P^n«»*s ttisK t ; Westerton's, Kuightv bridge; Keith, !*?•»••• •• 1 , < *».«•; and the Royal Baths, Brijciii-‘« - H ilni* i» lueliola r<mvi yance by railway can be hail only t» * » ^ e % S a * a^ n u ij to the Brighton Railway, Iiondon-br Idge. Uuil, Glasgow, Leeds, and the districts north of Manchester, &c., will immediately be placed in direct communication with the above places and London, at reduced charges. THE CONTINENT, The Submarine ar.d European Companion powos.s the exclusive right of direct communieaiion between England and France, and Belgium, and have direct lines all over Europe. The above tin* }>ortant districts are thus placed in instantaneous communica­ tion with the entire Continent. G. L. PARROTT, Secretary, Submarine ar.d European Telegraph Compajiie*. L ONDON CHURCH HI* I l.l»l\«» • • II I V.— — 1 rf'^RVM’AI. l AI.Ai'K. 1MM.---To ADVKR- C .Its 10 the f t .'lurch I on At a GENERAL M E f.flM i . t at Itn4 m « 1 M KTRoPOLlSCHUUCIiEH I I Nl» and * * 4 U»s h m i/e Extensioii in the Diootte of Lenden, b«ui at the 0th ins?, The Lord lliih ju.f UiNUON In tb# 1 1 air, A full report of the operation* < » f tin m« u-»|• in n from the period of it* instIt 18N t* read ; and the meetiiiz was thin Inf irme4 that the Cbuiches Fund having l>een formed for th« put) «fi new churches in the metropolia, and having mote than its work by building, or aiding in building, 78 new eln operations would, in future, lie conducted by the London Chureh Euilding Society, which is intended as a permanent Instil’ t) > n for procuring funds, and aiding in the erection of new chufchei*; and wmonnttediousea in the dloceae, according to the following T1SKI; \ \ \ » M h M II \ I H intended for INSERTION lu t- h c va» «ui II ^ 1 • -»k • tii thr roiitenta of the EXHIBI­ TION muit • n«ai<*4 h| !!< •¦ % »• Itradbury and Evans, the publishers to ikm t **i»|«n/. >1, lhHiv«rie-«treet, 00 or before the 26th of May. ruwi, i ^ 0 I I 0 0 1, lor O time, was ^ l » > » rn p o lis ting 50 nipb'ted lie*, its Pal Presidri-t IC INDIGENT BLIND, St. ileurgs*a Field*. t|n«t i r * < lous Mi»Je*ty the QUEEN. Ill* I rare tic lord Archbi4iop of CANTERBURY. Tirat’ .irrr - Suiuu* I Hlchanl Ho*«tn«|uet, E»q. At a HPKI I AL GENERAL COURT or tho MEMBERS of this Corporal 1 n, held at the l^oadon Tavern, Bishopsgato-strcet, on Tuesday ibeUthof May, 1854, tor the Election of Eight Male and Six Female Pupils, ROBERT TUBBS, Eaq., In the Chair,! Conductor,(Mr. COSTA.—THIS EVENING, May 12 will V > e , repeated BEETHOVEN'S GRAND SERVICE in D. Principal Vocalists, Mue. Clara Novello, Miss Dolby, Mr. Sims Reeves, and Herr Formes; with orchestra of nearly 700 performers. Tickets, 3s., 5a., and 10s. 6d. eadi, or subscriptions, one, two, or three guineas per annum, at the Society’s office, No. ti, in Exeter Hall. The performance will be preceded by Beethoven's grand overture in C, op. 1 *2 4 .—Mr. Macfarren's Analysis (10 pages quarto), with Musical Illustrations, on sale, price 6d^ or sent by post on receipt of 12 pofetage stamps. A Young Gertnau Gentleman and I (a Parfeinn lady) are desirous of meeting with a family, to TEACH FRENCH and GERMAN. Unoxc H o r t i c u l t u r a l so cie ty of London.— Notice is hereby given, that the FIRST EXHIBITION of FLOWERS and FRUIT, in the Society’s Garden, will take place on Saturday, May 13,’at Two p.m. Tlckotp, price 5s. each, can be procured at this Office, upoirpre- sentlng the order of a Fellow, or 0:1 the day of meeting, at Turn- ham green, price 7s. 0d. each.—21, Regent-street, London. R BOYAL BOTANIC SOCIETY, Regent’s-park,— The days appointed for the EXHIBITIONS or PLANTS, FLOWERS, and FRUITS this season are Wednesdays, May 24lh, Juno 21st, and July 6th ; and of AMERICAN PLANTS, Mondays, June 12th aud 19th. Tickcts of admission can be obtained at the Gardens by orders from Fellows of the Society. TO-MORROW, Saturday, May 13th, is the last upon which tickets are issued at 4s. each; also the Fellows' packets of Thirty at Five Guineas. After that day, 6s.; or on the days of Exhibition, 7s. Cd. each. The plants will be arranged on a new plan, similar in fonu to the American Gardtn, and placed upon a series of terraces. T h e ” NEW SOCIETY of PAINTERS in WATER COLOURS.—Their TWENTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION is OPEN DAILY (Gallery, 53, Pall-mall), from Nine till Dusk.—Admission, Is. JAMES FAIIEY, Secretary. references given.—Address, Ilerr X.. 2, Tavistock-st ford-square. a ______________________________ A Female, a native of India, just return Bombay with the care of children, wishes to R1 the same capa« ity. hhe will be found useful to any quiring her services,—Apply to Spicer Brothers, 18^* N street. rrtO LADIES.—A Young Man, that is J L doing a good business, has lost his housekeeper, good references both to character and abilities in his j wishes to meet with a respectable Young Lady of good and in possession of £200, to JOIN him in the BUSIN] can insure a good home. The advertiser is willing to one within a few miles of London.—Direct, post-paid, Post-office, Old Cavendish-street, London. H yde p a rk uid K e n sin g to n g a (Prinoe's-term#).—To be LET or Sold, in thel lightftU situation, with'o live minutes'walk of Kensingto a FAMILY RESIDENCE, consisting of dining roon morning room, three drawing rooms, and ten bed an rooms, principal and secondary staircases, and very suj vants’ office*.—For particulars, inquire of Mr. W'cicbmai land-gate. I^IHAMBERS.—To be LET, elegant a V>/ vcnlent CHAMBERS, forming part of the larges in Hanover square, having the requisite servant*' olfioc at 23, Hauovcr-square. m o be SOLD, within Six Miles ol JL Stntion, South Vrcs<«rn Railway, a FREKHOLD comprising some Fifty Aerea ur Land, upon which is 1 replete with every convenience tor family «f a | There is stabling for nine homes, coach-hou»«.«. aUlj ere, ence for coaclimau arul grooms, brewery, t>ake»y. h \ dairy, distinct from the house; also a smithery, carpent wood-house, sheds for waggons and carts, &c. There 1 1 kitchen garden, with vlr.ery, forcing pits and frames, po fruit rooms, mush room-ho use, men’s dwelling-rooms garden is a conservutory, and in the grounds is ai (fUll). Water is laid on to every building, by means engine, from onoof the finest spring* in the country, am is completely drained, »nd 111 first-rate order.—Further apply to Duuc&n Hairs, seedsman, lo9, St. Mart’ ui's-lanc 1 7 1 LAX STRAW.—A quantity of FLAX S i . grown in Cornwall, to t> e SOLD by Private ¦ Address (by letter, stating the price per cwt. offered 33#, Strand. A needlew ork p ic t u r e , LIN WOOD, of small size, and in excellent pi with the original gilt frame, for SALE. Also a large the first cost of which w as 8C guineas, will bo dUposod« sum.—Apply to H. Walker, 1, Groshaui-btrect Weat, Li H ‘ T WATSON and CO., of No. 3, Geo • Lombard-street, are in a position to advis on the PURCHASE aud SALE of MINING PROPER! pay every attention to such orders as they may be fa \ Bankers, Messrs. Barclay aud Co. P IANOFORTES, Manufactured by 1 COCKS and CO., London, for SALE or H1UE. 22 guineas upwards—wan anted to staud all climati pianofortes are remarkable- for the beauty and equal tone, and the facility of their touch, and their extrct exterior.”—Musical World. Lists of prices and drav and postage free.—London: ROBERT COCKS and Burl mg ton-8 treet, pianoforte manufacturers and publi t^uecn. P ATENT FLEXIBLE HATS.—JOHJ CO., Patentees, 113, Retrent-street, corner of Hatt6rs to the Queee.*— 1 Ten years' experience in the nufacture of these hats enables the Patentees again t public o: the importance and advantage of their invt trome lightness, great durability, thorough impcr grease, and adaptation to the head, avoiding the irregt of the common hat, are the objects effected. 'Hie Valve const?ucteil by Messrs. Johnson, (or vcntilatln of a hat, will be found a gr. at desideratum during tli of hot weather. S OCIETY of PAINTERS iu WATER COLOURS. —The FIFTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION is NOW OPEN at their Gallery, 5, Pall-mall East. Admittance. Is. Catalogue, tkl. JOSEPH J. JENKINS, Secretary. ( ~1ALLERY of GERMAN PAINTINGS.—The IT SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the WORKS of MODERN GERMAN MASTERS Ih NOW OPEN daily, froiu Nine a.m. till dusk. Admission, Is.—Gallery, 1C8, New Bondutreet, next door to the Clarenden. nnU K FIRST ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the a FRENCH SCHOOL of tlie FINE ARTS is NOW OPEN, at the Gallery, No. 121, Pall-mall, opjionlte the Oper*-oo)piitia<lR, *-Atlinit«*iu«, 1» - ; raUkgttflb M [ l1 OLYLAND’S RENOWNED BB FROCKS, ar.d Morning or Riding Beaufort < made In every new and elegant material for Spring \ and quality of these articles are undeniable, ana tW r y at most moderate charges. New seasonable* rl*fc and waistcoats in unrivalled variety; fishing suith. > a«l 6iC., &c., to order, 150, Strand, two doors *e*t of ^.im D UNN’S TAILORS’ LABOUR A01 vltes public attention to the principle . «»n n ducted, and by which it otters unusual ft^w»Ufia, producer and the consumer, combining b J with low charges to the other. Conducted I * ih* a < c<jet, it secures the best labour, and pajra tl l*«at wnile it a|>propriat0B a part of its trailing profit* 10 t aochil elevation of its operatives, and baa provhted, nearly £1,000, schools for the education of their ulill hall, library, warm baths, &c. See a more lengthcr In the Times of any Wednesday, or send for a pi u«eful dress coat, ‘ 28«. Wiiges paid for makliiK* 1 0 w . clam dre»a coat, £ 2 lfc. Wnfiita |mid for making, 1 V
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