Memorial Register 38, The Basra Memorial 'Iraq, Part XVII, Indian Army

INDEX TO THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES Alwar Infantry Part XVI Page IIOI Army Bearer Corps -------XX 1376 Army Hospital Corps ------XX 1371 Army Remount Department ------XX 1395 Assam Military Police ------XVII 1115 126th Baluchistan Infantry ------XIII 822 Benares State A.T .Corps ------XVIII 1240 49th Bengalis -------XVI 1098 96th Berar Infantry -------XV I 1067 Bharatpur Imperial Service Transport Corps ---XVIII 1234 Bhavnagar Lancers ------VIII 433 9th Bhopal Infantry -------XVI 10831 st Brahmans -------IX 515 ist/31'd Brahmans ------X 626 Bullock Corps -------XVIII 1230 93rd Burma Infantry ------XI 661 Burma Military Police ------XVII 1119 5th/70th Burma Rifles ------XV I IIOO 85th Burma Rifles ------XV I IIOO Camel Corps -XVIII 1234 ist/73rd Carnatic Infantry ------IX 506 75th Carnatic Infantry ------IX 507 79th Carnatic Infantry ------IX 516 80th Carnatic Infantry ------IX 517 86th Carnatic Infantry ------IX 529 88th Carnatic Infantry ------X 620 4th Cavalry -VII 399 5th Cavalry -VIII 413 8th Cavalry -------VIII 416 12th Cavalry -VIII 426 16th Cavalry -VIII 430 17th Cavalry -VIII 432 23rd Cavalry (Frontier Force) ------VIII 420 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force) ------VIII 423 Ceylon Contingent -------XX I 1482
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The document titled Memorial Register 38, The Basra Memorial 'Iraq, Part XVII, Indian Army is beneath this layer.

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