Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 12 No.6

With the Women s Mechanised Transport Corps in France YVONNE MACDONALDS TAPERED NOTWITHSTANDING Sun day Graphic :“Heroic and sensational deeds thrilling story.” News Review :"A book to be read side by side with the histories of the last days of free Paris.” Illustrated .12/6 Important new HUTCH IN SON books which you should read SEVEN MYSTERIES OF EUROPE by Jutes Romains ^This is the uncensored record of Jules Remains efforts to avert war and how, as friend and confidant ^of Europes rulers he saw his best efforts frustrated by fear, deceit, treason and treachery. 12/6 THE FIFTH QUARTER by Philip Graves Man chester Evening News :"These records are introduced and explained in a manner which entitles the book to a privileged place on the bookshelf.” Illustrated .9/6 ID LIVE THE SAME LIFE hOVER map Lind,a, HUGH WALPOLE writes :“Philip Lindsay has a fine gift for reconstruction, rapid movement, narrative and drama.” JAMES AGATE in the Daily Express:“ I read this book during the last blitz on London, and forgot to be terrified. And it takes a good book and a good writer to reassure this shrinking rabbit.” Illustrated .18/- JUDGMENT RESERVED R/. Hon. Sir HENRY SLESSER Times Literary Supplement recommended :"There is a great deal more in it than law or politics.” Daily T e leg rap h:“A serious account of a serious career full of interest and has many good stories to tell.” 12 illustrations. 18/- Pro fe sso rA.M. LOW THE SUBMARINE at WAR This is a book without technicalities. The author deals with the history of the submarine, its pro­gress and its use in modern war. The entire working of the submarine, mines, escape apparatus and anti-submarine devices are simply explained and its legitimate purpose described. It is a book which explains the vital importance of submarine attack and defence for England. No reader of “Hutchin- ¦o son's Pictorial History of the War” should be without this book. 10/6 dWBSg
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