Union Jack, August 16th 1943

August 16,1943 UNION JACK rongos" Are The Air Ground Link POSTHUMOUS award of the V.C. has been made to CONGRATULATIONS rccr.ived by the commander of an R.A.F. Kittybomber wing in Sicily on the success­ful bombing of targets specially selected by the Army re­flect credit on a little publicised branch of Army and Air Force, co-operation—the Arm j Liaison Officers. Aircraft support of background from a fighter sweep ovei A minute later Air Support the V.C. has been made to troops has become -a vital Captain The Lord Lyell, of the weapon in at.tack. In Sicily _ __ Scots Guards, for valour in ihe light and medium bombers a.s ControPatTArmv Headauarters North African campaign. well as fighters of the RAF a?e being informed by wireless On April 22. Lord Lyell led S.A.A.F. and V.S A A.F. p a v ,|Se ^iS turL S «»?hisS company down a steep tiie way for ground forces, and get to the Tactical Air Force, slope in the facc of heavy when called upon speed rapidly u q who, if they agree that it mortar and machine-gun fire to the front line to aid in the can bC successfully attacked, to repel a German counter-taking of specific objectives hay on a bomber raid. attack. Still la ?r. through A theist A.L.O. who mam- «TarKet successfullv bombed heavy fire, he was successful| tains the dose region between ^^ed M-my micks ,in capturing an important hill the two ^ice j destroyed and seton fire, which he successfully hela. -fmcng the K.A.r squadrons. others derailed and damaged.» in spite of great hardship" i 1 "lit iUis wireless message was re- caused by shortage of water, and the heat. He kept fighting incessantly himself, and kept up the spirits of his company. By machine-gun posts. Until these were silenced the advance could not goon. Lord working and living, they are “‘Tr a b n TA"T generally referred to as «brown h rL i^t jobs» or «pongos.» ghf ter Their tent is usually a meet- original information ing place for pilots who drop W!thm less than one hour- into get the «gen» on the Such afiashes» Income and means of a radiotelephone battlefront. On the map they outgo several times a day. which he had himself brought confirm details about our pos:- „AD ____, __ __. .from an exposed position he lions, and the A.L.O. can usu sQuadrons .pro,v,! was able to give the artillery ally give them useful informa- }110 st tne information that directions to fire on enemy tion casein they have to bale iea^f eventually to a special tanks. out over the battlefront. arhUery barrage or bombing _. _ ..„ __ raid. They also provide the Five days la^cr, on April 27, r «gen» about enemy movements, his company was upheld by L a yin git U ii and their work as the eyes of concentrated fire from enemy The A.L.O.S in turn get In- the Army is vital. \”formation about the pilots observations over enemy lines m T,____ , ctThere are 150 trucks in" orking Together Lyell collected the only avail-1 Messina marshalling yards, Close and intimate collabora- able men—a serjeant, a lance- reports a Spitfire pilot, just i tion by the two Services has corporal guardsmen. 'During the attack the serjeant was killed and both |guardsmen wounded. While the lance-corporal provided. covering fire Lord Lyell went forward and killed most of the! crew of the enemy machine---------. __ ^gun nest .with the bayonet A N entirely new system of blowing up ol ammunition before beine overwhelmed and naval gunnery procedure, c]um £forD the sinking nf Catania was bombarded from.the air, shelled from the sea and pounded by artillery before our troops entered it as conquerors. These two Sicilian nurses must have suffered privation and hardship during the attack, but when the first Tommies entered the city they came forward to dress .their wound Navy News Gunnery now been brought to perfection, and every pilot regards it as part of his duty not only to attack the selected target, but also to collect as much infor­mation as possible. Thus. Spitfires have been in­directly responsible for tht killed himself. .Th official citation says: Lord Lyells outstanding leadership, gallantry and _ .dumps, for the sinking pf tr,fi KUt J ,tn K ei ? , :epP€. ra\d troopships, and for the destruc- and the North Afncan land- ticn of enemy tank concentra- mgs. was brought into full irons a m..a a ^ a _ if- sacriflce Undoubtedly enabled his company to cprry out, its has^ il‘lu™ E ‘UmlingS in The airmen take avery «good to why N.A A.F.I. sajs Reuter. view» of these ccbrovvn lobs^ 1 f 2 .'ford a bar of cl P e new technique which and the a.UO.s—usually two "fhieli is distinctly ma: Can you please enlighten most soldiers in the B.N.A.F Charges ehocolatc MR H R s__nsuallv tun wHco u > aisiuicuy marked on foeir v. j — 1x1611 an unqualified amonc several hundred «blue ltac wra pei «Controlled Priccj task, and had an undoubted success, called for the train- VobS-are full Sf SirS n 2 1 2d.» beann<? on the art Jinn ing of a number of Army fort h^R A F Crew£ Surely the cost of sending it out here does not add 40 percent, to “formation name for them these days.» of a special unit providing sai(? onc of the Army Liaison artillery liaison officers aboard Officers. «The era of the all ships giving support to the ^glamour boys» is well past, A WARNING by the Allied land forces. I now that we have seen them in “High Command against WAIT FOR IT! followed by the Write :INto THE BAG Any complaints ?If you want to air a griev­ance. express an opinion, ask a question—or even taut to catch you only premature revolt has been broadcast to the people of Every assault unit in the action. Uving under exactly ihe ANSWER: The extra price abovr what is paid in Britain for chotolatc is due to freight charges and danger money to Bag, UNION B.N.A.F. The landings had observation same conditions as the Army. ____ _ _ _ ___ ___ officers working with their We Just take our battle bowlers Yugoslavia, Greece and Al- opposite numbers aboard ship. ofF to them and call them the bania. It says: This enabled the infantry to« R-A.F. and Readya boys.» In the dangerous situation have vital artillery support— ----------------in which Germanv now finds often against targets invisible herself she will not hesitate. the sea—before field \]J(\QVrQQ> IHTAC IN!to use the lowest tricks in a artlllery had had time to land, ff U n llf iiiu 11/ L n u 111 Fantasy or disorganise the re-active WAR FACTORIES :Could every human being on sistance of the Balkan peoples. BETTER UVING The Germans will spread pEOPLE of the post-war Q I R Stafford Cripps. Minister!time-_always granting that it rumours attempting to con-1 world will have a much ^of Aircraft Production. wouid bear their weight? vince you that the Allies have!higher standard of living than broadcasting to the workers of abandoned you: they will use ever before, said Mr. Johnston Germany on Friday night, ex- all means to cause dissension President of the U.S. Chamber plained how aircraft produc- among you. Therefore we are, of Commerce, who is visiting tion was being speeded up by warning you. Britain. ”the establishment of joint !>->not let vourselves be ~^Problem of trade for the committees of men and women iry not lei yourselves Dc firsl tWQ or three yearg after from the benches and the cheated. Be circumspect, the war, he said, will be not machines. Tighten your ranks. Allied how to -dispose of goods, but They had put forward radio stations will inform flow to make a fair allocation valuable proposals and many> VO U When the moment r«me« of the ^oods which so many suggestions had been adopted Pleasure' i countries will want. It must with striking results. Thous- It was with great pleasure i or general action. Mean- be remembered, he added, that, ands of factories had increased that I received from my sons time, be disciplined. trade is a «two-way road.» their output. IL/Cpl. F.T. Grattan, 178881 Voting In The Forces READERS have asked UNION JACK how their voting rights will be affected if they are instill the forces, and perhaps serving overseas, when a general election is held qr a by-election arises in their home constituency. Here is a summary of the plan adopted by the Govern­ment. which will be put into force when Parliament meets uthe autumn. D R1TAIN has not had a D new electoral register of Parliamentary voters since 1939. This means that at present nobody under 25— whether in the forces or not —is able to vote, because his name would not be on the last register. „J, J ,„M There have been other great Good luck to you all and changes, too, 'which make the your newspaper. old register more than ever out —Mrs. H. Grattan. of date. Apart from all the Mother of the Boys, men and women serving away ANSWER: Glad you are1 frorn home in the forces there out of hospital, Corporal. ,are many thousands of civl i lians who have moved their w homes-through the necessities Legal r intO of war—bomb damage, work in I wonder if you could en- war factories, and soon. K f n V ?^TorT meet u^se difficulties provides for a verdict of Not the Government appointed a-------— __ — „ Froven, while by English law committee of inquiry, whose —and taking—more room a person is either Guilty or report has been adopted. Its for the sailors who bring out R.E.M.E., and Cpl. W.E. the ships. And dont forget Grattan, 2339294, copies of your great and useful newspaper UNION JACK, dated June 1 7 and 28.1943. _ Thanking you for inserting the appeal for Cpl. W.E. Grattan, who is well. —----W -—-----mr-—— V —-—-----------—'---——w p —that you pay considerably less for cigarettes than you would have to pay at home, so taking everything into consideration, youre not losing.1 the face of the globe stand on the Isle of Wight at the same —Dvr. L.S.> G.R. ANSWER: Providing they were all fairly slim and were able to stand upright in the smallest possible space we say YES. But Germans would all be clamouring for than they needed. We recommend the follow­ing: First, let every individual follow the instructions given by his organisation of resls tance. Second, let city inhabi­tants continue resistance against the occupation forces. Third, let farmers continue giving food and other aid to patriot units. Let them spe to it that no food gets into enemy hands. Fourth, let everyone do as much ashe can. in anyway he can,to speed the dis­persal of Italian troops. Indian Navy Part sIT has been disclosed in Lon- 1 don that ships of the Royal Indian Navy, are engaged in operations against the Axis in the Mediterranean. Arriving in time to help escort the Eighth Army to Sicily, they were therefrom dawn on the first day and. having seen the troops and the supplies safely ashore, escorted transports back from the danger zone the same afternoon. Not Guilty. main provisions Pare: IsM retum Sun f f cot l S 1 ‘‘T 4 can the accused be re-tried mat^ ™anytime if fresh evidence is merchant seamen. found? j 2 —Another register, kept con­tinuously up to date, for the This picture was taken at the start of the raid on the Ploesti oilfields by U.S. Liberators and shows the smoke rising from tires started by incendiaries. Delayed action high-explosiv e bombs came next. Why is it considered neces­sary to retain the Not Proven verdict north of the Tweed? Surely a man is innocent until proved guilty, and if the pro­secution fails to satisfy the jury of his guilt he should be found Not Guilty and immediately acquitted. —Sgmn. A.C. Brown. ANSWER: Not being too well versed in Scottish Law wc hesitate even to reply from memory. Is there 3 lawyer in the house? Photographs Could you or any of youi readers give meany advice on how and where I could get some photographs developed? Having taken a great numbei of snaps I am now at a stand­still. We see quite a lot of our American friends with cameras taking snaps and are puzzled as to how they manage to get prints. —Gnr. E.R. Bell. ANSWER: Wc have had many inquiries of a similar nature, but can suggest no solution except that you maybe lucky enough to find a civilian photographer who will develop them for you. Americans send their prints home. ,civilian voter. 3 —Servicemen and women abroad will vote, by proxy, and those at home by post' as absent voters. The Ser­vice register will be compiled through the Army, Navy and Air Forcc units, whose mem­bers will each nominate a person in his home con­stituency who will vote for him in his absence. This method will apply toby- elections during the war as well as to a general election. 4.—Civilians will be able to vote in the constituency in which they are living, pro­vided that they have lived therefor a specified period —two months has been sug­gested. FIR STAND LAST SOUTH African airmen dropped the first and last bombs against Axis targets in the African campaign, said Field Marshal Smuts in a message to South African Air Force exhibition opened in Johannesburg. The first bomb was dropped in East Africa in 1940 and the last in Cap Bon at the end of the Tunisian campaign.
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