Union Jack, August 16th 1943

J A C K BIG PUSH FOR THE NEWSPAPER FOR THE BRITISH FIGHTING FORCES No. 67 Monday. 4ii£iist 16, 1943 One Franc. Planning • Attack From Our Diplomatic Correspondent / * 4 ' * * I s s SMOLENSK THIRD Russian offensive, aimetl at the great fortress and base of Smolensk, lias caused the Germans to hrin^ up strong reinforcements,, and fierce battles are going on to the south­ east of the rity after a Soviet break­ through at Spas Demensk, 80 miles away. a : J M K- CHURCHUrL is back in ({uebee after his prelimin- * IVI arv conferences with President Roofievelt, al>d all is * reudy for the joint taJks with the Allied Chiefs of Staffs, * whti will receive the plans formulated by the two Allied > leaders. Both 'Washington and Undon regard the current 5 talks in terms of planning for the great offensive £ Fortress Europe. The absence of a Russian represtni3 - 5 live does not mean that Stalin has no voice In ihc $ deliberations. It is understood that a detailed report * from the eastern front has been sent through diplomatic * channels, together with Stalin's view on future strategy. $ This report, with others, will be presented to the com- * bined Chiefs of Staffs. * v s ir < A Washington official said yesterday; *lt is not true to suggest that Soviet requests for a second front have no place at this conference. All that can be said at present is that plans for a final offensive in Furope are among the questions being considered.* * * * Meanwhile. coastal areas in southern England have aeain been put under restriction. Only residents will be allowed to enter, and hotels have been told to cancel bookings by holiday-makers. * * * : After consultation with the Allied naval authorities, , -ui V i This is in fact a double I break-through north and -south of Spas Dftnen.sk itself wfcic \ was among the places captured in the first advance On one side the Russians are, advancing on a 20-mile front, and on the other on a 10-mile front. German commentators say that the scale of the al - tael: is greater even than ttxa* at Kharkov German resistance Is stil fen in 6'. but after three days’ fighting the Russians have madesome further advances an* Moscow reports German losses of 8.000 men hi dca<‘ alone. Around Kharkov, the Ger­ man.. have been doing their utmost to make a last stand but thev are steadily losing and the^Red ‘ Army- has stormed its way into the Feverish attempts by- the can 9th L.vision and the 78th streets of the city. The Ger- cnemy to clear masses of men Division on Friday morning, is mans’ 'only way of escape is and material from the beaches a mass of flaming rubble-. through a decreasing bottle around ” Messina are being Aided ty strong air forces neck to the south-west, which hampered by continuous attack ! our troops are pursuing the is under constant bombard- I from the aix-. enemy eastwards and north- ment -by the Red Air Force , Attacks have reached such eastwards. L On the Bryansk front the S the Allied advance speeds up iigainst the Germans*' veil - discip­ lined retreat towards Messina our naval ami air forces are wreaking havoc with boats scurrying back and forth across the Straits evacuating men and material. Randazzo has fallen, the Eighth Army are astride the westward road north of Erna, a *> id < :i the tiortb coast the Ameri­ cans arc within 25 miles of Messina. On the north eoast. the Germans are being forced (Seventh Army, quickening slow?:' westward by tank al­ lheir pace with a forward lacks combined with an arlil- drive of 1 4 miles inside 24 lery barrage comparable will’ hours, have reached — and thiu mounted in the final passed — Olivieri, some eight assa lit on Orel, when there- miles east of Patti and only were 3.000 guns on one nar- 25 miles irom Messina. row sector. one m ost encourfl lu May, June and July this year m orc'.aan .9 1 ) V-boats were sunfc, and the sinkings are still grov • • • ,o r In th#- first six months of this year the number ships > sunk was only half the number sunk in the # «> st * months of 1942. intensity that aircraJt are queueing up at airfields «io tak? ofl on raiding missions. . To cover the retreat the enemy is throwing up one of the deadliest A A. barrages of the war. From each side ?« 1 I r i n T nfl nrf arM ('hin*' Total prisoners- taken are now But here, too, the resistance is an art h of tire reae+iin„ est jmntcd to number 130 000. has Increased. The town of intensity over the narrows. aUlj it ^ officially stated that Karachev, the Russians’ mi- arthrlrfli atrcrait up to August 1 0 th e ^Ei^h'h mediate objective, is said to b e * tc tilt j l has » 3CX H X } in liamcs while Smr ict forces cross the sea. and raid the Germans, lancing beaches on. the Italian forward io the • citrQ arum on fine map Shows the Russians’ most westerly penetra­ tion, to Velikie Luki. The others three mark the three current offen- si ves— low arils Smolensk :*nd Bryansk, and around Eh ukou * Bombs o n mainland. Cruisers, destroyers, gun­ boats and light coastal forces are operating without inter­ mission to harass enemy ports — and shipping, and at the same time continue t;o support the Army driving forward in Sicily. A naval communique stated ROME: Our D O M E has been declared an open city, but the Allied view is that the declaration * cannot become effective until Rome’s non-military status has been established Rome radio made this; states that ' when the Pope Home-based bombers nemn yesterday that on August 1 4 announcement on Saturday, i visited the bomb-damaged'attacked Milan on Sarin4i»\ naval forces again bombarded 24. hours after the city's rail- areas thousands of people ap- night. The main tareer w» ‘k the harbour of Vibo Valenua way yards had been bombed pealed to him to use -his the Breda armament T UK tirsl 'bombs have fallen on Austria. Liberators 1 from the Middle hast flew a round trip of 2,500 miles on Friday to attack an aircraft factory at Wiener Neusladt, 27 miles south of Vienna. The enemy's retreat on all sectors of the front is orderly and is covered by stubborn rearguard actions, but the relentless' forward drive of our forces is gaining speed. The Eighth Army in the east have captured Piedimonte and Fiumefreddo, just south­ west of Taormina, thus eut- Achieving almost complete light :rs' and fighter bom bers^ . , surprise, the bombers, which bave kept up attacks on air- O i U b b O m are of the same U.S. Ninth am* railways in northern . ¦ c . . . . . , France and Belgium. Air Force which raided the Ploesti oilfields, had little op-’ * position when they went in } I 1 Q C | | D '* ' Li A I 1 1 over the target to drop 150 U . J . j U D ) n A U L tons or high explosives in . m e r m a n 8ubmarincs ^ id. broad daylight. ^ .in g Japanese supply lines _. . ' , m the Pacific have sunk seven Big explosions were heard more merchant vessels and from the many hits scored on damaged five factory buildings which pro- .... . , duce roughly one-third of the < £J1 !iecl, bombers have flown total Axis output of ME 109s. 4- 0 c ^ nules ^ a.(tack oil targets Many planes on surrounding m. ^ .ven ^ la-n J cs dispersal areas fresh from thel c^1 :)lode51 , tw0 refiner.es assembly lines were struck. were ^ on fire- About 400 planes a montlo.---------------------------------------— come from this plant. . 200-m ile Gap £ All our aircraft are ac-^ counted for. ^ ^ One siffniticant fact about"* this raid is that our& bombers penetrated to a point some 200 miles south. r ’ of the deepest point reached by bombers based in Britain. Meanwhile, broadcast warn- 1 ings to the people of Hungary,] have, been repeated, telling them to get away from centres, engaged on war production for Germany. Budapest factories and vital railway junctions were specifically mentioned. : losquitoes have made an­ other raid on Berlin, and, LATE NEWS Moscow reported at mid- j night the capture of Karachev, 25 miles from Bryansk, in the advance from Orel. on thn south side of the Gulf for the second time : of St Eufemia. on Italy’s west coast Large fires were started and a coasting vessel was blown up. - , influence to giv«» them peace, which m a k e s^ S S ^ n d 's h e lll On July 31 the Italian I as well its locomotives anH roll Government, through the P o p e 's A p p e a l ing stock- See. notified its decision to declare Rome an open city and was waiting to know the circumstances under which this could be accepted. In view of the fact that the rir attack on Rome was repeated, the Italian Govern­ ment, without w ait in3 for a reply, decided to declare formally that Rome was an open city. It is taking the •necessary steps to conform with international law. Our air offensive against tarnation Rome "as h i l f i L n ^ T " " ..!*n city has bcJn mart. s s r ' H . r s ? * a » £ r 2£ the Hol> See. J Naples-^-the third of the air- Atter the first bombing ol fields in the area, where nine Rome the Pope alluded to °«t. of 30 enemy night fighters appeals which he had made "'ere shot down. to both sides < and he later ------- * ______ rebuked the Germans for! claiming that he had held T A I h J ^ the Allies solely responsible. I #^ I V 11^| was bombed in hght lor the second time on EXCEPTION tine off the main escape line T 4 . . T of the Germans falling back Fiiday. The raiders were all from Randazzo round thf ; American planes, flown by . F ,n . . | L iif 4 ¦ ? # » % # ¦ H O I rlCCOpt 1Il*S linilfltcrrll AmPViP^n P V U IV C r j tu) ^ rnnnm I f O H C IHil t) W H O north of Mt. Etna. declaration without the mos‘ s S t the ra^ wa^ ^ -------- ---- ------- Randazzo itself, whidi fell toi stringent check. ' Maior-Genera' dooIuM p -hn the joint efforts of the Ameri- A message from Madrid conducted the Tokio raid _! _____________________ _______1_______________ ___________ i The San Lorenzo and du# himself well in becomes a casualty and another who hasn't bothered gets away with it that doesn’t make the others say «To he!1» and 4 leiii^ratelv expose them- sefvtt* to fire. I it tor 10 mil way marshalling yards were the targets As in- the first k on Home, the pilots were especially trained In " * r the mosquito to avoid other objectives. The verv SAme rulc® raiding forces came from the u DOES happen sometin^s Norifc-wcit Atrifm AkTor^ejL that a soUik*r who has taken The San Lorenzo yards handle traffic from Genoa, and the Littorio yards distribute traffic from Florence to Naples and the south. all the recommended pre­ cautions will still Ret bitten by an infected mosquito and to to hospital as a malaria case. M ila n A g a i n That’s just had luck. Nobody can r blame him. • Hundreds of home-based . f>OFS __________ R.A.F. bombera attacked la fia n 1 1 happen somcumcs and Turin on Thursday night. It was the largest force ever sent out on this 1,400 miles trip. Both contain important railway and industrial targets. that the lazy fool, who de­ liberately refuses* to protect h bn self, will set away scot- free. Buf that's no thank* to him. * Arrested This picture of tiie victorious troops ol the fcughth Atiiiy marching through Catania is additional proof of the precision of our bombing. The Cathedral in the back­ ground is completely untouched. These arc the exceptions—not the i rule. In the great majority of cases malaria knocks out only UUM&- who « jf rw. - ... . . . wouldn't carrv out the drill. U. Puchea former Muiistei oi the Interior in the Vichy Take your Mepacrine. l ’sc Government, was arrested at your mosquito net. Hear Morocco on Saturday by order Ion# pants in the evenings, ol the French Committee of Only green soldiers make National Liberation, and is now themselves targets for these in piison at Meknes. . ; miniature dive-bombers.
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