Union Jack, May 4th 1944

Spanish authorities in Tangier have arrested another British subject, the B.B.C. reports. The British minister has made an energetic protest against this in­fringement on the rights Britain has in this zone. Earlier, a British protected subject was arrested and is instill prison. Thursday, May 4,1944 No. 107 Two Lire FOR THE BRITISH FIGHTING FORCES Allied air offensive os Second Front prelude ATTLEE No reconsideration Revision O theN Eastern Front fighting ¦is still confined to patrol activity except near Jassy, tn Rumania, where there have been sharp engagements. The Soviet armies under Marshal Zhukov are being rein­forced and strengthened, say Moscow dispatches, and the luil is being used by the Russians to get guns, tanks and munitions up In preparation for the next drive. Meanwhile, the Russian Air Force is pounding away at Ger­man positions and keeping watch overall attempts by the Nazis to evacuate Sebastopol by. sea. In one concenlrated attack which Soviet planes made on Lw ow at least six troop and munition trains received direct hits. Lwow is the principal base behind the German inLine eastern Galicia, where the Russian Army is nearest to Ger­many. Russian, bomoejs raufccd oyer t^16 wtin on Tuesday and upshot 1 5 tanks, 160 motor vehicles and a 50-car freight train. land,On the Sovjet communi- aue again reported no signifi­cant action, but the supple­ment said that two companies of Germans were cut to pieces in an unsuccessful attack south­west of Stanislav. On this front a four-howitzer battery of the first Slovak Motorised Division was led over to the Russian bylines its com­manding officer, with its full complement and all its muni­tions. More British for China BAN EXTENDED The British Informa­tion Service in Washing­ton has announced that under anew ruling, Britons In the United States, including diplo­mats and other officials, are, until further notice, forbidden to return to England on short term toissions unless their journey Is a matter of immediate urgency in the national Interest Mussolinis train attacked A Tass News Agency dispatch says that acco-ding to reports fiom Chiasso, the train in which Benito Mussolini was returning from Germany after his confer­ence with Hitler was attacked and stopped by Italian patriots north of Bolzano. During the skirmish with the train escort the patriots put the locomotive out of commission and uncoupled the train. on enemy positions in the ButMf daung and Upper Mayu areas. An announcement in the com­munique of the capture i» north Burma of a Japanese strongpolnt kilometres north of Mogaung, marks the second anniversary of the historic retreat of General StilwetTs forces from Burma. It was on May 1st 1542 ,that General Stilwell collected 100 or so members of his shattered forces in northern Burma and began the long retreat to Assam Province in India. Much of that journey was covered on foot, with the General leading. To-day, at 61. General Stilwell is leading his Chinese and Ameri­can forces back into Burma, pushing ahead of workers or. the new Ledo road whl^h will conned Assam Province with China when completed. His troops have killed over 5.000 Japanese, repeatedly outmanoeuvring and cutiightlng diem at their own same of jungle fWhtin
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