Roof over Britain - the official story of the A.A Defences, 1939 - 1942

ILLUSTRATIONS Inside front cover The Svstem of A.A. Dcfence Between pp. 32 and 33 A 3-7 gun detachment A heavy battery of 4 -5s The machine that calculates The ears that listen “Elephant’s Child ”Between pp. 48 and 49 Battle of Britain Field watching-post Plotting board Hitting back at the Luftwaffe Looking for trouble “There was an almighty explosion ”Good shooting! A Messerschmitt 109 shot down Between pp. 64 and 65 Anti-aircraft women of the A.T.S. Aircraft recognition Filming the bursts “Women gunners are not trained for fun ”“The girls cannot be beaten inaction ”Between pp. 80 and 81 Putting the balloons to bed Messerschmitt shoots down balloon A balloon is struck by lightning The convoy flies its protective barrage The W.A.A.F. overtakes Inside back cover General Sir Frederick Pile CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED There are many men and women in the Forces who would welcome a chance o f reading this book. If you hand it into the nearest Post Office, it will togo them. Printed in Great Britain by TheW hitefriars Press Ltd., London and Tonbridge.
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