The Evening News, Tuesday 1st October 1946

mm Protects the Natural eautif o f if our teeth Flat tin 1 1 c L Large tin 1/10 WORLDS LARGEST EVENING NET SALE NO. 20,173 LONDON, TUESDAY. OCTOBER 1,1946 ONE PENNY MEN TO Goering and von Ribbentrop for the Gallows Hess Jailed For Life Three Acquitted Arthur Seyss-lnquart. Fritz Sauckel. Ernst Kaltenbrunne/. Julius Stretcher. Hans Frank. Alfred Jodi. Alfred Rosenberg. Wilhelm Frick. Martin Bormann. Wilhelm Keitel. Twelve of the 22 men of Nuremberg were condemned to death by hanging this afternoon. Three were acquitted and the remainder were sentenced to imprisonment for terms ranging from ten years to life. If no appeals within four days succeed the executions are expected to be carried out at Nuremberg. The Russian judge dissented from the acquittals and the fact that Hess is not to die. Here are the sentences passed, with details of the counts on which they were found guilty. The counts are outset below in Column Five. Sentenced to Death by Hanging GOERING, Hermann Wilhelm, 52, Luftwaffe chief and Hitler’s chief lieutenant. All counts. RIBBENTROP, Joachim, 53, Hitlers Foreign Minister and former London Ambassador. All counts. KEITEH., Wilhelm, 63, former chief of the German High Command. All counts. ROSENBERG, Alfred, 53, author of the Nazi Herren- volk creed former chief of the administration of the in­vaded countries in the East. All counts. JODL, Alfred, 56, former Nazi Chief of Staff. All counts. FRICK, Wilhelm, 69, “protector” of Bohemia- Moravia once a member of Hitler’s Cabinet. Counts 2,3 and 4. STREICHER, Julius, 61, the Jew-baiter No. 1 man who organised the pogroms and persecutions. Count 4. Sentenced to Imprisonment HESS, Rudolf, 52, Hitler’s former deputy, who flew to Britain on the eve of the attack on Russia, to try to 'persuade Britain to make peace. Counts 1 and 2. I jail for life .FUNK, Walter, 56, the man who succeeded Schacht as head of the Reichsbank, and who organised the financing of Hitler’s war. Counts 2,3 and 4. LIFE. RAEDER, Erich, 70. chief of Hitler’s navy till 1943. Counts 1,2 and 3. LIFE. SCHIRACH, Baldur von, 39, Hitler Youth leader. Count 4.20 YEARS. SPEER, Albert, 40. Hitler’s armaments minister, Counts 3 and 4.20 YEARS. NEURATH, Constantin von, 72, Ribbentrop’s predeces­sor as Foreign Minister, former London envoy, and later “protector” of Czecho-Slovakia. 1 5 YEARS. THE SHADOW DEATH OF•• a ••on the face of Her­ mann Goering —€t after Hitler, the most dominant man in the Nazi regime.” LATEST WEATHER FORECAST 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. TO-MORROW LONDON and S.E. ENGLAND: South-east winds mainly fair with bright periods occasional ram in the south-west ra'ther warm FURTHER OUTLOOK: Unsettled, with occasional ram or showers. Lichtinjr-up time, 7.40 pm. Sun s«ts 6.40 pm rises to-morrow 7.3 am Moon rises 1.37 P.m., set.« 9.2G p.m. First quarter :Thursday. CLOSING P ftf€ E PAGES 6 a A *VS &S* y :W-K m'd m S 8 r••n sXC- H1GH-UGHTS FROM JUDGES’ FINAL WORDS Von R. Behind Attack On Jews TLI ERE are some of the highlights from what the judges said of the guilty— and the innocent—men: Ribbentrop :He played an im­portant part in Hitler’s “solu­tion ”of the Jewish question. The court dismissed his attempt to wash his hands of complicity by sheltering behind Hitler. Hesst Hitler’s closest confidant until his flight to Britain No evi­dence that .ie w35 not completely sane at the time of his crimes. Keitel :Ordered the execution of. prisoners signed the order that trooos should use terrorism. No­thing to be said in his mitigation. Bormann: No conclusive evidence of his death In his absence found guilty of responsibility for the lynching of Allied airmen. Papen: To carry through his plan to undermine Austria for the Nazis he engaged in bullying and in- nrigue, but such offences were notf criminal under the Nuremberg GUILTY MEN WILL ALL APPEAL Sentenced Nazis' counsel an* nounoed all to appoal to A N M Control Council. Appeals wHI Inetude e«• In behalf of Frank, reparted to tea against it. SOVIET JUDGE PROTESTS (See This Page) Justice Jackson, chief U.S. S rosecutor, declared in statement e regretted Tribunal acquitted Schacht and Von Papen, and failed to declare High Command criminal. 25,000 NEEDED FOR INSURANCE Mr. James Griffiths, Insurance Minister, said in Blackpool: ••Our first rough computation* tihow that we may need a is.VOOO staff in regional and to nice* in addition to some T.Ouo in Newcastle. Present staff is about 11,000. WITNESSES ADMIT EAlgE CTATFMFNTS T.iku H iu t Vlie Toiiic Tat>!t*ife tor iclivf from Hffldnchps,^er\e pains, Latitude ,impression. insomnia, K hen malic pains Indigestion, etc. 1.4 and 33, inc. tax.
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