R.A.F. Middle East - The Official Story of Air Operations

SID 1 BAR RAN IR.A. F .GROUND CREWS CONTENTS II. THE FIGHTING RETREAT 5—Twenty-three Days o f Battle page 40 I. PATTERN OF AIR POWER 6—The Struggle for the Sea Routes page 501— Som ething New in the Middle East page 6 7—The Shield above the Army page 622— A irm an's Desert page 13 III. THE CRESCENDO AT ALAMEIN 3— H ard-fighting Weeks: the Pattern Form sg—T urning O then Power page 72 page 23 4—To Keep the Squadrons Flying page 3 1 9—Wall o f Artillery, Ceiling o f Bombs f> age 82 T o be purchased from His M ajesty’s Stationery Office a t :York I louse, K ingsw ay, London, .CW .2 13a C asile Street, Edinburgh, 239-41 King Street, Manchester, 2 1 St. Andrew’s Crescent, Cardiff So Chichester Street, Belfast or through any bookseller. Price is. yd. net there are many men and women in the forces who would lew come a chance o f
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