Memorial Register, Egypt 9-14, The War Graves of The British Empire, Cairo, Egypt

THE GIZA MEMORIAL CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER, E.14. A TEL GIZA, on the left bank of the Nile, opposite Old Cairo, is the Imperial jT -\War Graves Commission’s Memorial to the dead of the Egyptian Labour Corps and the Camel Transport Corps whose graves are not known. It takes the form of an Ophthalmic Laboratory for training and research, erected beside the new Ophthalmic Hospital. On the fa9ade are two bronze panels depicting the work of the two Corps. The EGYPT IAN LABO U R CORPS came into existence in 1915. It was recruited chiefly in the Delta. It grew in numbers from 3,000 in January, 1916, to 100,000 in November, 1918. It sent many thousands of men to France, Italy, Gallipoli, Salonika and ’Iraq. Its duties were varied, ranging from stevedores’ work to stretcher-bearing and the drainage of marshes but its name will always be connected with the triple line of railway, road and water-pipe which enabled the Egyptian Expeditionary Force to cross the desert and invade and liberate Palestine. It lost over 10,000 men by death. The original CAMEL TRANSPORT CORPS was a small second-line transport unit informed January, 1915, to assist in the defence of the Suez Canal but in the following December a permanent Corps was established. It began with ten Companies of 1,188 officers and men and 2,020 camels each. In 1918 its personnel exceeded 23,000. It was recruited in Upper Egypt* and it was used for first-line transport and in special columns. Lord Allenby’s Despatches of the 18th September and the 31st October, 1918, bear witness to the steadiness and devotion of the personnel of these two Corps, often under great hardships and sometimes under fire, and the important services which they rendered to the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. 99
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