Memorial Register, Egypt 9-14, The War Graves of The British Empire, Cairo, Egypt

CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER, E.9. CAIRO (El Qahira), which has been for many centuries the capital of Egypt, is a city of about 800,000 inhabitants on the East bank of the Nile, fourteen miles from the head of the Delta. It began with the settlement (afterwards a Roman fortress) of Babylon, at Old Cairo, in the sixth century B.C. It was captured by the French in 1798, and retaken by British and Turkish troops in 1801. At the outbreak of War Cairo was the Headquarters of the British garrison in Egypt, and the principal Military Hospital was in the Citadel at Cairo in(built the 12th century). With Alexandria, the city became the main hospital centre for Gallipoli in 1915, and throughout the War it dealt with sick and wounded from the Army in Egypt, and later in Palestine. Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Hospitals were formed, as well as the many War Hospitals staffed by the .CR.A.M .and the British Red Cross Society and Prisoners of War Hospitals were opened. CAIRO WAR MEMO RIAL CEMETERY is three miles South of the centre of the city, on the North side of Old Cairo (Masr el Atiqa). It was formerly part of Cairo New British Protestant Cemetery, Plots D,B, H,F, K,M ,0, P and Q of which were ceded to the Imperial War Graves Commission in 1920 and 65 graves were brought into it later, of which 42 came from the New British Protestant Cemetery. The cemetery contains 1,973 graves, which maybe classified as follows :Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen from the United Kingdom ------1,289 Australian Imperial Force -482 New Zealand Expeditionary Force ----157 Civilians (ex-soldiers and soldiers’ wives) --14 British West Indies Regiment ----11 Voluntary Aid Detachments- 5 Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service 3 Royal Newfoundland Regiment- 3 South African Field Artillery- 2 Canadian Army Medical Corps Australian Army Nursing Scrvice -Royal Guernsey Militia Artillery West India Regiment -Cape Corps -Young M en’s Christian Association Unit not ascertained -Two graves are those of unidentified men.
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