Memorial Register 29, Part VI. The Ypres Memorial, Belgium, Soldiers from Australia

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES ABBOTT, Pte. Henry Edgar, 14654. 10th Field Amb. Army Medical Corps. 12th Oct., 1917. ABBOTT, Pte. Walter Albert, 3312. 12th Coy. Machine Gun Corps. 26th Sept., 1917. Age 27. Only son of Walter Albert and Annie Abbott, of Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. Native of Benalla, Victoria. ABBOTT, Pte. William Townsend, 805. 43rd Bn. 31st July, 1917. Age 22. Son of Matthias Deacon Abbott and Emily Abbott, of CrossRoads, North Yelta, South Australia. Native of Moonta, South Australia. A BLEY, Pte. Edgar William, 1868. 58th Bn. 15th Oct., 1917. Age 23. Son of Walter Aius Abley and Mary Louisa Abley, of 27, Walker St., North Geelong, Victoria. ACKLA ND, Pte. Harold, 5028. 6th Bn. 30th Oct., 1917. Son of Hugh and Margaret Ackland husband of Ethel M. Ackland, of Beulah, Victoria. Native of Dimboola, Victoria. ACOTT, Pte. Albert Walter, 6213. 9th Bn. 20th Sept., 1917. ACQUROFF, Pte. William Henry, 3226. 6th Bn. 4th Oct., 1917. Age 25. Son of John and Agnes Henry Acquroff, of ill, Lauriston Place, Edin­burgh, Scotland. ADAIR, Pte. Frank, 2614. 60th Bn. 26th Sept., 1917. Age 39. Son of William Huston Adair and Ann Adair, of Lindley, Glenhope, Victoria. ADAM, Cpl. Alexander Reid, 7. 10th Coy. Machine Gun Corps. 7th June, 1917. Age 28. Son of James Philip and Rachel Adam. Native of Jeeralang, Victoria. ADAM, Pte. David Ford, 5536. 17th Bn. 9th Oct., 1917. Age 30. Son of William and Agnes Adam, of“ Anniston,” The Avenue, Granville, New South Wales. ADAM, Pte. James Henry, 2335. 4th Pioneers. 16th Oct., 1917. Age 36. Son of George and Emily Ann Adam, of 1,2 and 3, Marylebone Passage, Wells St., Oxford St., London, England. ADAMS, Pte. Arthur John, 573. 8th Bn. 20th Sept., 1917. Age 26. Son of George Harris Adams and Mary Adams, of Woodlands, Glengarry, Victoria. Native of Richmond, Victoria, ADAMS, Pte. Breally, 2827. 5th Pioneers. 12th Oct., 1917. ADAMS, Pte. Charles, 2780. 10th Bn. 8th Oct., 1917. Age 35. Son of Charles Frederick and Jane Swain Adams, of Nungarin, Western Aus­tralia. ADAMS, Pte. Eustace, 2101. 19th Bn. 29th Sept., 1917. Age 23. Son of Guilford and Amy Adams, of Norfolk Island, Australia. ADAMS, Pte. George Thomas, 3525. 52nd Bn. 1 8th Oct., 1917. Age 19. Son of George Thomas and Jane Adams {nee Miers). Native of Enoggera, Queensland. ADAMS, Serjt. Ralph Harley, 2207, M.M. 8th Bn. 4th Oct., 1917. Age 25. Son of Ralph Alexander and Janet Adams, of “The Retreat,” Miles, Queensland. ADAMS, Pte. Raymond, 1615, M.M. 47th Bn. 12th Oct., 1917. Age 21. Son of Raymond Henry and Annastasia Adams, of John St., Cooktown, Queensland. ADAMS, Pte. Richard Wins tan]ey, 2. 34th Bn. 7th June, 1917. ADAMS, Pte. Robert, 3142. 34th Bn. 12th Oct., 1917. ADAMSON, Pte. Randolph, 359. 35th Bn. 7th June, 1917. Age 19. Son of George McD. and Anne Adamson, of Public School, Glenoak, Maitland, New South Wales. Native of Salisbury Plains, New South Wales. ADAM THW AITE, Pte. Holderness, 5646. 59th Bn. 26th Sept., 1917. Son of Joseph and Emma Adamthwaite. Native of Quambatook, Victoria. A D KINS, Pte. Arthur, 5658. 16th Bn. 12th June, 1917. Age 35. Husband of Mabel Louisa Adkins, of 169, Lake St., Perth, Western Australia. Native of England. AGATE, Gnr. George Ernest Albert, 10117. 4th Bde. Field Artillery. 27th Sept., 1917. Age 23. Son of George and Fanny Louisa Agate, of 123, Rocky Point Rd., Amcliffe, New South Wales. Native of Sussex, England. AGNEW, Pte. Stanley William, 4727. 57th Bn. 26th Sept., 1917,305 INDEX No. M.R. 29 YPRES (M ENIN GATE) MEMO RIAL AUSTRALIA A toD
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