Memorial Register 29, Part VI. The Ypres Memorial, Belgium, Soldiers from Australia

THE Memorial Registers giving particulars of those who fell in the infighting the Ypres Salient and who have no known graves contain some .885500 names. 54*900 of these names are commemorated on the Memorial Arch at the Menin Gate, Ypres, and gg^ooron the Memorial at Tyne Cot Cemetery,, Passchendaele. 3W , &S6 A description of these monuments and an account of the military operations in the Ypres Salient are contained in an Introductory part of the Registers common to both Memorials. This part should be consulted before any search is made for particular names on the Memorials. The Register of the names on the Menin Gate Memorial is issued in 3 7 parts. ty c.c Parts 1 to 5 contain 6,994. Canadian names. Parts 6 to 9 contain £,176 Australian names. Part 10 contains 572"South African and British West Indian names. Part 1 1 contains 421 Indian names wc, 23} Parts 12 to 36 contain 40^71 names of soldiers from the United Kingdom. Part 37 contains the names received too late for inclusion in their proper order on the Memorial. The names are arranged alphabetically under each heading. The particulars in the Register of the names have been compiled from informa­tion furnished by the Australian Record Office and the next-of-kin. In all cases the relatives have been asked to furnish the personal information they wish to appear in the Register and where possible this has been given in their actual words,
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