The Natal Campaign

416 INDEX O Oonderbrook Spruit, 155,179,261,312 Orange Free State, 276,214,1-4,13,14,96,106,151, 3C0 P Parsons, Colonel, 242 Pepworth and Reid’s Farm, 48,52,5 S P hilom el, H.M.S., 144 Pietermaritzburg, 226,287 Pieter’s Crossing, 51,61,196,215,385»386 Pinburg, 209 Pinnaar, Commandant, 42 1’oort Road, 161,162 Potgieter’s Drift, 164,170, 24S, 261, 2S9 fighting at, 3^8295-324,332,341.367, Powerful, II.M.S., S9, 137 Press censorship, 68,86,150,151, 1S4, 185,262,263,272,302,313,325-327,367 telegrams delayed, 326325.272,237>45.46. remedy suggested, 87,327 General Buller to blame, 174,277,279 protest against, 175,176,327 Pretoria, 2,3,6,9,25, Si, 121,141,1 So, 229 Pretorius’ Farm, 286-289 Price, Colour-Sergeant, 403 Prinslow, Commandant, 64 Q Quagga’s Nek, 64 R Reeves, Colonel, 275 Reitfers, Piet, 129 Rhodes, Colonel, 161 Rhodesia, 7 Riddell, Colonel, 230,339,340 Rietz, Dr., 128 Roberts, Lieutenant, 205,205,210,230 Roberts, Lord, 205 Robertson’s Drift, 321 Rope Ferry, 283 Royston, Colonel, 31 Rudall, Lieutenant, 357 Rutherford, Captain, 229 S Sampson, Major, 31,41 Sands’ Spruit, 10, II, 63 Schiel, Colonel, 32,42 Schiet Drift, 354,372 Schofield, Captain, 205 Schrieber, Captain, 219 Scott, R.N., Captain, 144,177 Shaws, Chief-Engineer, 136,147,152 Signal Hill, 52-58,352,360,367,373.384 Smith’s Hill, 20,21,25 Smith, Trooper, 157,182 Spearman’s Farm, 291,305,311, 34x» 345>349,355>38°,384 Spion Kop, 290,296,301-306,313 capture of, 323-343 evacuation of, 344-352, 356_358 Spitz Kop, 284 Springfield, 156,170,171,179, 24S, 345,261-265,269-280, 3S4 Springfontein, 2S3 Standerton, 9,63
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