The Sphere, March 11th 1916

[The Sphere ,March 11,1916 Volume LXIV., No. 842 With k ti incorporate** HLAVK &W&iT BS MARCH There is much to in­ter e stall connected with the R.A.M.C. and Army Nursing in this issue. There is much to in­terest all conn e c ted with the R.A.M.C. and Army Nursing in this issue. Territorial Army Nurses sewing the Stripes onto a Sergeants Coat in a Manchester Hospital A HANDSOM6 FABRIC OF FIMe QUALITY rich cLose pii_e IN MANY Mew AND CHARMING CO LOURS 8/11 «YARD. 50 im 5WID6 CRAC6FUL DRAPING& eXCGLLINC IN B0AUTY AND DURABILITY AND LeSS COSTLY THAN OTH0R MAK6S UMFADABLG COLOURINGS from 6/11 aYARD. 50insW ID 6 v e P Y DURABLe New &BEAUTIFUL DCSIGNS. CHOICC COLOURS 6/11 a YARD. SOin sWIDC LIBCRTY&COltoRCG6MT 5T, LONDON PATT6RNS AMD CSTIMATCS FR66 Saving is Fig h ting <1 Motorists can “save and fight” for the Country in two ways—by refusing imported tyres and by investing in lowest-cost-per-mile Avons. Supplies are available through 750 Avon Stockists, or any garage can procure. CHICALA LAON r .-r r ,The Meal made to the P1I\ C and Coarse urades. Harper Adams Formula. Samples and Booklet free from THE OLD CALABAR BISCUIT Co LIVERPOOL. ENGLAND The dry feed for chicks High-class Cigarettes at Moderate Prices Turkish Leaf Virginia Leaf Sole Manufacturers: ARDATH TOBACCO CO., Ltd., LONDON OlBofti Great Mew Street, London. E.C
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