Modern Moscow, The Tin Hat, October 1941

Roundabout ”AB•by U ”Further to last month’s communique from the Medical Board stating that£ Odditus Soccorum ’or cOddness o f the Socks’ had 'broken out amongst troops in Cyprus, it can now be authoritatively stated that this has developed into acute c Darnovitis Explosio’ or ‘Potato Heel.’ Competent medical practitioners say that this is synonymous with the c Back to the Land ’movement, and research is continuing on these lines. ***It has been ever a led that 80/lb Cheese shave been use din certain Military Camp sin England to keep doors open .Ac tu ally wit a snot stated whether the said cheeses were directly o r indirectly responsible for .this, but knowing Army Cheese s,it is felt that it must have been the latter, as an 80/lb Army Cheese would effectively keep any door open up to 200yds range ,so may bethe new sis not so se rio u s.ASh a k esp e aria n character was inspired to love b ‘they breath from a bank o f v io lets’ and it would b e illuminating if w e could a n a ly sean yon e’s passion son wafting ‘the sweet a rom afro man 80/lb Cheese ’.***While engaged on digging operations on the Island, the Royal Engineers unearthed many earthenware pots and suchlike relics. These were at first estimated to beat least 4-$000 years old, until 2/L t. Blessington -Sm ythe came across a specimen with the inscription: —“Hiya, Suckers.” s)» sfc A Staff Officer arriving recently on the Island by air was heard to remark on leaving the ’plane: cuBile Beans’ bolstered me up without them I could never have done it” .Later he admitted that this was his first flight. ***“Horses and Dogs are the friend o f Mankind, especially during War tim e,”states the “Daily New s.” Sgt. Sm elley entirely agrees with the statement, but thinks that they are 4
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