Modern Moscow, The Tin Hat, October 1941

The TiN haT A Monthly Publication by the T.N. T. (Thursday Nights for Troops) Club. All communications should be addressed to The Editors, “The Tin Hat ”co Army Post Office, Cyprus. No. 2. Price 4oCp.______ OCTOBER ,1941 Editorial For the second time we are touching our Tin Hats in salutation to you and this time we do so with a much more confident air. After much travail, our first issue was born and you received it kindly well.and A month ago we emphasised that we would welcome criticism. Well, criticism we have had and we have endeavour­ toed please as many o four readers as possible. The chief comment related to the “Tin Hat’s” size. Readers thought it was a “bit thin” .This month we have been able to increase the number o f pages. Perhaps you wonder why we did not start o lf with a larger issue. The explanation is simple. When publishing a magazine o f this kind, the first thing to be considered is cost. What will the overheads be ?Firstly there is the paper —or newsprint as it known— which in wartime is an expen­sive as well as scarce commodity. Then there is printing, blockmaking and a host o f other items o f which the layman is usually ignorant. W e started practically from scratch. Not for us were the thousands o f the H ulton Press or Odhams. Our backing was nil. Therefore we had togo steady to start with. Now you have proved that the c c Tin Hat” is a popular acquisition. So we have been able to expand, and more fortunate still, we have been able to secure additional supplies o f paper. Contributions from the troops made the “Tin Hat” possible in the first place the support o f the troops made it economically practical in the second. W e hope both will continue. PRINCIPAL CON TENTS O F THIS NUMBER :-Moscow Memories page 9 Peace- t h e problem page 24 Well ?page 16 Britain ’sPar a chute Army page i 2
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