Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 23 No. 7

HUTCHINSOX BOOK NEWS Everybody's Choice for Christmas T he Saturday B ook 3 Edited by LEONARD RUSSELL Thli li the bost book for Christm as sales that we have publ< ^ed for a long time. It is superbly written and beautifully Illustrated. M any fam ous authors have written specially for it. Am ongst them are Julian Huxley. Sean O 'C a se y. A . A. M ilno, Francis Has, Dllys Powell, Alexander Werth, Bernard Darwin, Anthony Berkeley. 12/4 Author of ‘ Ronald Cortland.etc. B arbara Cartland THE ISTHMUS YEARS M ist Cartland gives ui a vivid picture of social history during the 'Carelnss Twenties and the ‘Threadbare Thirties.' A book which we believe will prove to be an inspiration to all those who read it. 12/i Foreword by General Sir Bernard Paget. Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces T he Hom e-Guard of B ritain by CHARLES GRAVES Sphere : ‘A book which every m em ber of this great volunteer a tiny will want to read.' Sydney C arroll : 'A book no Hom e G uard should be without.' 10/6 Author of * With a Soviet Unit Through the Nazi Lines' W estbound T anks by A. POLYAKOV A lively and m oving account of individual Rod Arm y tankmen both i.i action and behind the lines. A first-class piece of war reportage. 3/6 Hutchinson s complete record in text and pictures T he B ritish N avy (January I?**"-March 1942) Commander E. I MBLE CHATTERTON Sunday Mercury : ’It is fia most com plete record and commentary of Its kind.' W ith 387 photographic Illustrations. 2 1/- Copies of 1 The Arm y* (Vol. I), by M ajor I7 . Yeats-Browji, D.F.C., and ‘ T he Army* (Vol. II), by M ajor Sheppard, O.B.E., M.C., are stiH available. Profusely illustrated. 21/- each UV TCHINSON Co. [Ptiblltihcra) Ltd. - -------- L a rg e st of Book P u b lish e rs — --—- ¦ ¦ ¦ -....... . ... ...
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