Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 23 No. 1

HUTCHINSON’S PICTORIAL HISTORY OP THE WAR ensuring the closest co-operation between the three Governments in the examination of European questions arising as the war develops. For this purpose the Conference decided to establish in London a European Advisory Commission to study these questions and to make joint recommendations to the three Governments. Provision was made for continuing when necessary the tripartite consultations of representatives of the three Governments in the respective capitals through the existing diplomatic channels. The Conference also agreed to establish an Advisory Council for matters relating to Italy to be composed in the first instance of representatives of their three Govern­ments and of the French Committee o f National Libera­tion. Provision is made for addition to this council of representatives of Greece and Yugoslavia, in view of their special interests arising out of aggressions of Fascist Italy upon their territory during the present war. This council will deal with day-to-day questions other than military preparations, and will make recommendations designed to co-ordinate allied policy with regard to Italy. The three Foreign Secretaries considered it appro­priate to reaffirm by a declaration published to-day the attitude of the allied Governments in favour of the restoration o f democracy in Italy. The three Foreign Secretaries declared it to bethe purpose of their Governments to restore the independ­ence o f Austria. A t the same time they reminded Austria that in the final settlement account will betaken of efforts that Austria may make towards its own libera­tion. The declaration on Austria is published to-day. 'I'he Foreign Secretaries issued at the Conference a declaration by President Roosevelt, Mr. Churchill, and Premier Stalin, containing a solemn warning that at the time of granting any armistice to any German Govern­ment those German officers and men and members of the Nazi Party who have had any connection with atrocities and executions in countries overrun by German forces will betaken back to the countries in which their abominable crimes were committed to be charged and punished according to the laws o f those countries. In an atmosphere o f mutual confidence and under­standing which characterised all the work o f the Confer­ence, consideration was also given to other important questions. These included not only questions o f a cur­rent nature but also questions concerning treatment of Tlitlerite Germany and her satellites, economic co-opera­tion, and assurance o f general peace. The text of the declaration o f the four nations on general security is as follows :The Governments o f the United States, the United Kingdom ,the U.S .R.,and.S China :United in their determination, in accordance with the declaration by the United Nations o fist January, 1942, and subsequent declarations, to continue hostilities against those Axis Powers with which they respectively arc at war until such Powers have laid down their arms on the basis of unconditional surrender conscious o f their responsibil­ity to secure the liberation o f themselves and the people allied to them from the menace of aggression recog­ nising the necessity of ensuring rapid and orderly transit from war to peace and of establishing and maintaining international peace and security with the least diversion REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, THE U.S.A. AND THE SOVIET UNION— A radioed photograph of one of the plenary sessions of the Three-Powcr-Conference in Moscow. Seated at the table in clock­wise order from the right *M.are Molotov, Marshal Voroshilov, Lieut.-General Sir Hastings Ismay, Sir Archibald Clark Kerr.
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