Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 23 No. 1

HUTCHINSON’ PICTORIALS HISTORY of the WAR THE MOSCOW CONFERENCE Full Official Text of the Communique and Four Declarations The following is the text of the first o f the five documents issued on the Three-Power Conference in Moscow, issued on 1st November, 1943 :The Conference of Foreign Secretaries of the United States (Mr. Cordell Hull), of the United King­dom (Mr. Anthony Eden), and of the Soviet Union (M .V. M .Molotov), took place at Moscow from 19 th to 30 th October, 1943. There were 12 meetings. In addition to the Foreign Secretaries, the following took part in the Conference :For the U n i ted States :Mr. W. Averell Harriman, Ambassador o f the United States M ajor-General John R . Deane, United States Army Mr. Green H . Hackworth Mr. James C. Dunn, and experts. For the U n i ted King­dom :Sir Archibald Clark Kerr, Ambassador Mr. William Strang Lieuten­ ant-General Sir Hastings Ismay, and experts. For the Soviet Union :Marshal K .E. Voroshilov, Marshal of the Soviet Union M.A.Y. Vyshinski M. M.M. Litvinov, Deputy People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs M .V.A. Sergeyev, Deputy People’s Commissar for Foreign Trade M ajor-General A.V. Gryzlov, o f the General Staff M.G .F. Saksin, Senior Official for the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs, and experts. The agenda included all questions submitted for discussion by the three Governments. Some of the questions called for final decisions and these were taken. On other questions, after discussion, decisions o f principle were taken these questions were referred for detailed consideration to commissions specially setup for the purpose, or reserved for treatment through diplomatic channels. Other questions again were disposed of by an exchange o f views. The Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom ,and the Soviet Union have been inclose co-operation in all matters concerning the common war effort but this is the first time that the Foreign Secretaries o f the three Governments have been able to meet together in conference. In the first place, there were frank and exhaustive discussions o f the measures to betaken to shorten the war against Germany and her satellites in Europe. Advantage was taken of the presence o f military advisers representing the respective Chiefs o f Staff, in order to discuss definite military operations with regard to which decisions had been taken and which are already being pre­pared in order to create a basis for the closest military co-operation in the future between the three countries. Second only to the im­portance o f hastening the end of thewar was the recog­nition by the three Govern­ments that it was inessential their own national interests and in the inter­est o fall peace-loving nations to continue the present close collaboration and co-operation in the conduct o 'the war into the period following the end of hostilities and that only in this way could peace be maintained and the political, economic, and social wel­fare of their peoples fully promoted. This conviction is expressed in a declaration in which the Chinese Government joined during the Conference and which was signed by the three Foreign Secretaries and the Chinese Ambassador at Moscow on behalf of their Governments. This declaration published to-day provides for even closer collaboration in the prosecution of the war and in all matters pertaining to the surrender and disarmament o f the enemies with which the four countries are respectively at war. It sets forth the principles upon which the four Governments agree that abroad system o f international co-operation and security should be based. Provision is made for the inclusion o fall other peace-loving nations, great and small, in this system. The Conference agreed to setup machinery for [1 MUSSOLINI AND HITLER MEET Hitler greets Mussolini after German parachutists had rescued the ex-Duce from his place of imprisonment in the Abruzzi Mountains.
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