The War Illustrated, No. 245, Vol. 10, November 6th 1946

Our Roving Camera: Poppies for Remembrance Day FINISHING TOUCHES TO ACROSS OF POPPIES being deftly given by an ex-Serviceman in preparation for Remembrance Day, Nov. 10,1946. Since 1921 at this time of year Flanders Poppies have been sold in aid of Earl Haig’s'British Legion Appeal Fund. See also New Facts and Figures page 479. BLACK BiLLY, 32-YEAR-OLD PIT PONY, worked down a Lanarkshire coalmine for over a quarter-century, until the National Equine (and Smaller Animals) Defence League obtained his release. Black Billy is now in retirement at the League’s voluntarily endowed Home of forRest Horses at Carlisle, and is noted for his passion for tea—in a basin. He was just one of the 23,009 ponies at work in British coalmines on whose behalf a petition, containing 50,000 signatures, was recently presented to Parliament by the League. A 23-year-old pony, named Dobbin, died a short while ago after almost a lifetime in the service of a Co. Durham colliery badly hurt by a runaway wagon, he-had been brought up to ground-level and cared for—but it was too late. GERMAN P.O.W. AS BOMB DISPOSERS are seen assisting aR.E. squad with equipment for removing a 3,000-lb. German bomb at Addiscombe, Surrey. Others, drafted from N. Italy and Belgium, will, after training, replace demobilized Royal Engineers in this work. CAMPAIGN STARS awarded for service in the Second Great War are now being struck by the Royal Mint, in conjunction with Woolwich Arsenal—where rings are seen being attached to the 1939-45 Star. Seven other Stars— the Africa, Italy, Burma, Pacific, France and Germany, Atlantic, and AirCrew Europe—complete the eight cam--paigns for which decorations have been awarded. It will take about two years to complete the 10,000,000 required. H.M. THE KING’S DUTCH HORSES, magnificent blacks presented by Queen Wilhelmina, are now being trained in London, for ceremonial occasions, by our House­hold Cavalry, here seen exercising them in Rotten Row. See also illus. page 297. Photos, Keystone, The Cumberland Xews, Planet, Central Prc PAGE 450
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