The War Illustrated, No. 243, Vol. 10, October 11th 1946

BORNEO RHIO AftCHIPELACO .IHGGA a r chip e l ago 240480 LOMBOK STRAIT Y j f t g iS BALI I LOMBOK CANOES OUTWARD--- CANOES HOME WARD------ POMPONG I* EXMOUTH GULF Western Australia COURSE OF THE KRAIT is shown from Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, to Panjang Island, in the Rhio Archipelago. There she dropped the canoes in which the British and Australian commandos sailed for the attack in Singapore Harbour. Their route is inset, on larger scale. The Krait returned to her home Dort on October IV, 1943. PAGE 388 Au*ttai:un Offitiu! IN THE HIDE-OUT O N DONGAS ISLAND one of the commandos, prepares a meal. A rubber canoe is drawn up. A usthiH att Official tons, probably sunk and one 10,000-ton tanker, damaged and burning. Names of ships attacked were Taisyo aru,M Nasusan aru,M Tone aru,M Sam arang aru,M Yama-gata aruM and N agano aruM (freighters), and Sinkoku aruM (tanker). The three canoes outset separately for the rendezvous with the K rait at Pom pong 50 miles away. They were seen several times on the journey by native boats, but reached Pom pong safely on October 1 :next day they contacted the mother vessel, which immediately set sail south for home. When they made Lom bok Strait they found a Japanese patrol vessel guarding the narrows. It was too late to turn back, so they kept going. Strangely enough the patrol boat let them pass, and the reached their home port, Exm outh Gulf, onO ctobcr 19, with the grand total o f 37,000 tons of vital Japanese shipping to their credit. Ten Were Captured and Beheaded In 1944 a second expedition left Australia in a submarine. It landed 23 men on Mera- pas Island in the Rhio group, south of Singapore. Included in the expedition were the six original raiders and Lieut. H.R. Ross (U .K .Army) and Major R.N. IngJeton, Royal Marines. Information recently gained from Japanese records reveals that the 23 men captured a junk. While they were approaching Singapore a Japanese patrol boat opened fire on them .In the ensuing fight the raiders killed the patrol's crew o f five and then blew up their junk after taking to rubber canoes. They retreated from island to island, fighting Japanese all the way. Colonel Lyon was killed on Sole Island in the Rhio archipelago after killing single-handed a Japanese officer and seriously wounding several men. Ten other members o f the party were killed during similar fighting, the last o f them on Timor. A.B. Marsh died o f illness awhile prisoner o f war. The remaining ten were captured by the Japanese and beheaded after four months o f captivity. These included Ingleton, Falls arid Page. Shortly after the executions, which were carried out in July 1945, a Japanese major- general lecturing to the Japanese General StatF in Singapore declared that unless the Japanese Army could emulate the courage and patriotism o f these British and Australian enemies they could not hope to v '.hen \yar !Great Stories of the War Retold the canoes parted company. Davidson and Falls entered the h arbour in search o f their targets and casually drifted along the well- lighted wharves, past armed sentries. On inspection they found the vessels to be unworthy o f attack, so they paddled over ihe boom agcin into the roads where they selected three large freighters and on them placed limpet mines. ly/fEANWHiLE, Lyon and Huston selected a tanker as the object o f their attack. While Major Lyon was attaching his mines to the engine room and the propeller shaft o f tli2 tanker, Huston drew Lyon's attention to a man who was intently watching them from a porthole about 10 feet above. They de­rided to ignore him and continued with their work. The watcher did not snift his gaza until they paddled away, when he withdrew his head and lit a lamp. Lyon and Huston then offset for Dongas, 12 miles away. Page and Jones, in the third canoe, went to the Palau Bukum wharves, where they calmly watched After attach­ing mines to three freighters, they headed forD ongas, which they reached half an hour before the first explosion. Seven explosions in all were heard by the raiders and, shortly after, sea and air patrols were seen searching for the attackers. Ships attacked in Singapore by the six Com­mandos included one 4.000-ton freighter (cither the Yamagata aruM Nor agano aru)M sunk five freighters, totalling 23,000
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