The War Illustrated, No. 243, Vol. 10, October 11th 1946

Our Roving Camera Sees New Air Developments ALIKE FLYING BULLET, Britain's latest jet plane (left) is the Supermarine E.IO 44. Public saw it for first time at the Society of British Air­craft Constructors' display at Radlett, Herts., Sept. 13,1946. PAGE 306 THE HASTINGS, R.A.F.’s most modern transport air­craft, was christened at the Handley Page works at Rad­ lett, Sept. 4,19* •(.the cere­mony was performed by the Mayor of Hasti igs (on dais with Sir F. Handley Page). v -THE ORBIT METER'S function is the ground control of air-liners in their final approach to land. This modern development of radio equip­ment was demonstrated at the R.A .F. station, Bassingbourne, Herts, on Sept. 13,1946, to dele­gates of 50 nations, attending the London conference of the P.I.C.A.O. METEOR JET PLANE (below) was on show on Horse Guards Parade, London, on Sept. II, 1946. The type is similar to that in which Group Capt. E.M. Donaldson, R.A.F., setup anew world’s airspeed record of 616 m.p.h. on a measured course between W orthing and Little- hampton, Sussex, on September 8. B.O.A.C. BALMORAL, new Constellation air-liner, arrived at Prestwick, Ayrshire, Sept. II, 1946, a ceremony marking this inauguration of first direct commercial air service between Scotland and U.S.A. Passengers were played off tf-' aircraft by a Scottish pipe band. Photos, Assoc. Press, keN s Chrci iclc, Planet Xczvs, C.E. Brown, I.X .P
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