The War Illustrated, No 244, Vol. 10, October 25th 1946

Our Roving Camera on the Waterfronts ' *, Z ~' ¦ * " ..... v- .-jS 'v ia K ; ¦ ¦ - • IN LI NE AHEAD formation these minesweepers (left) were en; route to Sheerness, Kent, after recently leaving Lowestoft, Suffolk, one of our wartime East Coast Naval bases, now in the process of being closed down. The base, known as H.M.S. Martello, was established early in the war* PRESENTATION of the Ensign i'rom i-i.M. aircraft carrier Indefatigable to the London Borough of Holborn took place on ;Sept. 19, 1946, s'hip’s officers and men marching with the Ensign (below^ to the Town Hall by way of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The Borough * • adopted ” the Indefatigable during the W ar—hence thii valued gift. INVASION CRAFT I are broken up (above) at a Thameside sal­ vage yard at Mortlake, Surrey, the sou n_d timber to be used in house construction LANDING SHIP TANK the Empire Baltic (left) was at Rotterdam, Holland, on Sept. 12, 1946, after completing suc­ cessful trials on the proposed ferry route between Tilbury and the Dutch port. WRECK DISPOSAL FLEET, responsible for the destruction of wrecks when they become dangerous to shipping, takes soundings (above) in the Thames Estuary near a partly sunk U.S. merchant ship. PAGE 4 1 0 Photos, Plane! Xcw s, Associated Press, Fox, Topical
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