Parade No 121 Vol 10 December 5th 1942

-----r •OH ALL GET THIS STRAIGHT- USED FOR PERSONAL CALLS. v i ^»*Hill f l *%£&&t¥a£ 0 :l§. i tg.t0S0*?& i>V .o: r?'-L 0 *}.**I‘*?s g 0 s*f **~‘CHUCKLES! To the United States World War II is no joke. Am eri­ cans have died inaction in the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, China, Burma, the Aleutians, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, over Europe, over the Atlantic and over the Pacific. But America can still iaugh at war's fun­nier side. Here are samples of humour from "The New Yorker", sparkling trans-Atlantic opposite number of "Punch". Shortly we will show the Axis counterpart Hey, what c o u n try is this?'
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